Megan Thee Stallion - Plan B
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Meaning of the song ‘Plan B’ by ‘Megan Thee Stallion’

Released: 2022

“Plan B” by Megan Thee Stallion is a biting rebuke aimed at a specific man, presumably an ex-lover, layered with broader commentary on gender power dynamics in relationships. The song echoes a classic hip-hop ethos of self-reliance, independence, and the pursuit of wealth, all wrapped up in Megan’s brand of bold, in-your-face femininity.

The opening verse kicks off with a defiant attitude – Megan is not afraid to turn the tables on the man she’s addressing, with the line “Fuck me? Nah, nigga, fuck you, nigga.” She reveals a past relationship where she relied on Plan B pills, a form of emergency contraception, indicating her clear intent not to continue any kind of romantic or emotional entanglement with the man in question. The fact she’s surprised she used to “fuck with ya” further signals her disdain at her past choices in partners.

Megan proceeds to assert her power, explaining that her own appeal and allure are reasons for the man’s popularity with women, a sharp jab that decisively flips the script on traditional gender dynamics in hip-hop. It’s also a clear retort to the often-misogynistic attitudes that have been pervasive in the genre.

Through the refrains of “bitch, I’ma die independent” and “I run dick”, Megan flips common hip-hop gender tropes on their head, positioning women not just as vessels of pleasure, but as assertive, in-control entities that are unafraid to demand what they want from their partners – both in and out of the bedroom. Her statement that a man’s penis does not control her – instead, she controls it – is a powerful assertion of female sexual agency.

Her inclusion of luxury brand-name Mugler and a high-end culinary delicacy like Wagyu steak underscores Megan’s financial independence and high social status – a staple in hip-hop lyrics, but notably from a female lens in this case. The fact she implies her success and wealth makes a man stupid for cheating on her further bolsters her assertions of self-worth and female empowerment.

Across this lyrical odyssey, Megan Thee Stallion provides a raw, unfiltered critique of her past relationship, punctuating the lyrics with assertions of self-respect and financial independence. From this anthem, one thing is clear: dick don’t run her, but instead, Megan Thee Stallion runs shit.

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