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Meaning of ‘Until The Plug Comes Back Around’ by ‘Juice WRLD’

Released: 2022

Juice WRLD’s track “Until The Plug Comes Back Around” delves into the dark corridors of addiction, pain, and the quest for peace amidst chaos. The song serves as a candid confession of Juice WRLD’s struggles with drug dependency and his journey navigating through personal demons and existential dread.

The track kicks off painting a grim picture of dependency, with the “plug” symbolizing a drug dealer, and the repetition of “down, down, down” evoking a spiral into despair. Juice WRLD’s mention of “prescriptions” and “pills get passed around” lays bare the accessibility and communal sharing of substances in his circle, highlighting a collective attempt to escape reality. The line “Run, run, run, run away from my pain now” vividly illustrates the desperate, yet futile attempt to evade the agony that haunts him.

As the song progresses, Juice WRLD touches on the universal battle with inner demons and vices, pondering over life’s meaning and expressing a sense of numbness towards existence. The counting of “sins” and pleading for “victory” in prayer reflect a deep internal conflict and a yearning for redemption. Despite achieving material success, symbolized by buying his mother a house and flaunting wealth through “diamonds on my wrist,” Juice confronts the emptiness and transient nature of such achievements against the backdrop of his turmoil.

Moreover, the lyrics shed light on Juice WRLD’s introspection and the acknowledgment of life’s challenges as steep mountains to climb. Despite the glam and glitz, he doesn’t shy away from admitting the pain he dodges while hinting at violence as a looming aspect of his reality, a stark contrast to the internal battle he wages with his demons. References to “lean in the Minute Maid” and a “dirty ass drank” serve as stark metaphors for the contamination and degradation of one’s purity and well-being due to addiction.

The repeated chorus brings the song full circle, emphasizing the cyclical nature of addiction – a temporary escape followed by an inevitable return to reality, awaiting “Until the plug come back around.” It’s a haunting acknowledgment of the vicious cycle Juice WRLD finds himself in, torn between seeking relief and battling the consequences of his choices.

In essence, “Until The Plug Comes Back Around” is a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the psyche of Juice WRLD, portraying the complexities of dealing with pain, addiction, and the pursuit of peace. Through poignant lyrics and emotive delivery, Juice WRLD conveys a powerful message about the human condition, resonating with anyone who has ever felt lost in the shadows of their struggles.

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