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Ranking the Top 10 Best Logic Guest Verses of All Time

Ever since Logic emerged on the hip hop scene off the strength of his Young Sinatra mixtape series, the Maryland rapper has slowly but surely cultivated a loyal fanbase.

With some of the sharpest mic skills in the game today and the ability to put together great songs and cohesive albums, Logic now has one of the most impressive catalogues in the game today. For a rapper who values high level rapping and bars over hooks, he’s also one of the most streamed rappers of all time .

From Lil Durk’s “Tryna’ Tryna'” to Dizzy Wright’s “Untouchable” and PRhyme’s “Mode II,” here are the top 10 best Logic guest verses of all time.

10. Lil Durk ft. Logic – “Tryna’ Tryna'”

Top 10 Best Logic Guest Verses Of All Time Lil Durk

Released: May 25, 2015

Album: Remember My Name

Producer: DJ L Beats

Dressed up in that white linen
All black windows, I had to tint 'em
That work, work, put 'em in the dirt
Let em' all lurk, know I had to get up with Durk
We never hurt, hurt, know the deal
Tour sold out, so you know it's real
From Chi City to the fuckin' bank
Sinatra money, I've been Frank
Lemme get it, I got it, never feelin' divided, homie, on the real though
How you feel though? V's up, keep it trill though
Oh yeah, one time, oh yeah, one time
Bitch, I been under pressure
Always giving it everything that I got
Never the lesser, turn on my compressor
It's right on the dresser
Been ruling the game, and nobody could measure
I know it's-

9. Dizzy Wright ft. Logic & Kirk Knight – “Untouchable”

Top 10 Best Logic Guest Verses Of All Time Dizzy

Released: August 19, 2013

Album: The Golden Age

Producer: DJ Hoppa

Ayo, whose arm is this?
I guess Slim cut it off at the pharmacist
We murdering MC's then flee to where ever the Bahamas is
I blew up, so that should let ya know just who the bombest is
Cause I could see the future like my glasses' Nostradamus's
Damn these rappers and they fillings like an orthodontist
It's probably cause my skin is white, C'mon be more then honest?
I signed a deal with Def Jam cause I'm the man
These fuckers sorta's and kinda's. Yo, Ayo
Yo my city behind this
I know that you see that I'm murdering synonyms all up in it when I rhyme this
My flow is impeccable, hella unwreckable
Knowing nobody else on this
So let me slow it down
Yo let me slow it down
Check it! Ayo, yo, yo
Let me slow it down so these ignorant people hear me
Even my favorite MC's won't get near me cause they fear me
Revere me, no disrespect. I mean that shit sincerely
I am merely the 2nd Renaissance to the fullest
It's all love from up above
Keep a gat in the glove just in case
Introduce you to Christ like Mase, Sike Nah!
All of you know that Logic keep the peace
But my brothers keep a piece in the streets, You got it? Capisce?
See that's a life I never wanted but I grew up in
And did a lot of dumb shit I'll never do again, What!

8. Lungz ft. Logic – “20/20”

Top 10 Best Logic Guest Verses Of All Time Lungz

Released: August 26, 2013

Album: Inebriation

Producer: Cam O’bi

Drop top with a couple bad bitches in the back of the 'Lac
You know the deal, let me get it up RattPack, how we live it up
Little bit of Hennessy up in the cup
All up in the cut, motherfucker what
Maryland what I be repping the moment I step in
I’m killing this shit
Killing and killing this shit
Yeah, fast cars, bad hoes, fuck that, I got mad shows
I guess this is the life that God chose
Finally high, but I been low
I got vision, boy, that’s 20/20
Getting paid, but man, fuck the money
It’s that real recognize real
Tell me how you feel
Say they gotta lot of money, but they never seen a mil’
Grip the steel but they never kill
All they do is grill
I just keep posting up with my homies
Man we got different blood, but you know we fam
Living my life till the fullest by keeping it real
Yeah you know I am

7. Big Gigantic ft. Logic & Rozes – “All of Me”

Top 10 Best Logic Guest Verses Of All Time Big Gigantic

Released: August 17, 2016

Album: Brighter Future

Producer: Big Gigantic

Yeah, take it all
Ain't no way I could break it off
Girl, is you really down to pay the cost?
Reverse the role and you could play the boss
Already knowin' my, already knowin' my vision is faded
I try to evade it, but can't
I know you far from a saint, but I keep lying to me
'Cause I been dying to meet
And it feel like I follow you out in the street
And I promise you all that I know
Every way that my mind goes
Elevated, heart strong, but my head faded
Way back when we first dated, I'm gone now
Had to go 'cause I'm on now
When my intuition got me in a mission
We see eye to eye but you ain't in my vision
Oh no, I said, oh no
Back in the day I used to say
A girl like you I used to pray for days for
Now I'm out here like way more
What the fuck would I stay for?
Why the fuck would I pay for
Somethin' that's just gonna kill me?
Nikki I'm still me, but I'm just better
It's been six months since we touched last
But I grow fast with this letter
And I swear to God that I'm better

