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Top 50 Best The Alchemist Songs and Featured Collabs

The Alchemist is a profound producer in the realm of Hip Hop. With a distinctive sound palette that straddles the raw edge of traditional Boom Bap and the insularity of abstract soundscapes, The Alchemist has created unforgettable backdrops for some of Hip Hop’s greatest lyricists.

Synonymous with an old-school flair, yet perennially innovative, his production ability is affirmed by the massive list of classics beneath his belt. From melancholic soundscapes in “My First Offense” to the ethereal atmospheres on “Gamebreaker feat. Earl Sweatshirt”, his dexterity is limitless.

Beyond the raw beats and rhymes, The Alchemist’s work transgresses the normative boundaries of Hip Hop, fusing elements of funk, soul, and jazz, to create a sound that is authentically his own. Reflect on the haunting keys of “Sirius Blac” or get lost in the rhythmic narratives of “Babies & Fools feat. Conway the Machine” as they offer some of the best in their respective sub-genres.

So let’s get into it. From “Billy Dee feat. Big Twins” to “E. Coli feat. Earl Sweatshirt”, here are the Top Productions by The Alchemist.

50. Pray For Him – MIKE

Faith Is A Rock

The layers of old-school soul samples woven together with gritty loops capture the inner city struggle and give MIKE’s introspective bars a haunting backdrop. It’s one of those cuts that hit you right in the chest, capturing a vibe reminiscent of a young Nas in the early ’90s. The Alchemist proves once again that his beats aren’t just background noise – they’re a heavily-weighted character in the narrative, providing the perfect canvas for MIKE’s poetic street scriptures.

49. My First Offense – Boldy James


Boldy’s languid flow sluices through the beat, his grim narratives of life in the Motor City marrying perfectly with Alchemist’s moody production. It’s a stark portrait of the streets, raw and unfiltered, a testament to the synergy between one of hip hop’s most underappreciated wordsmiths and an undisputed maestro of the boards. Alchemist’s knack for matching Boldy’s somber introspection with equally dark and atmospheric production is a testament to his deep understanding of the genre’s roots and potential.

48. Reese’s Cup – Curren$y


Curren$y spits high-rolling bars over the grimy instrumental, his signature laid-back flow contrasting sharply with the head-nodding intensity of the beat. The Alchemist’s minimalist production approach, utilizing languid synths and sparse yet effective drums, provides a kind of sonic chiaroscuro, allowing Curren$y’s rhymes to shine. It’s a prime example of how The Alchemist’s production finesse can elevate an already talented rapper’s bars to new levels of dopeness.

47. The Hopeless Romantic (feat. Action Bronson) – The Alchemist

Lunch Meat

The Alchemist and Action Bronson cooked up the crème de la crème joint right here, right? Drenched in a nostalgic ’60s soul sample, the track is a testament to Alchemist’s alchemy, turning base materials into Hip Hop gold. Bronson rides the beat like a surfer on a flawless wave, with his distinctive raspy flow, dropping vivacious gastronomical and couture references like hot potatoes. The Alchemist’s beat-making proficiency paired with Action’s idiosyncratic lyrical acrobatics? That’s the equivalent of a Hip Hop solar eclipse. Remarkable.

46. Thug Anthem – MIKE

Faith Is A Rock

Alchemist’s production on this one is nothing short of mesmerizing. He delivers a menacing beat, throbbing with energy and attitude, over which MIKE unapologetically embraces his thug persona. The collaboration is a hip hop lover’s dream – Alchemist’s powerful beats merge seamlessly with MIKE’s raw lyricism, a clear demonstration of the wonders an endowed producer and a gifted storyteller can create in the game. This ain’t no cookie-cutter radio track, but a thorough embodiment of the grimy, uncut essence of hip hop. The ‘Thug Anthem’ really do live up to its name, feel me?

45. Harry O. (feat. Roc Marciano) – The Alchemist

Yacht Rock 2

Roc Marci dances over The Alchemist’s beat like a phantom in the night, spinning yarns that pull you into a world of crime and consequence. Alchemist’s production on this cut is hauntingly minimal, drenched in noir, and dripping with complexity. His use of obscure samples and echoing beats creates an atmosphere so taut, you can almost feel the tension in the air. “Harry O.” is storytelling and beat-making at its absolute finest, an exemplification of The Alchemist’s ability to perfectly pair his cinematic production with an artist’s lyrical prowess.

