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Breaking down the Album ‘FUTURE’ by ‘Future’

Released: 2017

Label: Epic/Freebandz/A1

Featuring: Drake, Kendrick Lamar, YG

Layers of gritty experiences, unfiltered declarations of success, revenge, and hedonism make up the intricate tapestry that is “FUTURE,” the chart-busting, self-titled album by Atlanta’s trap maestro, Future. Unleashed in 2017 by Epic/Freebandz/A1, it’s where Future’s braggadocious narratives of street hustles, opulence, betrayal, and resilience interweave, creating a lyrical masterpiece. Laid over finely crafted trap beats, Future guides listeners through his rise from the streets of Atlanta to becoming one of hip-hop’s most influential figures. Backed by powerhouse contributors such as Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and YG, each track on “FUTURE” is a testament to Future’s raw storytelling skills and his audacious, unapologetic examination of the realities of his journey. So let’s get into it. From “Rent Money” to “Extra Luv,” here we are breaking down the album “FUTURE” by Future.

1 Rent Money

It’s a raw, unfiltered declaration of success, revenge, and hedonism, underscored by his gritty experiences. The track is laden with braggadocio, boasting encounters with rapper’s girlfriends and a lifestyle fueled by drugs and money. A standout line, “Ya baby mama fuck me better when the rent’s due,” encapsulates the ruthlessness and the transactional nature of the relationships portrayed in the song, echoing the cold realities of the hustle and the blurred lines between personal vendettas and entertainment.

2 Good Dope

The relentless repetition of “I do good dope, I got a good hoe, Js at the door” serves as both a brag and a bleak acknowledgment of the street hustle’s endless cycle. Standout line, “I spit and I’m hot as a dragon,” hits hard, metaphorically setting Future apart as a fiery force in the game, breathing life into his verses with an intensity that scorches. The duality of street cred and high-end living—highlighted by references to Tiffany’s and Lamborghinis—paints a vivid picture of Future’s complex persona, where success is measured in both grit and glamour.

3 Zoom

The repetition of “I ran it up fast” serves not just as a hook but as a testament to his relentless grind and swift rise in the game. This track embodies the hustler’s spirit, draped in luxury yet grounded in the raw realities of the come-up. It’s a vivid portrait of achieving dizzying success while navigating the dangers and dynamics of street life, captured concisely when he asserts, “Turbo switchin’ lanes, Hublot switch your watch.” Here, Future merges the worlds of high-speed chases and high-end timepieces, illustrating a life where every second counts and every move is a calculated risk.

4 Draco

The relentless repetition of “You ain’t never ever get you bitch back” hits as a hard-edged mantra, marking territory in both personal and material realms. With lines like “Draco season with the bookbag, Rat-tat got a little kickback,” he paints a vivid picture of his high-stakes lifestyle, blending opulence with the raw, unpredictable nature of the streets. Future’s ability to juxtapose this duality showcases not just his lyrical prowess but an authentic reflection of his life’s contrast between glamour and the gutter.

5 Super Trapper

Highlighting a life swathed in opulence with lines like “My pockets on Fat Albert, I’m a super trapper,” he melds the gritty reality of his past with the glossy veneer of his current success. Symbols of wealth—Lamborghinis, Rolexes, and Porsches—aren’t just flexes but markers of a journey from “the ‘partments where they trigger happy” to the pinnacle of hip-hop royalty. Future’s assertion, “I can’t never go back broke and that what really matter,” hits hard, encapsulating the ethos of relentless progress and the fear of regression that drives so much of his artistry.


The lyrics seamlessly weave tales of luxury—Aston Martins, Giorgio Armani, and brand new Benzes for all his baby mamas—with the grit and hustle it took to get there. Future’s assertion, “I need a power of attorney, I’m ’bout to fuck up some M’s,” stands out, encapsulating his fearless approach to spending and economic power. This track is rich in imagery, showcasing Future’s unique ability to blend the opulent with the raw essence of the trap, marking his territory as both a trapper and a mogul.

7 Mask Off

With the standout line “Mask on, fuck it, mask off,” Future captures the essence of living unapologetically in the face of adversity and judgment. The repetition of drug references, like “Percocets, molly, Percocets,” juxtaposed with the mantra “Chase a check, never chase a bitch,” underscores a relentless pursuit of wealth and success despite the potential for self-destruction. This track is more than an anthem; it’s a window into Future’s world, marked by both triumphs and trials.

8 High Demand

With lines like “Future high demand, I don’t walk on land, bitch, I don’t ever walk on land,” he asserts his elevated status, metaphorically floating above the rest, untouchable and in a realm of his own. The track is a testament to Future’s swagger, dripping with references to luxury, excess, and the inevitability of envy. Through it all, Future remains unapologetically fresh, showcasing his knack for catchy, braggadocious lines that are as much about his resilience as they are about his success.

9 Outta Time

With lines like “Gotta be in a rush, I can’t be runnin’ out of time,” he captures the urgency and the non-stop grind that defines his journey. This urgency is juxtaposed with luxurious imagery of Don Perignon, spaceships, and wrist on Jet Skis, showcasing the dual nature of his hustle—both as a struggle and a lavish victory. Future’s lyrical prowess shines as he navigates through themes of time’s relentless march, the high stakes of his environment, and the opulent rewards of his labor.

