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The 15 Greatest Jadakiss Guest Verses of All Time

For the past two decades, Jadakiss has been an indispensable part of New York hip hop, his raspy flow and murderous punchlines holding strong for the Mecca while everybody else switches up.

Since the late ’90s to now, Kiss has gone toe-to-toe to some of the all-time heavyweight greats – Big, Nas, Jay-Z, Ghostface, Big Pun, DMX, Cam’ron and Raekwon to name a few – and more than held his own.

Today we’re going to look back at the top 15 greatest Jadakiss guest verses of all time.

15. Westside Gunn ft. Jadakiss & Stove God Cooks – “Right Now”

Album: Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf

Released: August 27, 2021

Went to see the plug for some work, threw him a trash bag (Yeah)
Brick and a half in the pot, Dior gas mask (Woo)
Break it all down into rocks and get the cash fast (Cash)
My lil' nigga spin through your block and get the last laugh (Brrt)
They let the Desi' spray (Uh)
Peep how the sleeves stop right where the Presi' lay (Yeah)
Scrape the pot, let the resi' stay (Leave it)
Buncha lies in your resume (Lies)
Do something, don't hesitate (Do something)
And I don't wanna tussle (Nah), I'll put this hawk in your muscles
You inherited money, you never learned how to hustle (Haha)
I was graveyard shiftin' with the fiends, used to murder it (Right here)
Just keepin' my eye on 'em, they the ones servin' it (Uh-uh)
They wanted that off-white way before Virgil's shit (Tellin' you)
Water and coke'll get you rich, huh, the nerve of it (Nerve)
Yeah, I like nice things, but I ain't with the splurgin' shit (Nah)
Couple hundred mil' right now, I'm on the verge of it

14. Gang Starr ft. Jadakiss “Rite Where U Stand”

Album: The Ownerz

Released: June 24, 2003

You wanna know why I invest
All my money into haze and into dope?
‘Cause right now, I'm currently a slave for Interscope
Respect first, then money – basic shit
If you got niggas under pressure, you could take they shit
Listen, I'ma leave you right where you stand
Have the ambulance
Pass your Timberlands off right to your man
‘Cause he pussy, he ain't gonna do nothin' but look
When it come to beef, he don't want do nothin' but cook
As soon as the chrome scope him
Right there, two in the dome, smokin'
'Kiss keeps funeral homes open
I fall back, smoke an ounce in the dark
Bounce on a Preme track like I bounce on a NARC
Keep playing, y'all niggas will burn
And you know they say it takes something to happen for niggas to learn
Let the .40 Cal give 'em a perm
This industry is like bacteria, and my flow is a germ
Just mad ‘cause you'll never be as nice as I am
J to the "mwah" and I'll leave you right where you stand

13. Ghostface Killah ft. Jadakiss – “Run”

Album: The Pretty Toney Album

Released: April 20, 2004

It's task force Tuesday, the narcs is in the black car
I got five hundred hundred-packs in my backyard
Clear twelve-twelves that look like stuffed shells
I'm cutting niggas' throats on the sales while they puff Ls
Don't leave nothing unbagged, shave everything
I learned from the OGs to save everything
They come by one more time, they gon' hop out
They two deep, and one is a bitch, she getting knocked out
Then I can get rid of the pack
But I just copped this pretty chrome thing, so I'm dippin' with that
Downshifting on 'em like I got gears on me
Besides that, I got about five years on me (Run)
Scared to death, running like I got bears on me (Run)
My Timbs start feeling like they Nike Airs on me (Run)
It's hard for me to slow down, it's like I'm on the Thruway
My belt's in the crib on the floor by my two-way
Now I'm trying to hold my hammer up, and my pants too
If they don't kill me, they gon' give me a number I can't do
Rather it be the streets than jail where I die at
And I'm asthmatic, so I'm looking for somewhere to hide at
But they too close, and I got this new toast
Imagine if I would've let off a shot or two, you know what I gotta do