44. No Window Tints – Curren$y


Alchemist and Curren$y? Now we talking ’bout a classic player-coach combo. This joint got Alchemist on the boards, cooking up an atmospheric beat laced with a quaint piano loop that’s chill enough to cruise to. Curren$y, our jet-life aficionado, drops his laid-back rhymes, painting extravagant and aspirational images of the high life. This is a jazz-infused, vibe-heavy track where The Alchemist’s expertise in crafting smooth, relaxing beats perfectly aligns with Curren$y’s effortless delivery. Straight up, it’s an under-the-radar gem in Al’s discography.

43. Gamebreaker (feat. Earl Sweatshirt) – Domo Genesis

No Idols

When you’re talking about tracks where the stars just align right, “Gamebreaker” by the beat maestro Alchemist featuring the enigmatic Earl Sweatshirt is one of them joints that you can’t ignore. This ain’t just a collab, it’s a potent synergy. Alchemist whips up a dreamy, cloak-and-dagger-esque beat, a perfect playground for Earl’s introspective rhymes and unparalleled wordplay. From the ominous intro to the last bar, Alchemist and Earl are in a zone, dropping gems that make you rewind just to catch the depth of their craft. Truly an audacious piece that reminds us hip hop ain’t just music, it’s a form of high art. This one right here is for the real hip-hop heads, not the casual listeners.

42. Mayors A Cop – MIKE

Faith Is A Rock

The Alchemist matches MIKE’s raw lyricism with an unconventional rhythm, blending jazzy tones with a lo-fi aesthetic that’s rich and hazy. The beat is a melting pot of sounds – it’s unpredictable, off-kilter, and entirely captivating. It feels streetsmart and cerebral, offering a backdrop that truly complements MIKE’s introspective bars. Rather than overpowering the track, The Alchemist’s production subtly enhances the narrative – it’s less about the spotlight and more about setting the stage for MIKE to deliver his potent messages. This track points to The Alchemist’s versatility and his uncanny ability to amplify an artist’s voice through his craft.

41. Fuck Everybody Else – Domo Genesis

No Idols

A Domo track, but the real star here is The Alchemist. His genius production sets the stage for Domo’s lyrical barrage, crafting a soundscape that’s grimy yet polished, simple yet layered – it’s quintessentially Hip Hop. He flips samples like a master chef flips pancakes, infusing the track with a distinct flavor that’s all his own. That’s the essence of The Alchemist, always pushing boundaries while still paying respect to the roots of the game. “Fuck Everybody Else” is a testament to that, and a sure-fire example of Al’s stellar production abilities.

40. Nothing Is Freestyle – The Alchemist

Nothing Is Freestyle

The Alchemist whips up a production that’s a heady cocktail of steady beats with a swirl of hypnotic samples – laying down an auditory red carpet for the lyrics to strut their stuff. The beat has a hallucinogenic quality, undulating and twisting the mind, daring you to decipher the complex lyrical code woven into the fabric of the track. It ain’t no basic 16 bars – the layers on this one run deep. It’s a testament to Alchemist’s genius, where every production is an exploration of the inner recesses of his mind. No bars, no hooks, no gimmicks, just raw hip hop – that’s Alchemist in his element. The title? Just another layer of genius – a nod to purists who know that in the world of Hip Hop, there’s no such thing as a true freestyle. Nothing is left to chance…word is bond!

39. Nobles (feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Navy Blue) – The Alchemist

This Thing Of Ours

The mid-tempo beat is a tactical chess move, letting these lyrical juggernauts flex their wordplay. You got to appreciate the way Alchemist samples, a true crate digger creating musical collages outta forgotten vinyls. His drums hit hard, but maintain a mellow vibe, perfectly complementing Earl and Navy’s introspective, abstract rhymes. The Alchemist remains a silent conductor, with the ability to elevate every MC he works with – he’s the wizard behind the curtain, his magic undeniable. Nobles is like a masterclass in beat-making. Real heads know – The Alchemist ain’t just a producer, he’s a Hip Hop architect, each beat is blueprint of excellence.

38. Miracle Baby (feat. MAVI) – The Alchemist

Miracle Baby (feat. MAVI)

The Alchemist connects his prolific wizardry with MAVI’s verbal prowess, Alc concocts a potent mix of soulful samples and muddy bass kicks that strut in perfect parlance with MAVI’s thought-provoking wordplay. Alchemist’s production style here is reminiscent of the golden era, but imbued with a modern-day twist – illustrating the timeless nature of his musical canvas. It’s a musical séance, summoning the restless spirits of lyrical integrity and raw honesty. MAVI rises to the occasion, navigating the rugged sonic terrain with the agility of a seasoned spitter. Miracle Baby, indeed, serves as a reminder that the essence of hip hop continues to pulse and breathe in every Alchemist production. Don’t just listen, experience it!

