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Rick Ross’ Greatest Bangers That Go Hard

If we’re talking bars, beats, and boss-like swagger, very few can match the mighty Rick Ross. Born William Leonard Roberts II, Ross has been serving the streets and the charts with fiery anthems and contemplative slow-burners for well over a decade. With a discography that spans “Port of Miami”, “Trilla”, “Deeper Than Rap” to the more recent “Richer Than I’ve Ever Been”, the Teflon Don’s impact on the genre is undeniable. Across these albums, he’s painted soundscapes infused with grandeur and grit, delivering narratives that marry street-born authenticity with a hustler’s ambition. Track by track, verse by verse, Ross has laid down the blueprint of an artist in constant evolution, while staying true to his roots and the essence of real, raw hip-hop.

So let’s get into it. From his earlier grind to his current reign, here are the greatest Rick Ross bangers that go real hard.

1 Aston Martin Music


Released: 2010

JL and Drizzy Drake join the Bawse to paint vivid pictures of success, laid over lush production that’s as smooth as the Aston Martin ride they glorify. But beyond the outward flex, there’s a feel of deeper introspection in Ross’s bars, acknowledging the price paid on the route to the top. A certifiable hip-hop classic, no doubt, bruh.

2 Hustlin’


Released: 2006

It’s Ross at his rawest, enamored by the game, with ink-fresh street tales that cemented his persona as the ultimate hustler, whilst boasting about moving weight ‘across the Atlantic’. Its addictive hook and cinematic storytelling were an immediate rallying cry for anyone with grind in their DNA. It’s as compellin’ today as it was when it first whipped the streets into a frenzy.

3 Stay Schemin


Released: 2012

Ross delves into the pressures of street life and the art of surviving through manipulation and deception. It’s a testament to his command of street linguistics and knack for crafting narratives that resonate with those entrenched in the hustle.

4 Champagne Moments


Released: 2024

The song’s lyrics are a celebration of opulence and decadence, flowing like the ‘Ace of Spade’ he frequently toasts to. While the vivid imagery of popping bottles and golden moments might seem like typical rap glamour, it’s the undertone of Ross’ hard-earned triumph over adversity that adds an effervescence to this standout track.

5 Here I Am


Released: 2008

It’s love by Ross’s standards—champagne, Maybachs, penthouses. The lyrics, full of grand promises and silky smooth flows, reflects Ross’ affinity for opulence and desire for a partner to share it with. This extravagant love anthem shows a softer side of the boss, proving that even hardened hustlers have a heart.

6 Diced Pineapples


Released: 2012

Framing the narrative around a tropical fruit as a symbol of his intimate disconnection, he pens a love letter to a woman who matches his hustle but leaves him emotionally diced. With heartfelt verses and Wale’s spoken-word poetry, the song embraces Ross’ more tender core, making it a memorable piece in his repertoire.

7 B.M.F.


Released: 2010

(Blowin’ Money Fast)”, Rozay flexes his lyrical prowess to drop knowledge about the paper-chasing hustle. It’s more than a braggadocious jam, Ross uses his rhymes to paint a detailed picture of lavish living while offering a nod to the infamous Black Mafia Family. The song oozes of opulence and the dark allure of street life, serving as a quintessential anthem for hustlers on their grind.

8 Push It


Released: 2006

Ross’ masterful storytelling paints a vivid picture of his journey from rags to riches. The thumping beats match his aggressive bars about the relentless grind and the pursuit of success. It’s all about pushing through adversity and reaching that pinnacle – a timeless message in the rap game with Ross delivering it with a signature panache.

9 In Vein


Released: 2014

With lyrics etching a haunting portrait of desolation amidst the glitz, Ross reflects on a life where everything he values ‘gets no love’, and success seems to be in vein. It’s a deep cut, unveiling another side of the rap mogul, proof that Ross ain’t just about the hustle, but also the introspection.

10 Gold Roses


Released: 2019

The track unravels with Ross’ gruff vocals mapping his journey from the trenches to opulence, while wrestling with the ephemeral nature of success. Drizzy matches his introspective vibe, drawing a thought-provoking parallel between accomplishments and the fleeting nature of life itself. It’s a contemplative dialogue between two titans of the game, wrapped in lush lyrical imagery.

11 The Boss


Released: 2008

Over a synth-heavy beat, the Teflon Don asserts his dominance in the rap game with might and finesse. Yet, beneath the grandiosity, Ross weaves a story of hard work, perseverance and the grit it takes to wear the crown. It’s an anthem for all the hustlers on their grind, chasing that boss status.

12 The Devil Is A Lie


Released: 2014

Touting his achievements with a hefty serving of swagger while calling out the false narratives and illusions that permeate the game, Ross stands firm, asserting that the devil’s deceit won’t deter his climb. The lyrical depth coupled with its spirited delivery make this track a standout in Rozay’s robust catalog.

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