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Meaning of the song ‘Who You Foolin’ by ‘Gunna’

Released: 2019

“Who You Foolin” by Gunna is a hard-hitting track that explores the rapper’s rugged upbringing, his unflinching journey from the hood to the heights of hip-hop, and his struggle to trust and find genuine love amidst the glitz and glam of his newfound fame. Throughout, Gunna uses sharp, introspective lines to underscore the inner turmoil and external challenges he’s faced, ultimately making a bold proclamation about his authenticity and resilience.

Opening with “Who you think you foolin’? We not new to it / We countin’ fluent” Gunna asserts his street credibility and financial success. “Scammin’ a wood, my cup full of mud” is a nod to his indulgence in ‘lean’ (a potent, often dangerous cocktail of prescription syrup and soda), a common theme in hip-hop, and metaphor for self-medication in response to the pressures of his environment.

Gunna continues with “Sometimes a gangsta need a hug”, a line evoking vulnerability rarely admitted in the hyper-masculine world of hip-hop. Whether it’s handling excessive expectations, betrayal, or the relentless ferocity of the streets – “Keep it real, the streets show you no love” – Gunna feels the profound weight of these challenges.

The repeating line “I’ma give all my problems above” reveals Gunna’s reliance on his faith as a source of strength and guidance. His lyrics then delve into the fickle nature of trust and the pervasive duplicity he encounters: “Pick and chose who the right one to trust / Keep it real it’s a lot fake love”.

Moving into the lavish lifestyle Gunna now leads, he brags about his luxurious acquisitions – “Chanel, Boss my closet full of C’s” and “New blue face, two-tone Patek Philippe”. However, the opulence doesn’t shield him from his demons, as the lines “I sip drank for my pain to get eased / I still talk to the Lord on my knees” clearly illustrate.

Overall, “Who You Foolin” is Gunna’s lyrical exploration of his duality – a high-flying star confronting his street entanglements, navigating trust issues, and wrestling with emotional wounds, even while he basks in fame’s dazzling glow.

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