37. Bless (feat. MIKE & Sideshow) – The Alchemist

Flying High

Lock the windows and dim the lights, cos when you bump “Bless,” you’re in for a wild ride. Alchemist on the boards is like Picasso with a paintbrush – The mood he sets here is prophetic, almost gothic. His signature sampling technique is second to none, wrapping listeners in a sonic shroud that’s dense yet airy. The featured lyricists, MIKE and Sideshow, splash their unique pigments onto Alchemist’s canvas, delivering verses that bear the weight of introspection and raw emotion. Even in the throes of heavy lyrics, there’s an ethereal quality to the production that belies its profound depth. In music, as in life, contrasting elements often produce the most beautiful results. And “Bless” is a testament to Alchemist’s unmatched ability to steer hip hop’s ship into uncharted waters. This ain’t just a track, it’s a vibe.

36. New Thangs – Curren$y


The track is a resurrection of the golden era, the careful blend of jazz-infused samples and crispy beats reminiscent of the times when boom-bap ruled the roost. Listen closely and you can almost hear the scratches from the vinyl record as The Alchemist dives back into his crate to pull out a forgotten gem. Curren$y, the lyrical pilot, takes us on a skylarking journey, his laid-back flow cruising smoothly around the bends of the sinewy beat. The rhymes flirt with the mundane, transforming everyday struggles into intellectual fodder. The song oozes that braggadocious spirit, aptly named so for it’s all about leveling up, copping ‘new thangs’. This is Alchemical magic – turning base elements into lyrical gold. The result? A timeless track that’s slick, witty, and marked with an indelible stamp of authenticity. Hip Hop, in its purest form, is more than just beats and rhymes; it’s sonic philosophy – “New Thangs” proves just that. Best be ready when the needle drops, ’cause this one’s a banger!

35. Brickmile To Montana – Boldy James

Bo Jackson

The Alchemist’s production on here is like an expedition into uncharted sonics, exploring new frontiers with the audacious spirit of a trailblazer. Synths moan, basslines groan, and amidst this urban twilight, Boldy James unfolds narratives that hit harder than 90’s Mike Tyson. As Alc’s divergent beats carve the path, Boldy steers with deft lyricism and authentic Detroit grit. It’s a rocky journey – raw, emotional, and brutally honest, but isn’t that why we love hip hop, to begin with? It’s the beauty in the struggle, the truth in the hardship, a heavy dose of ‘real’ in an age of façade. Buckle up, y’all, we’re on a Brickmile trip to Montana!

34. No Laughing Matter – Boldy James

Super Tecmo Bo

On “No Laughing Matter,” Alc pitches a no-hitter, crafting a chilled-out beat that slaps like the harsh winds of a Detroit winter. The piano loop is haunting, while the bass pulsates with a life of its own. Boldy James laces his street narrative over Alchemist’s icy soundscape, his measured cadence weaving tales of survival and ambition. Alchemist’s production is an atmospheric backdrop for James’ gritty storytelling – it’s a sonic tag team that leaves listeners on the edge of their seats. It’s no laughing matter when Alchemist gets busy on the keys; dude’s got the Midas touch on the beats.

33. Prophecy – Domo Genesis

No Idols

Domo Genesis lends his rap prowess, no doubt. It’s a cut steeped in introspect, a rough diamond polished by Alchemist’s sonic mastery. Stripping back the typical bluster, Alchemist lays out a sparse, meditative beat, allowing Domo Genesis’ lyrics to breathe and unfurl at their own pace. It’s a testament to the producer’s ability to tailor his beats to the artist, rather than crowding them out with unnecessary flash. Domo, on cue, delivers a contemplative lyrical odyssey, the kind you chew on long after the song ends. A prophecy is all about foresight, and in this sense, Alchemist proves a prophet himself, foreseeing the perfect balance of raw lyrics and minimalistic beats. This ain’t just music, fam – it’s prophecy in motion, resonating in the echo chambers of your eardrums. Straight dope, no chaser.

32. TV Dinners (feat. Boldy James & Sideshow) – The Alchemist

This Thing Of Ours

Get ready for a full-course meal of ill beats and street wisdom served by Alchemist, Boldy James, and Sideshow on “TV Dinners”. Alc’s craftsmanship manifests through his record-peddling finesse, crafting a soulful beat that’s harder than a week-old biscuit. Raw and unfiltered, Boldy James’ rhymes fold in effortlessly, like butter melting on hot cornbread. The hood tales expressed are no sweet potato pie, they’re bitter yet necessary nourishment for those surviving in the underbelly of America’s forgotten cities. Sideshow bellies up to this feast with an appetite to match, complementing the main dish with his own unique flavor. Dig in, hip hop heads, and savor every bite. “TV Dinners” ain’t your average microwave meal – it’s gourmet rap at its finest!