12. Lil Wayne ft. Drake & Jadakiss – “It’s Good”

Album: Tha Carter IV

Released: August 29, 2011

I’m real as they come, I follow the rules
I’m still in the hood but I probably should move
Made enough money, I don’t fuck around
I just felt they needed me so I stuck around
Feds got my man, shit is real son
'Cause my godson just became my real son
Think life is a game but all you get is a turn
You live and you learn, either you freeze or you burn
Kush in the air, I’m pushin' the gears
Love turned into hate, hate turned into fear
If it ain't right, I don’t sign the deal
Shoot me in the watch, I got time to kill
Gasoline, propane
Ain't no salary cap in the dope game
Ain't no collective bargainin' on cocaine
So in other words, nigga, do your thing

11. Ja Rule ft. Fat Joe & Jadakiss – “New York”

Album: R.U.L.E.

Released: October 27, 2004

I swear it couldn't be sweeter, life's a bitch
Depending on how you treat her, you might get rich
It's guaranteed you gon' die, you might get missed
For maybe two or three hours, 'til they light they spliffs
And that coke will get you a long time
But when I let 'em know the dope is out, it's like America Online
Wise has awoken, and you know they say that you deserved it
Whenever you die with your eyes open
I still hold the title, 'cause I'm in the hood
Like them little motorcycles
Stick up kids hoppin' out with them old rifles
Just doing shit for nothin', it's so spiteful, ha, I'm just like you
Word that niggas wanna murk you is in the air
A double shot of 'gac and the purple is in the air
And I'm not cocky, I'm confident
So when you tell me I'm the best it's a compliment

10. DMX ft. Jay-Z & The LOX – “Blackout”

Album: Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood

Released: December 22, 1998

Yo, I used to have bad luck, now you might see me in a Jag' truck
Masked up, either with a dime or a bad duck
Double-R tee with the matching bandana
.38-snub, blue steel with no hammer
And I see y'all niggas tryna glance at the 'Kiss
'Cause I walk around with your whole advance on my wrist
Boning your women, drunk off Coronas and lemon
And you know I'm still writing the mean, lighting the green
I need the buggy, even though I look right in the beam
Judge find out it's my team, he boost they bails
Niggas throw us on they album, try to boost they sales
We put our pies on the table and our eyes on a label
'Cause them rednecks up in the mountains'll try to slay you
Call me raspy, tell you what I want you to know
Fuck what you ask me, you probably don't want me to blow
I got a lot of horsepower so I'm able to skip
Usually a good nigga, even though I'm able to flip
You pay thirty for the 'Kiss (Uh-huh), a hundred for The LOX (Yeah)
And if we cool, then I write a hook for a drop
Whatever's in the bank is my bet, a Z-bull's my pet
And you can bet he'll get the legs and the neck

9. Noreaga ft. Big Pun, Nature, Cam’ron, Jadakiss & Styles P – “Banned from T.V.”

Album: N.O.R.E.

Released: July 28, 1998

Ain't no niggas in the world more thorough than this
Bust off and sit the hot barrel dead on your lips
Like two thirds of a brick, (Paniero) and 'Kiss
The kiss the crystal white fluffy part that'll (come back quick)
(See the plan is to stash all) and cash y'all's
(The weed so strong), they gotta put it glass jars
Niggas try to smoke me out the (moke me out)
'Cause the rims on my new joint be poking out
(I'm about to have no feelings, shit is deep)
Do they dance with the Devil when they sleep?
(I wake up gripping the air, wishing to hear)
Shit that they kick in your ear when your soul drift in the air
(My gift is half-rotten when I'm spitting some tears
That shit'll drop down my eye, I'm too tired to cry)
And I ain't never seen a nigga that's too live to die
(They say you get what ya ask for) so get it cause you asked for it
(If a nigga ain't a thief) Then he better have the cash for it
(And we gon' be around till ya body rot)
And if the Feds brung us in we get the same time Gotti got
Yeah, nigga!