6. Sylvan LaCue ft. Logic – “Nowhere to Go”

Top 10 Best Logic Guest Verses Of All Time Quest

Released: January 1, 2012

Album: Fear Not Failure

Producer: Sylvan LaCue

Sitting back, and I'm getting it
Hand me the mic, and you know I be ripping it
Came out the blue, you would think I was cripping it
Champagne, we sipping it, living that life
That's what we on, haters be talking that shit, but we gone
Young Sinatra is a don, heading to the top
Always keep it real, never flop, no we never stop
Never selling out, we in this for the music not the guap
But I got that old-school and that mainstream
Versatile's my main theme, we re-invent but they same scheme
Talking shit on the same team, sold out I never did it
That fake shit, I'll never get it, I'm flowing acidic
And getting the credit, but you motherfuckers is debit with it
Over their head like satellite, so check again cause my data right
I remember when I wished I had a mic, but now I record it the second I write
I'm in the game and I've been the same, I do it all but y'all ain't a thing
8 years I've felt pain, patiently waiting till y'all knew the name
It felt like forever since I was a stain, I once was a boy but I'm finally a mane
And the bank account is still only thing that's fucking changed

5. C Dot Castro ft. Logic – “World Wide”

Top 10 Best Logic Guest Verses Of All Time Worldwide

Released: July 4, 2012

Album: N/A

Producer: 6ix

Bitches say they love me but ho which side did you get to know
Cold mother fucker I make em' freeze like it's ten below
These chicken heads love it when I pull up in the coupe
Then they salty cuz that bobby soxxer girl is who I scoop now
Speaking on contraception yall not ready for conception
Wasn't even expecting cause you too busy neglectin'
Step to the mic and deliver like 9 months
All these rappers claim they lyrical ain't even rhymed once
I'll be, in the cut, laughing like Nelson Muntz
Cause I'm really livin in the tribein while a mother fucker vibin'
I'm batman in a room full of Robins
They should call me Mr.Freeze cause I sport diamonds
You ain't in my league you jokers is poison ivy
All these two faced motherfuckers would never get by me
Cause I can see everything that you doing
The moment you did it the second I ruin
The greatest to ever do it I'm a shoe in
I gotta believe it that's what I'm pursuing
Cause all of y'all don't even know what you doing
I take what you're building and leave it in ruins I got class
So much class but all of y'all be truant you can ask
Ask the world yeah they know I do it RattPack
Till my pulse flat, and I D.I.E, scratch that
I'm immortal through these verses can't you see
Cause even if I die my words'll never fade through Visionary
Watch me fuck the world till I'm on top we call that missionary
Milk the game for all this dairy stack my bread and get that cheese
Million dollar deals, I turn that down with ease bitch please
Never went to college but I got degrees
From this fire that I'm spittin' leave you shitin' in your pants
I got songs that make you think, make you smoke and make you dance
I'm the most versatile rapper that you've ever heard that's my word
No I ain't cocky I'm just assured
I'm so MD my verses ain't delivered they referred
Like prescriptions my flow rock like inscription
Make sure you listen carefully
Cause my shit be coding up like an encryption
Can't you see that we be worldwide

4. Tech N9ne ft. Logic & Joyner Lucas – “Sriracha”

Top 10 Best Logic Guest Verses Of All Time Tech N9Ne

Released: October 13, 2016

Album: The Storm

Producer: Seven

Yeah, I guess I'm supposed to come with that fast flow
Woo! I guess I'm supposed to come with that gas flow
But no, I'ma just spit it, I'ma get it good
Wish you would tell me what I should do
I don't know, hit the door
Uh, yeah, feel like I been here before
Maybe I have but I can't fuck with it
Hit 'em with a semiautomatic, watch 'em duck with it
Speaking on lyrical ability
Everyone in my vicinity, blowing they mind like Kennedy
I got no love for the enemy, somebody tell me the remedy
I'm like what's good, been fine
Tell me what's on your mind, rewind this shit
My message is beyond this shit
I put that on everything, I'm just being honest, shit
So what's up, hold up
Tech, I'm sorry for the hold-up but I been on the road
Should have had this verse to your ass a long time ago
When I put that on everything, I ain't had a minute to myself
But I been living like I ain't finna see tomorrow
I ain't focused on no wealth
I been living good, I been feeling fine
Pass the sriracha, I put that shit on all of mine
Busting like Columbine combined with a terrorist's mind
That's been confined to four walls for some time