31. Turkish Cotton – Larry June

The Great Escape

Larry June Smooth as the finest silk and crisp as an early autumn dawn – that’s the Alchemist’s beat on “Turkish Cotton.” It’s an intriguingly soft and bouncy track that has you nodding your head even before Larry June steps in. When he does, it’s like adding a shot of smooth bourbon to your coffee, enhancing an already sweet experience. The San Francisco emcee’s unique sound – casual but deliberate, laid back but intense – rides the Alchemist’s beat with such finesse you’d think they were born to create together. This ain’t just another joint. It’s a symphony of the streets, a testimony to the power of authentic hip hop. “Turkish Cotton” is a fly-on-the-wall view into the lives of G’s, told through a masterful blend of beats and bars. Trust me, this joint is so vivid, you can almost smell the Turkish Cotton.

30. Summer Reign (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) – Larry June

The Great Escape

When it comes to beat-making pedigree, The Alchemist’s rep rings loud, and his craft on “Summer Reign” is no exception. The track, a joint venture with Larry June and Ty Dolla $ign, is hip hop at its sun-soaked best. The Alchemist lays down a beat that’s as smooth as silk and as cool as a summer breeze, perfectly capturing the warm, laid-back vibe of a lazy summer afternoon. Larry June’s unique flow, laid-back but sharp, gels perfectly with Ty’s smooth vocals, crafting an addictive melodic ride. The Alchemist outdoes himself with a beat that drips with soul and exudes a chill vibe – it’s the soundtrack to summer you didn’t know you needed. Hats off to the master, Alc knows how to brew beats that hit different!

29. Ocean Sounds – Larry June

The Great Escape

With subtle guitar strums and laid-back percussion that could lull a lion to sleep, this beat is as refreshing as a cool Pacific breeze. Larry June rides that beat smoother than a Cadillac down Route 66, spittin’ game and dropping wisdom from a position of hard-earned luxury. This isn’t just a song, it’s a sonic cruise along the California coastline, top down, waves crashing to your side, palm trees swaying to your rhythm – a testament to Alchemist’s ability to capture vibe and an attitude in his productions. Buckle-up, Larry June and Al are taking you on a scenic tour of Ocean Sounds!

28. 89 Earthquake – Larry June

The Great Escape

Alchemist and Larry June linking up is equivalent to a seismic shift, and that’s precisely what “89 Earthquake” is – a bona fide tremor in the game. The West Coast finesse of Larry June finds a perfect companion in Alchemist’s soulful yet grimy beats. Percolating hi-hats, serenading synths, and a bassline that’s going to touch your soul quicker than a Sunday mornin’ pastor, ALC lays the groundwork for Orange Season’s own Larry June to do what he does best. His rhymes are silky and narrative, painting a picture so vivid you’ll swear you’re cruising California’s Pacific Coast Highway. This track is a testament to The Alchemist’s knack for enhancing an emcee’s style, creating a musical cataclysm that’s bound to shake the industry to its core. Holla at your earthquake kits, fam, this one’s a richter scale wrecker!

27. Tear Away Shorts – Action Bronson

Lamb Over Rice

The Alchemist stitches together a layered soundscape that’s both thick and smooth like molasses – a hotbed of heavy bass, lush loops, and tantalizing textures. Front and center is Bronson, a heavyweight champion in the rap game, maneuvering through every beat with flows fluid as water but sharp as katana blades. Bronson depicts vivid imagery while moving through Alc’s dark labyrinth of sounds, making you feel like you’re right there with him in those tear-away shorts. This is artistry in motion – soul-baring, heart-tugging, pure unfiltered hip hop. It hits home, and it hits deep. Raise the volume, and let Bronson and Alc take you on a one-way trip down Memory Lane.

26. Carruth – Boldy James

The Price Of Tea In China

As The Alchemist lays the foundation, Boldy James navigates the intricate lanes with the precision of a seasoned driver. Alchemist’s production is the heartbeat of this track – audacious, throbbing, and persistent. Its resilience mirrors the narratives spun by Boldy, littered with his experiences of hustling and surviving in Detroit. Alc’s raw, minimalistic soundscapes embody the very essence of hip hop – resilient, defiant, and triumphantly unapologetic. It’s the sonic equivalent of a Nicky Barnes biography—woven into the fabric of the streets, reflective of the high-stakes game of life. Alc and Boldy ain’t just telling tales, they’re serving memoirs on a plate, etched in sonic gold. “Carruth” ain’t just a track, it’s a testament.

