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Meaning of the song ‘late at night’ by ‘Roddy Ricch’

Released: 2021

One listen to “late at night” and it’s clear Roddy Ricch’s all about loyalty, luxury, and romance. This tune, laced with smooth melodic lines and ethereal soundscapes, is a testament to Roddy’s unyielding desire to keep his main squeeze happy, showing her the finer things while keeping her away from the dangers associated with his past life.

“Kiss me in the mornin’, late at night…Catch me and your girl, late at night” – These lines are a nod to the kind of intimacy present in their relationship. They’re close as close can be, sharing quiet moments in the early hours and cruising down the infamous 405 freeway.

“You better never make no time for these niggas, ‘Cause when I ride, I’ma ride, ride with you” – Here, Roddy’s making a strong statement of loyalty. He’s saying don’t waste your time on these other guys, ’cause when it’s time to step up, he’ll be by her side. He’s pledging to ride for her, and that’s some ride-or-die kind of love.

The verse: “I really got it out the mud, climbin’ up the ranks When they see me outside, I’m a high roller…And her purse got F’s like the wheels on the ‘Bach..” is Roddy’s flex about his come up and the luxuries he can now afford, like Gucci and a Maybach (that’s what ‘Bach stands for). It also testifies to his generosity, dropping 50 racks (slang for thousand dollars) on his girl like it’s nothing.

“I told shorty never get too comfortable, I like to feel like the pussy untouchable…” – Here, he’s laying bare his need for space and independence, hinting maybe at a fear of commitment. But then he flips it, spitting about the thrills their wild rides bring, both metaphorical and literal. The line about “Elliantte” refers to a famous jeweler known for creative custom pieces, implying he’s keeping his girl dripped in diamonds.

“Late at night…ride, ride, ride…” – This refrain anchors the song, reiterating that deep devotion Roddy feels towards his girl. He’s not just saying he’ll be there for her, he’s saying he’ll ride for her, and that’s so much more. In the hip-hop sphere, ride or die means being ready to face anything, do anything, for someone else. So, when Roddy says he’ll “ride, ride, ride” he’s staking everything on their bond.

In essence, “late at night” is a love letter from the streets – a melody-soaked tale of commitment, luxury, and taking on the world together. It’s a candid window into Roddy’s heart, exposing his deeper feelings and laying bare his assertion to shield his woman from life’s hard knocks. All served over a laid-back beat that makes it all the more enthralling.

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