10 Scrape

The repetition of “Scrape it out the pot when I cook it” acts as a gritty mantra, emphasizing the relentless work ethic required in the dope game. Future doesn’t shy away from the darker, more dangerous sides of this life, mentioning, “Make me have to serve you with the hammer,” hinting at the violence that often accompanies such a lifestyle. Through vivid imagery and hard-hitting lines, Future navigates the listener through the highs and lows of hustling, underlining the ever-present theme of survival and resilience.

11 I’m so Groovy

12 Might as Well

It’s a tale woven with the threads of grinding hard, overcoming struggles, and finally basking in the glory of luxury and indulgence. The raw, unfiltered narrative captures the essence of a life that’s moved from hustling in the shadows to shining in the spotlight, threading a journey from selling crack “when Snoop dropped ‘Juice and Gin'” to now having “the stars on the ceiling.” It’s a celebration of resilience, a nod to the hustle, and an acknowledgement of the heavy toll it extracts, encapsulated by the line, “Living with the pink slip, now I’m ridin’ with the pink slip.” Future’s story is a testimony to the complexities of success, underlining that for those who’ve walked his path, indulgence isn’t just an option; it’s a hard-earned right.

13 Poppin’ Tags

A standout line, “I had on my ski mask in the mo’fuckin’ trenches,” bridges his luxurious present with his gritty past, highlighting the contrast between his former life and current success. This track is a celebration of material triumph, underpinned by Future’s unapologetic embrace of the luxury lifestyle, all while nodding to his roots with a mix of pride and defiance.

14 Massage In My Room

The track is a spectacle of excess, broadcasting Future’s triumphant dance over the trap beats with lines that read like a litany of luxuries and conquests. A standout line, “I hate if you love her, I’m gon’ fuck her,” reveals the cold, hard calculus of rap-game dominance and personal indulgence. Future doesn’t just flaunt wealth; he delves into the psyche of a man who equates material success with power and pleasure, touching on themes of betrayal and loyalty with a casual, chilling detachment. His world is one where loyalty is bought, and love is a commodity as disposable as the luxury goods and “twenty freaks” filling up his room.

15 Flip

The track bounces with confident energy, as Future raps about swapping out luxury cars, stashing drugs, and staying ahead in the game with a mix of street-wise savvy and sheer ambition. A standout line that encapsulates the essence of the song’s message is, “Then I flip, flip, flip, flip, game over,” illustrating how Future views his ability to constantly reinvent and stay on top as akin to flipping the script on the competition, declaring an unequivocal victory. The reference to keeping a “MAC on me like I’m Master P” not only nods to the legendary rapper’s influence but also to Future’s readiness and resilience in the face of any challenge.

16 When I Was Broke

The reflective tone of the track, underscored by lines like “I had to climb out the sewer / Know you looked down but I know where I’m goin'”, reveals a gritty, determined journey from rags to riches. Future lays bare the raw, unvarnished truth of his past struggles, emphasizing the steadfast support of his significant other amidst a life of trapping, uncertainties, and the constant grind for a better life. This song stands as an ode to unwavering loyalty, recognizing the silent strength in sticking by someone through thick and thin, especially when the chips are down.

17 Feds Did a Sweep

The haunting recollection, “Feds did a sweep, picked the dawgs up like an infant,” underscores the abrupt and invasive nature of these operations, likening the apprehended to the vulnerability of a newborn. Future doesn’t just rap; he narrates a chilling reality for many, where loyalty is tested, and the streets’ unforgiving nature takes its toll. Through his gritty storytelling, Future delivers a raw, unfiltered reflection on loyalty, sacrifice, and the harsh reality of street life, encapsulated in the powerful echo, “You goin’ viral for the family.”

18 Used to This

Features: Drake

Featuring Drake, the duo delivers an anthem of triumph and adaptation to a lifestyle of wealth and success, far removed from their humble beginnings. This track, layered over Zaytoven’s signature melodic trap beats, embodies the essence of celebrating victories while staying grounded. A standout line, “Beat the odds, do numbers and remain humble,” encapsulates the core message of the song—rising above challenges and staying true to oneself despite the fame and fortune. Future and Drake’s verses weave a narrative of embracing their new normal, from lavish possessions to the realization that their hard-earned success is here to stay, highlighting a journey of resilience and the sweet taste of making it against the odds.

19 Mask Off – Remix

Features: Kendrick Lamar

This remix with Kendrick Lamar has he and Future duel with verses that dissect the highs and lows of fame, addiction, and the quest for authenticity in a world plastered with facades. Kendrick’s verse is a lyrical masterclass, blending introspection with critique, as he questions, “How y’all let a conscious nigga go commercial while only makin’ conscious albums?” This line hits hard, challenging the industry and listeners alike to reevaluate their perceptions of success and the integrity of artist narratives amidst commercial pressures. The track’s haunting flute sample underscores a narrative of transformation and the unmasking of true self amidst a landscape filled with temptation and superficiality.

20 Extra Luv

Features: YG

The track flawlessly navigates through the glitz, glamour, and shallow relationships that are often mistaken for love in the fast-paced world of fame. With lines like “Lil mama fell in love with the lifestyle, Four bad bitches on a white couch,” it encapsulates the allure of materialism and the transient nature of relationships built on it. YG’s verse complements this narrative, focusing on the external perceptions of success and the reality of maintaining relationships amidst it. Essentially, the song scrutinizes the notion of ‘extra love’—a type of affection that’s sought after in the midst of opulence but is shallow and devoid of genuine emotion.

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