25. Porsches in Spanish – Larry June

The Great Escape

This joint stands tall, a towering ode to the art of storytelling infused with Larry June’s unmistakable delivery. Picture yourself on a cool Cali evening, palm trees whispering the lore of the streets, your whip’s engine humming like a theme song. Alc paints this vivid scene with deft strokes – haunting keyboard sequences and mellow bass grooves that strut with a Latin flair. And then there’s Larry June, his narrative as crisp as freshly minted bills, delivering anecdotes like they’re lifelines to the streets. ‘Porsches in Spanish’ isn’t just a song; it’s an homage to a lifestyle, a testament to a craft. Buckle up, player – we’re cruising through reality, Alc and Larry June style.

24. Dmtri – Action Bronson

Lamb Over Rice

The Queens native Action Bronson and The Alchemist team up for “Dmtri,” a joint that’s meant to get your head nodding and your mind bending. Alchemist, the consistent beat genius, layers a delicate mix of haunting piano loops, funk-laced undercurrents, and woozy samples to create a jazzy soundscape that’s both ethereal and visceral. Bronson then takes this buzzing hive of beats and masterfully drizzles it with his signature nonchalant rhymes and witty braggadocio. The synergy between these two heavyweights is electrifying, not unlike Ghostface and RZA in their prime. “Dmtri” is an audacious leap into the rabbit hole of their combined vision – it’s as wildly imaginative as Action’s colorfully twisted tales and as daringly innovative as The Alchemist’s beat wizardry. Vintage hip hop heads, this is your jam!

23. Falling out the Sky – Armand Hammer


Stripping down the production to its bare bones, Alchemist paints a grim, desolate soundscape that perfectly complements Armand Hammer’s lyrical explorations of social constructs and existential struggles. The instrumentation is sparse, with haunting piano chords and a rhythm section as relentless as a midnight thunderstorm. With this gritty backdrop, Armand Hammer tears the verses apart, dropping pure poetic bombshells that hit the psyche like a sledgehammer. Alchemist and Armand Hammer provide a masterclass in artistry and introspection on “Falling out the Sky” – a reminder that hip hop is indeed modern day poetry. Put your headphones on and brace yourself for this sonic pilgrimage.

22. Palisades, CA – Larry June

The Great Escape

A sun-soaked, west coast cruiser, draped in the nostalgia of a gold-rimmed sunset. It’s as if The Alchemist spun a tapestry of jazzy tones, smooth beats and brushed hi-hats with the deftness of a seasoned street poet. The result? A tune emblazoned with the unmistakable signature of an underground connoisseur. Larry June rides the beat with a laidback swag, his flow as cool as a Pacific breeze, weaving tales over Alchemist’s canvas with a cadence that marries the soul of old-school hip-hop with a keen eye for contemporary commentary. This ain’t merely a track, it’s a panoramic viewing of the hip-hop landscape from the Palisades, showing you exactly why Larry June and The Alchemist are architects of this genre’s rich soundscape. Sit back and listen – your eardrums will thank you.

21. Tropical Storm Lenny (feat. Action Bronson) – The Alchemist

Yacht Rock 2

With Alc handling the production, be prepared for a heavy downpour of trippy samples and hard-hitting beats reminiscent of an actual storm. Threading through this musical tempest is Action Bronson, who uses the atmospheric backdrop to spit a lyrical cyclone that simplifies even the most complex narratives. His gritty, raw verses and Alc’s weatherman-like control of the beat make for a groundbreaking duo. This is a storm you won’t want shelter from. In this chaotic world of hip hop, sometimes all we need is a tropical storm for a little perspective. Tropical Storm Lenny is not just a hip-hop song—it’s a climate change!

20. Scottie Beam – Freddie Gibbs


Expressing a desire for a woman like “Scottie Beam,” referring to the Hot 97 host Scottie Beam, a symbol of the strong, desirable Black woman. You know a banger’s legit when it’s an ode to a woman, layered with an intricate blend of snappy rhythms and ominous soundscapes, this track is pure vivid storytelling. The Alchemist and Freddie Gibbs – now there’s a duo with more chemistry than the periodic table. Freddie rides Alc’s eery loop with a deadly calm, delivering bars that resonate like alley-oops from Pippen. This is proving ground, a validation of the artistry in hip hop, of the grit in tales from the streets. It’s that moment when the beat hits just right, you’re bobbing your head, and the world fades into the background. “Scottie Beam” ain’t just a song, it’s a headspace; it’s the essence of hip hop, refined and uncut!

