YoungBoy Never Broke Again
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Meaning of the song ‘Untouchable’ by ‘YoungBoy Never Broke Again’

Released: 2017

“Untouchable” by YoungBoy Never Broke Again is a powerful narrative of a hard-knock journey to fame. The lyrics reveal a narrative of overcoming hardship and poverty, propelled by the ambition to rise above it. Here, the rapper delves into his struggle-filled past, emphasizing his unwavering commitment to succeed and provide for his family.

YoungBoy starts by talking about his early days, when he faced setbacks that made him want to quit. Yet, he knew his time would come, and he wasn’t afraid to put everything on the line for success. He dropped out of school to prove himself in his music career, experiencing bitter realities like hunger and fake friends. The phrase “they smile up in my face, but they don’t know what I been through” expresses the hollowness of his relationships with these people.

He continues with his ambition and dreams with lines like “now I’m up, and I’m just thinking about my next move” and “I do this shit for my mama, and my lil’ brother too.” The rapper’s grind was fueled by not just the need to make a better life for himself, but also for his family. The line “got to keep my head above water, gotta make it through” is his determination to keep pushing forward.

Reflecting his early life in Baton Rouge (BR), he talks about moving to L.A., a symbolic transition from gritty hustle to a place of success and fulfillment. “We untouchable, come run that money up with me, nigga” signifies the power and invincibility that comes with financial freedom and camaraderie.

In the chorus, he shows utmost loyalty to his gang, signaling that he won’t abandon them regardless of his newfound fame. The line “never change on my gang, yeah, I’m stuck with my niggas” is a pledge to never forget his roots and those who were with him during his struggle.

He reflects on his past incarceration, “Just a few days ago, I was locked up in them chains.” Yet, success has transformed that into recognition, fame, and wealth, symbolized by the swanky Maybach. He acknowledges everyone who has helped him along the way, from family to his fans, showing gratitude and love for their unflinching support. The line “never jeopardize this and lose it all again” shows caution and the maturity he has gained from his experiences.

In all, “Untouchable” is a rally cry from YoungBoy, signaling his rise from bottom to the top. It’s a tale of survival, struggle, loyalty, and ultimately, triumph, where his dreams and aspirations transcend his past and shape a new path for him and his gang.

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