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Meaning of the song ‘Time Today’ by ‘Moneybagg Yo’

Released: 2021

“Time Today” by Moneybagg Yo is a boldly assertive track where the artist lays bare his defiance, wealth, and independent spirit. The song captures the essence of his hard-earned success, flaunting the fruits of his triumph while addressing the industry’s phoniness and targeting his haters.

When Moneybagg starts with “I just looked at my wrist, I got time today / F**k it, I’m crossin’ the line today,” he’s speaking on a shift in attitude. He’s ready to confront his detractors, something he might have avoided previously due to his busy schedule. He’s got an audemars on his wrist now; he can afford the time.

The lines, “Don’t go against me then ask for my help / Go get out your feelings and get it yourself,” display his frustration with the hypocrisy in the industry; people who’ve opposed him in the past trying to solicit his help later.

His lyrics, “I see they put me on memes and things / Don’t speak on my life without knowin’ the real,” voice annoyance at how quickly people – especially those on social media – form opinions about his life without understanding the reality of what he’s been through.

Moneybagg, with “Mediterranean, water my wrist / Keeping ’em pissed, how I’m talkin’ my sh–“, flaunts his extravagant lifestyle and wealth, warding off his detractors. “Water” here refers both to his expensive jewelry and the Mediterranean Sea suggesting a luxurious vacation or residence.

Towards the end, “I don’t like n–, I don’t like b–, I don’t like nobody” and “I don’t trust nobody,” clearly indicate his distrust towards people, hinting at past experiences that might have led to a certain degree of cynicism.

The chorus encapsulates the essence of the song, signaling the artist’s disdain for fake love and his decision to stand his ground. It’s about his unabashed assertion of his hard-earned wealth, his distaste for the phoniness of the industry, and the inherent defiance in his spirit. Moneybagg Yo isn’t just crossing the line, he’s erasing it, leaving no room for insincerity, hating, or fake vibes—only the uncompromised, raw realness of his journey.

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