19. Babies & Fools (feat. Conway the Machine) – Freddie Gibbs


When The Alchemist and Freddie Gibbs team up, it’s like Jordan and Pippen in ’96 – untouchable. Now, toss Conway the Machine into the mix, and you got yourself a Big Three, cooking up some Montana-sized havoc on the boards. “Babies & Fools” is some high-caliber hip hop. Al’s ambient loops and ethereal vocal samples create this ominous undercurrent, while Gibbs and Conway spit reality-soaked rhymes with a venomous ferocity. It’s like gazing into the soul of the streets, unexposed and raw, a tale of survival painted on a canvas of hypnotic sounds. The trio’s synergy is quintessential hip hop, where the beat and bars feed off each other, crafting an unforgettable auditory experience. “Babies & Fools”, y’all, is hip hop in its purest form. Would I lie to you? Nah, never that. So, go ahead and press play. Thank me later.

18. Sirius Blac – Earl Sweatshirt


Alc’s visionary knack of blending soundscapes into something straight divine is right on show here. The mold is broken here; it’s not just a beat, it’s an organic, breathing ecosystem that pulsates with raw emotion. Stories of pain, struggle, and eventual triumph simmer in Earl’s bars, echoed in every reverberating drum kick and pensive key stroke. The synergy here? Outta this world. Sirius Blac ain’t just a track. Nah, it’s a sonic pilgrimage, a galactic voyage helmed by Earl’s introspective lyricism and Alc’s celestial soundscapes. Hooked yet? Just press play and levitate with us. Welcome to the Sirius Blac experience.

17. Level Tipping Scales – Boldy James

Super Tecmo Bo

Nothing less than a tantalizing track wrapped in triple-filtered bass and minimalist keys. Boldy James’ delivery here – raw and unfiltered – is like a loaded gun backed up by Alc’s haunting sonic landscape. It’s a tug of war – the weight of the world pushing down on one side, and Boldy on the other, his voice bursting with resilience. The journey may be saturated with trials, but Boldy navigates masterfully, balancing the scale with his dexterous pen game, providing a stark commentary on the many faces of the struggle. It’s not just a song; it’s a sonic testimony of triumph over tribulation.

16. 27 Braids – Earl Sweatshirt


Alchemist’s production here is a heady concoction of layered synths and steady beats, a musical chiaroscuro that shadows Sweatshirt’s raw tales of life and lessons. It’s brilliantly discordant, a purposeful disarray where entangled pieces of music float in audacious nonchalance. And Earl? Well, that dude’s practising verbal judo, throwing verses that sear and soothe in perfect paradox. “27 Braids” isn’t your club banger, nor does it aim to be. It’s an avant-garde lyricism meets crackerjack production. Get your headphones, shut the world and just vibe with it. Raw, unfiltered, unapologetic Hip Hop at its best that hits you square in the feels!

15. Ray Mysterio (feat. Westside Gunn & Conway) – The Alchemist


Westside Gunn and Conway throw down some merciless verses, lyrically sparring over a soundscape that embodies street nostalgia. It’s like a flickering black and white TV broadcasting a championship wrestling match, with Alc playing the part of a weathered commentator, his beats chronicling the struggle, the fight, the hustle. It’s raw, it’s real, it’s the underbelly of the city, and it’s lit. If you’re thinking this ain’t your regular radio rap, you’re damn straight. This one’s for the Hip Hop purists out here. It’s gritty, it’s grimy, it’s “Ray Mysterio”!

14. Mac Deuce – Earl Sweatshirt


We’re talking ominous beats that creep up on you like fog over Staten Island, adding layers to Earl’s introspective, gritty lyrics. Alc’s trademark lo-fi style is in full effect here, giving the track a gritty, underground edge that sucks you in, immerses you deep into the murky undertones. The collaboration between The Alchemist and Earl Sweatshirt showcases the beautiful grittiness in Hip Hop music, a gritty-noir novel with a beat. “Mac Deuce” shines in its unpretentious rawness, where lyricism meets beat wizardry to create that head-nodding vibe. That’s Alchemist’s genius right there, folks. He can create a symphony even in the grimy alleys of Hip Hop.

