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Childish Gambino Dropping Two Final Albums – Here’s the Deal

Alright, Childish Gambino fans, we got good news and bad news. Donald Glover just spilled the beans on that Instagram Live – the next two albums will be the last ones he drops under that name.

First up is a polished version of that 2020 album, 3.15.20, now called Atavista. Remember that one he kinda surprise-dropped during the pandemic mess? Yeah, this is the real deal, finished and ready to go. But the bigger news – a totally new project called Bando Stone & The New World. This one’s got a movie tie-in, so you know it’s gonna be next level. Glover calls it the “final” Childish album, and a treat for all the real fans.

“We’re releasing Atavista, but after that, there’s the final Childish Gambino album — a soundtrack for the fans,” he said.

GILGA Radio tonight @ 11pm pst.

Live streamed on instagram @ @donaldglover— donald (@donaldglover) April 14, 2024

He even explained why 3.15.20 was so rough back in the day – COVID made everything crazy. Dude thanked his fans for sticking with him and waiting patiently. Class act.

Glover teased a few unreleased bangers on that Live, including one called “Little Foot Big Foot” with Young Nudy. Word is, the video drops soon, directed by his boy Hiro Murai. It’s been a minute since “Awaken, My Love!” so we’re all thirsty for this.

This announcement came right after he guested with Tyler the Creator at Coachella. Dude’s busy, and not just with music. He had that kickass show Mr & Mrs Smith last year, and four Childish Gambino albums under his belt (dude even won a Grammy for “This is America”). Glover’s going out on a high note, that’s for sure.

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