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Meaning of the song ‘500lbs’ by ‘Lil Tecca’

Released: 2023

In “500lbs,” Lil Tecca explores the dichotomy of fame, wealth, trust, and relationships, interlaced with the excitement and anxiety of his skyrocketing career. Through his sharp wordplay and clever metaphors, the New York rapper reflects on life in the spotlight, the hustle, his dubious relationship, and the fear of losing his grounded reality in the often deceptive hip-hop game.

The repeated phrase “I got 500,” represents the realm of wealth and influence Tecca has attained. The “500 chops, rounds, plots, and pounds” are references to his riches and the means to protect and grow it; ‘chops’ and ’rounds’ being slang for guns and ammunition, ‘plots’ pointing towards business ventures, and ‘pounds’ likely representing money and power.

“Not livin’ enough” expresses Tecca’s self-doubt amidst the chaos of fame, feeling as though he’s not making the most of his life. He puffs on a blunt, an action often used in hip-hop to symbolize trying to escape or cope with reality. This idea is further emphasized as he mentions being out of town, a metaphor for his journey into the music industry, where he’s making money but becoming increasingly isolated.

In his relationship, trust appears to be in short supply as shown in “no trust, so do as you must.” There’s a hint at disconnect, evidenced by arguments over petty issues and resentment over excessive phone usage. Despite this strife, he seems to allow it because he understands the pressure the fame puts on the relationship.

As he says “I’m still adjusting,” it shows that he’s grappling with his newfound stardom. He acknowledges that he’s seen as a star and that it’s taken a toll on his relationships and personal life. He’s been exposed to fake people and dishonesty, hence he’s only trusting half of what he sees.

The line “Argue ’bout bullshit, you know that you grown” seems to chide his girl for creating petty disputes, and the repeated line “I don’t know, the only reason I condone it” suggests he tolerates such immaturity for reasons even he can’t fully comprehend.

In essence, “500lbs” is a raw, introspective piece that exposes Lil Tecca’s experience of fame. It’s a battle between his former life and present status, between maintaining relationships and staying true to his roots whilst navigating the rap game. The song is a reminder that success isn’t always as glossy as it appears; it’s often tinged with a healthy dose of reality.

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