13. Heat Check – Earl Sweatshirt


Alc, the man behind the console, flip-flops between smooth, enchanting loops and pulverizing beat drops, crafting musical paradoxes that are as mystifying as they are mesmerizing. And Earl – ol’ reliable Earl – does what he does best. Sly as a fox, slick as a greased lightning, he maneuvers through Alc’s beat labyrinth, spilling the content of his psyche with a coolness that’d make an iceberg jealous. This track ain’t just a ‘heat check’, it’s a bona fide sonic inferno. A fiery testament to hip-hop’s ingenious versatility, where Alc’s genius production illuminates Earl’s etched-in-stone lyricism like a match made in Hip Hop heaven. That’s the magic of “Heat Check,” burnishing the genre to a golden glow. Music for the soul, bars for the brain, Alc and Earl are on some other level, man.

12. 100 High Street – Earl Sweatshirt


Think of it as a spectral labyrinth; ethereal strings and spectral choirs add an otherworldly feel, giving Earl the perfect backdrop to open a window into his psyche. Man, Earl’s introspective verse is raw enough to make you wince, and Alc’s beats, they just amplify it. It’s like a slow dance with melancholy in an abandoned cathedral, where every whisper echoes and every beat resonates with the chilling finesse of a midnight sonata. “100 High Street” isn’t a song; it’s an experience, a poignant testament to the healing powers hidden in the shadows of our soul.

11. Sentry (feat. MIKE) – Earl Sweatshirt


Collaborating with MIKE, an artist known for pushing the boundaries of conscious rap, The Alchemist went all in, crafting an instrumentally rich and evocative soundscape that hits you straight in the feels. His signature uncanny knack for blending the rawness of youthful ambition with the reality of societal issues is on full display here. The beat slaps like a wakeup call, reminding us of hip hop’s inherent duty to confront, question, and resist. “Sentry” is a testament to the sort of magic that can happen when The Alchemist marries his mad scientist-like production skills with a lyricist like MIKE, whose words marvel in their poignant simplicity. The realness here? It’s off the charts!

10. 1985 – Freddie Gibbs


The Alchemist’s production on this cut is nothing short of an old soul in a new body. The brooding baseline and climactic guitar riffs evoke memories of a weathered vinyl spinning under the soft glow of a low-hanging lamp. It’s a sonic spectacle that feels like it was lifted straight out of a Haunted House party back in the day, where the DJ’s fingers were stuck to the vinyl from sheer sweat and groove. Freddie Gibbs cruises on this wave of nostalgia, packing a raw, Midwestern flow that cuts through the soundscape like a hot blade through butter. He drags us into the underbelly of street tales, with Alc’s haunting beats painting the backdrop in hues of a smoky, late-night rendezvous. ‘1985’. A year, a track, an ethos – immortalized by The Alchemist’s genius and Freddie’s unfiltered grit. Keep your ears locked, fam. This one’s a timeless piece!

9. Arrival – The Alchemist

Israeli Salad

This cut is a testament to The Alchemist’s unrivaled ability to create a sonic universe so unique, you’d think it burst straight out of a Marvel comic. A surreal blend of jazz-infused samples, atmospheric tones and a heavy, steady beat, “Arrival” resonates with an inherently powerful and introspective vibe. The Alch weaves his magic, constructing a track that inspires both head nodding and deep pondering simultaneously. It’s a musical odyssey that takes listeners on a trip through the multi-dimensional mind of one of hip hop’s most esteemed architects. So prop your feet up, close your eyes, and let “Arrival” teleport you into Al’s audio cosmos!

8. Loose Change (feat. Earl Sweatshirt) – The Alchemist

This Thing Of Ours

Here, he’s schooling the new generations and even putting some old heads to rights. With Earl Sweatshirt riding shotgun, Alc hones in on the essence of true school Hip Hop – where it’s about the art, not the bling. The beats harken back to boom-bap’s glory days, but with a grungy twist that only The Alchemist’s deft hands could whip up. Earl, with his introspective delivery, tows the line between conscious rap and street poetry, perfectly mirroring Alchemist’s grime-nostalgia production. “Loose Change” ain’t about loose change; it’s a clear reflection of a culture, a way of life, filtered through a grimy lens of uncompromising integrity. It’s more than music; it’s a state of mind.

7. Something to Rap About (feat. Tyler, The Creator) – Freddie Gibbs


Trust when I say, it takes proficiency to dance on an Alchemist beat, and these gentlemen? They moonwalk. The Alchemist’s production is masterful, interweaving percussive patterns with melodic elements like a tailor tailorin’ the illest suit. And Gibbs? His lyrical perspective’s as sharp as a Ginsu, slicing through societal fabric with illuminative narratives. Tyler floats in on this sonic tapestry and unloads bars filled with introspection and razor-edged wit. This track, my peeps, ain’t just something to rap about—it’s something to praise, analyze, and, without doubt, bump loud in your whip.

