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Meaning of the song ‘Drip or Drown’ by ‘Gunna’

Released: 2017

“Drip or Drown” by Gunna is a track that embraces the luxurious lifestyle and relentless hustle that accompanies fame. The song is a reflection of Gunna’s journey in the rap game; moving from a place of scarcity to extreme wealth, and navigating the cutthroat industry.

Gunna starts off the song discussing his expensive fashion taste, mentioning brands like Damier (Louis Vuitton) and Goyard, two luxury French fashion houses. This style is integral to his persona – he claims he was “born with the drip,” slang for a stylish and flashy appearance. He continues by mentioning that he dresses like a golfer, alluding to the polished and preppy aesthetic often associated with golfing attire. He juxtaposes his new taste for foreign luxury cars with his past affinity for common American cars like Impalas, highlighting his ascent in socio-economic status.

In the next lyrics, Gunna further delves into his lavish lifestyle – shopping at high-end stores like Barney’s, attending renowned events like the Met Gala, and even ‘breaking’ hearts at music festivals like Coachella. He also mentions his watch, adorned with VVS diamonds, another testament to his wealth. However, even amid the glamour, he doesn’t lose sight of the paths traversed; he admits to taking prescription lean and the long-lasting health effects, indicating the prices paid for his lifestyle.

The recurring phrase “Drip or Drown” is a powerful metaphor for survival in the rap game; you either stay stylish, relevant, and successful (drip), or you fall off and fail (drown). It’s his philosophy for navigating his fame.

He continues painting a picture of his world – a place full of fast money, hard partying, designer brands, and a relentless hustle. He isn’t ashamed of his past, where there were times they didn’t have cash. He discusses his rise to fame, mentioning his habits of “blowing his cash,” as a way to enjoy the success he bled for.

Gunna finishes touching on darker themes, hinting at the crime and violence that often accompany life at the top. He mentions an FN (Fabrique Nationale) gun, a standard reference in street culture. He hits on backstabbing (“Lifetime of hats ’cause you always be cappin’) and deceit, and the never-ending demands of a life of action. This song may be about the high life, but Gunna isn’t afraid to reveal the other side of the coin.

By the end of the song, “Drip or Drown” has painted a full picture of Gunna’s world – a place of hustle, high fashion, decadence, ever-present danger, and the sweet triumph of success. It’s a reminder of where he’s been, where he is, and where he’s determined to stay.

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