8. Westside Gunn ft. Benny the Butcher & Jadakiss – “Gods Don’t Bleed”

Album: Supreme Blientele

Released: June 22, 2018

Niggas run away and they hide, saying New York's full (they hiding)
Didn't say his grace and he died his first forkful
Nigga that ain't got no pride is unlawful (uh huh)
Things that he partakes in are done forceful
Dudes that get down like that get done awful (awful)
Pull his razor out on sight and come across you
Adrenaline rush make him do it with no remorse too (uh)
You would do it too, but you know how much it would cost you (you know)
I'm in the left lane, tryna see how much that the Porsche do (ha)
Do a lot of thinking, so you can say that I'm thoughtful (yeah)
We ain't got a corkscrew? Fuck it, just push the cork through (push it through)
Yeah, then pour everybody a glass, bitch (everybody)
The objective at the end is for everybody to stash it (get money)
The grip is in his arm mean everybody the blast (blast)
And fall back so everybody can pass
Ask me, and I'ma tell you that everybody is trash (trash)
I rolled them Backs, I sold them packs (uh huh)
Started with the girl, never should have showed him smack (these niggas)
Made it through the hate, they couldn't even hold him back (wire)
Told 'em everything else, you should have told 'em that (haha)
Nigga, now they even saying you did it, or they saw you (uh huh)
Ain't no more niggas committed to the morals (uh uh)
They should get bullets, double digits in they orals
Stay the fuck out of these streets, they ain't for you, nigga

7. Mase ft. The LOX, Black Rob & DMX – “24 Hrs. to Live”

Album: Harlem World

Released: February 20, 1998

Yo, yo if I had twenty four hours to kick the bucket, fuck it
I'd probably eat some fried chicken and drink a Nantucket
Then go get a jar from Branson
And make sure I leave my mother the money to take care of grandson
Load the three power, hop in the Eddie Bauer
And go give all six to that papi that sold me flour
Get a fresh baldy, make a few calls
Shop at the mall, shoot a lil' ball
Have all of my bitches on one telly at the same time
Spread it out on different floors
And I'm gonna play lotto, for what?
Even though I ain't gonna be here tomorrow, so what

6. Fat Joe ft. Nas, Big Punisher, Jadakiss & Raekwon – “John Blaze”

Album: Don Cartagena

Released: September 1, 1998

Ayo, my attitude is subject to change
I mess around and spit twelve at the driver's side door of your Range
Six hit you, the other six up in your dame
Mafia style, leave you with your watch and your chains
So take heed that not only can I flow, I can aim
'Cause y'all misdemeanor niggas can't stand the reign
Better believe that whenever I see y'all, I'ma test you
Only 'cause I know that faggots respect pressure
Hardcore, like shit you get kicked out the yard for
Kiss ain't the cops, but I lock niggas up
You could meet me in my cell, I soap and sock niggas up
Far as the flow go, you could let your dough show
Put your money on the table, we could battle on cable
Y'all hot dog niggas get Nathan's
Fuck around with Jason, that shorty from The Lox, John Blazin

5. The Notorious BIG ft. The LOX – “Last Day”

Album: Life After Death

Released: March 25, 1997

You already know what it's about when I run up in your house
Put the gun up in your mouth and get the money out the couch
Hearin' you out is senseless, perhaps for instance
I give this faggot a french kiss
Black gloves, no prints, dark tints
Word on the street they ain't heard from him since
You know about life after kickin' the kid in
Since me and my mi-dan can flip seven gri-dams
Scri-dam, the flow is forbidden
Either you ridin' or you dyin' 'cause we swingin' iron
LOX and Poppa, turning niggas into Jim Hoffa
Who gon' stop us? Your last joint double copper
You gettin' money or you're runnin' from the Feds
Ain't nothin' over here but 16 with one in the head
And I solemnly swear
That all y'all niggas out there got a problem this year