6. Vin Skully – Earl Sweatshirt


The beat here isn’t just next-level; it is another dimension, a sonic universe, where the norm is defied and creativity holds the reigns. The bass thumps with the ferocity of a heavyweight champ, leaving your speakers trembling. The underlying, eerie strings evoke an unsettling beauty that perfectly frames Earl Sweatshirt’s introspective bars, like a vintage photo in a weathered frame. Alc’s ability to craft such a cinematic soundscape, coupled with Earl’s knack for delivering brutally honest lyrics, creates an experience as stirring as it is captivating. It’s a head-nodding thrum and reflective rumination blended into one — quintessential Alc, and a testament to why Earl Sweatshirt remains one of the most intriguing wordsmiths in the game.

5. 6 Five Heartbeats (feat. Vince Staples) – The Alchemist

This Thing Of Ours 2

The production here is less about making beats hit, and more about weaving an audial mythos around Vince Staples. It’s not just a song, nah, it’s a sonic journey through the labyrinthine alleys of Long Beach, California. The melancholic strains of the piano serve as a plaintive backdrop to Vince’s lyrical onslaught, like a somber painting dotted with narratives of the streets. But it ain’t just about melancholia. Alchemist’s beat tempts despair only to overpower it with an undercurrent of resilience, mirroring the resilience of the communities Vince rep. Alchemist and Staples provide both a critique and a tribute to the oft-ignored sections of society, making “6 Five Heartbeats” more than just a song, it’s a modern-day parable in the form of Hip Hop, y’all!

4. I Hate Everything (feat. Action Bronson) – The Alchemist

The Food Villain

Action Bronson jumps on the track with the flair and sass of Salaam Remi, declaring his disdain for the mundane and the mediocre. Alchemist’s beat is a whirlwind – a cacophonous blend of groovy basslines, moody piano chords, and mellifluous jazz undertones that dance around in your head long after the track’s done. It’s the kind of hypnotic chaos that hip hop heads live for – the sonic equivalent of a Pollock painting. So yeah, they may hate everything, but trust – hating ain’t a thing when this track’s in play!

3. Great Adventures – Boldy James

Super Tecmo Bo

This joint, featuring the lyrical titan Boldy James, is a testament to Alchemist’s ear for the grimy, the gritty, the undiluted essence of hip hop. The production smacks of a Detroit alleyway at midnight, gritty and assertive, racked with tension yet throbbing with a pulse that’s undeniably vibrant. Boldy rides the beat like a seasoned veteran, his rhymes hard-hitting and streetwise, a biting contrast to the lush, almost dreamy production. The Alchemist is the puppet master, the conductor of this grim symphony, manipulating the reins of production with surgical precision. “Great Adventures” ain’t just a tune, it’s a movement, a tangible representation of the undying spirit of underground hip hop.

2. Ocean Prime (feat. Boldy James) – The Alchemist

Yacht Rock 2

Hang 10 on top of the wave of Alc’s beat – a boom bap rhythm seasoned with a dash of jazz and a pinch of soul, creating a soundscape as deep as the ocean itself. Boldy James is the perfect companion, his flow rolling in and out like the tide against the shoreline. The Detroit rapper’s wordplay is always raw and drenched in deep-seated emotions, painting vivid pictures over Alchemist’s stormy beats. It’s the kind of track that hits like a coastal breeze – cool, calm, and collected but powerful enough to wipe away any pretense. Trust, “Ocean Prime” ain’t just a prime cut, it’s the whole damn feast.

1. E. Coli (feat. Earl Sweatshirt) – The Alchemist


Yo, let’s get it twisted: “Coli”, a joint with The Alchemist headed up by Earl Sweatshirt, isn’t just a song—it’s a lyrical narrative. This track is like peering behind a graffitied brick wall into a world of raw truth, spitting in the face of mainstream expectations. Al’s beats groan and cry with every tug of Earl’s introspective narrative, capturing the very essence of the hip hop ethos. This ain’t your bubblegum, candy-coated, catchy hook type of joint—this here’s pure, uncut, poetry-in-motion. Earl’s lyrical prowess cuts sharp as a samurai blade, guided by Al’s maestro-like control over the soundscape. It’s a lesson in authenticity, a reminder that in a world of commercialize-this, sponsor-that, real hip hop still thrives under The Alchemist’s careful craftsmanship. Coli might be infectious, but this track? Man, it’s straight-up contagious!

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