3. Statik Selektah ft. Ab-Soul, Jon Connor & Logic – “Alarm Clock”

Top 10 Best Freddie Gibbs Guest Verses Of All Time Statik

Released: July 29, 2014

Album: What Goes Around

Producer: Statik Selektah

Another day another dollar from that 9 to 5
Yeah, you living but ask yourself, are you really alive?
I worked outside, I worked with food, I worked behind the desk
I’ve even hustled around my block, but hold up, I digress
I’ve paid my dues, see this life I didn’t choose
My face on the ten o'clock news, shit I refuse
I was born in a lower class, where gangsters with dough amass
And police would ask questions, but we never answered when asked (Yeah!)
Momma bitching while my sister baby daddy cooking crack in the kitchen
Getting rich in the street from slanging prescription
He showed me how to cook it, he showed me how to cut it
But deep down I always knew that life just wouldn’t cut it
So I started writing, it was a dark time
Only fifteen, but the shit I seen would blow your mind
School was getting harder due to my life at home
Principal always calling ‘cause I had barely shown
No father figure, my mother tried her best to be both
But let’s be honest a father really helps with your growth
But I was raised by Nas and Jay Z and Big L and Eminem
All of them set examples through they lyrics
Listen close so I could hear it, about life and how not to fear it
How to grab the wheel and steer it, and so I...
And so I did just that
Word of advice follow your dreams and never look back
I said it’s Logic

2. Joyner Lucas ft. Logic – “ISIS”

Joyner Lucas Adhd

Released: May 23, 2019

Album: ADHD

Producer: Nox Beatz, Boi-1da & rocktee

Me and Joyner need a couple hearses (Woo!)
Double homicide, kill the beat and the verses
Everybody livin' on the surface
But we came from the underground, yeah, we deserve it
What's beef?
Beef is when you murder motherfuckers on a beat
Kill 'em all, kill 'em all
Nah, nah, what's beef?
Beef is brothers dyin' over shit
That never mattered in the first place, lyin' in the street
What's peace?
Peace is when you leave it in the past, let it heal like a cast
When enough time pass, then you blast
Kinda like John Wick, bars like a convict
Fuck around and you don't wanna start shit, woo!
Comin' with the hot shit, all they do is talk shit
You could never top it, boy, just stop, stop it
High and drunk, call that HD vision
All these other motherfuckers full of indecision
And I murder with precision all over your television
I'm numero uno, number one and you is just a subdivision
Never listen, we gon' leave them missin'
That's the mission like ISIS (ISIS)
Ain't no time to bicker over who the nicest
It's Logic, it's obvious, just ask the audience
I've come to body this shit (Body this shit)
Yes, it's egregious, I'm Regis
You Kelly, you pussy, you pussy
Don't push me, I'm Louis Vuitton
You at Target with your mom
On the internet still hatin' on my last post (I hate this nigga)
I just sent a steak back at Mastro's, my god
Me and Joyner need a couple hearses (Woo!)
Double homicide, kill the beat and the verses
Everybody livin' on the surface
But we came from the underground, yeah, we deserve it
Yeah, uh, far from the minimum, killin' 'em with no Ritalin
And 5'9" was the middleman to get 'em in the same room
Now we on the same tune, and we sealed the game's doom
The illest of lyricists on the same shit
RattPack, clap back on the gang shit
Do it for the love of rap, not for the fame shit, woo!

1. PRhyme ft. Logic – “Mode II”

100 Rappers Their Age Classic Album Prhyme

Released: December 11, 2015

Album: PRhyme

Producer: DJ Premier

Yeah, yeah, fuck a black, brown, yellow or white it’s about unity
While the media tryna twist my words, for the opportunity to ruin me
Fuck ‘em all, bitch, I’m still doing me
It’s you and me on the record I’ll detect it like an infected nervous system
I never miss, I murder my mission as the rendition I listen while my chain glisten
I’ma get it like the world is endin'
Dependent on if it’s impending
Defendin' my mind in the way I rhyme so I’m sendin' in
The best of the best, no never the less I never digress I just keep it moving
Finger fuck who ain’t on improving
We finally grooving, on the way, no way to remove them
We constantly improving, yeah, through rejuvenation
I said juveniles run the nation, come now, fuck your occupation
A revelation I’m facing, more secretive than a mason
It look like we neck and neck but I’m far from adjacent
I come so far from that basement
They look at me and know I'm in beast mode
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