4. Puff Daddy ft. Lil’ Kim, The LOX & The Notorious B.I.G. – “It’s All About the Benjamins (Remix)”

Album: No Way Out 

Released: July 22, 1997

I wanna hold figures, fuck bein' a broke nigga
Drinkin' malt liquor, drivin' a broke Viga
I'm with Mo' sippers, watched by gold diggers
Rocking Girbaud denims with gold zippers
Lost your touch, we kept ours, poppin' Cristals
Freakin' the three-quarter reptiles
Enormous cream, forest green Benz jeep
For my team so while you sleep I'ma scheme
We see through, that's why nobody never gon' believe you
You should do what we do, stack chips like Hebrews
Don't let the melody intrigue you, 'cause I leave you
I'm only here for that green paper with the eagle

3. Jay-Z ft. The LOX, Beanie Sigel & Sauce Money – “Reservoir Dogs”

Album: Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life

Released: September 29, 1998

Now if I kill you I probably do ten in the box
Come down on appeal then I'm killing your pops
You feeling The LOX, nigga, why you grilling The LOX?
If this rap shit don't work niggas still in the spot
You bring it to me, I gotta lose your family
Gangstas don't die, they get chubby, and move to Miami
Shit is deep now dog but it gets deeper
Fuck it, the weather's nice and the price is much cheaper
I put it on tape, you gon' buy it, I put it in a bag
You gon' try it, y'all niggas can't deny it
Lot of cats still trying to study my last bounce
Tell you what, get a beat tape and a half ounce
They got me where I can't be without my large gat
Teflon long sleeve, and my hardhat
Don't matter if I'm opening up, or headline
Doing the speed limit or pushing red lines
Six months in the county or fed time
I'ma be the 'Kiss nigga, until it's bedtime
Anything I'm on is a classic
Any nigga ever had beef with, son is a bastard
Anytime I spit, spit acid, L-O-X
Ruff Ryder you heard? We got the game mastered

2. Schoolboy Q ft. Jadakiss – “Groovy Tony / Eddie Kane”

Album: Blank Face LP

Released: July 8, 2016

Exactly what I'ma have when the cops come (Shh)
Body language the same as when the shots rung (Yeah)
Holdin' a .38 and a shotgun (Woo)
Real nigga, we all know you are not one (Nah)
I'm runnin' with the rebels (Uh)
It's the three-man weave with the Lord and the devil (Woo)
Really all I need's a pitchfork and a shovel (Uh-huh)
If I can't proceed, then I resort to the metal
Gettin' high, watchin' NBA League Pass (Who winning?)
With your family at the repass (My condolences)
My heart's getting colder
When I hug your mom and look over her shoulder
You notice I got the (Blank face)
I ain't heard nothin', I ain't seen nothin' (Mmm)
I ain't in the middle of nothin' or in between nothin' (Nothin')
F y'all, forever hate me
As I sit here while they interrogate me
I'm staring at 'em with the (Blank face)

1. Nas ft. Jadakiss & Ludacris – “Made You Look (Remix)”

Album: N/A

Released: September 10, 2002

Yo, ain't nothing but trouble, God, when I kick in the door
With D-Block, Bravehearts and the Double-R
Don't make me let the machine off
This is methadon' music that you can lean off
"Made You Look," the remix, with me up on it
I copped your shit; now, I break weed up on it, and
Everything is real I see
Like my niggas that been home, but they only got a jail ID
I helped the game, it ain't help me
I'm top five, dead or alive, and that's just off one LP, and
I still buzz, they feel cuz
'Cause they know the flow's ill just like Will was
I'm just tryna make sure that my sons wealthy
Out of shape, but I make sure that my guns healthy
I'm a ape, you can't stand 'Kiss, coming through the hood
In a Aston Vanquish, the color of dandruff
They said we jumped him, I just let the gun snuff him
Cop P the turbo soon as they uncuff him
This goes out to all of your mans
Why put you in the verse when I can put you in a coroner van?
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