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Meaning of the song ‘What You Know Bout Love’ by ‘Pop Smoke’

Released: 2020

“What You Know Bout Love” by Pop Smoke is a soulful exploration of a passionate and youthful romance. The track depicts a refreshing and surprising blend of tenderness, coupled with Pop Smoke’s signature hardcore style.

Breathing life into the everyday, Pop Smoke kickstarts with a captivating narration, painting a vivid image of his morning routine with his shawty which involves “jogging,” “breakfast,” and the exchange of intimate pictures. The rapper bears testament to the lifestyle and preferences of his partner, drawing attention to her high-end taste in fashion (“Fendi”), cars (“Rover”), and even her hairdo. The central question she asks, “What you know ’bout love?” underscores the teasing dynamic between the two, with Pop confirming he knows “everything” about love.

Unlike his drill anthems, Pop Smoke takes a softer approach here, showcasing a relationship grounded in mutual trust and deep affection. He isn’t hesitant to express his feelings, admitting that his heart races around her, and he relishes her touch. He also subtly hints at the physical attraction that frames their bond, reflected in the intimate moments they share.

Moving deeper into the narrative, Pop Smoke underscores his commitment and her unwavering support in the lines, “You always treat me right, for a fact, you never left”. He offers her a generous gift – “55 hunnid, go and get your breasts” – as a celebratory tribute to her steadfastness. His references to ‘batters’ and ‘making a play’ encapsulate his approach to love as an exciting, high-stakes game.

In the chorus, Pop Smoke keeps the energy rolling, reinforcing his affection, and his readiness to fulfill his lover’s desires, reflecting a sense of mutual respect and understanding in their relationship. His assertion, “I’m about to go raw,” could signify his intention to show his true, undiluted feelings, adding another layer of authenticity to their love story.

Indeed, Pop Smoke crafted a love anthem in “What You Know Bout Love”, bridging the gap between hardcore hip-hop and the softer tones of romance, thus exhibiting his versatility as an artist.

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