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Breaking down the Album ‘SremmLife 2’ by ‘Rae Sremmurd’

Released: 2016

Label: Mike WiLL Made-It

Featuring: Kodak Black, Gucci Mane, Juicy J, Lil Jon, Bobo Swae

There are few hip-hop duos that capture the unbridled spirit of party anthems quite like Rae Sremmurd. Consisting of real-life brothers Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi, this dynamic duo has elevated the party rap genre and ‘SremmLife 2’ is a testament to their unique flair. Released in 2016 under the expert production of Mike WiLL Made-It, the album sets the stage ablaze with tracks that mirror the thrill, excess, and occasionally, the introspection that comes with the world they inhabit. The album, featuring some of the hottest names in the industry, including Kodak Black, Gucci Mane, Juicy J, Lil Jon, and Bobo Swae, is a wild celebration of their journey from Mississippi to the glitzy nightlife of L.A and Atlanta. So let’s get into it. From ‘Start A Party’ to ‘Just Like Us,’ here we are breaking down the album ‘SremmLife 2’ by Rae Sremmurd.

1 Start A Party

Loaded with vivid imagery of lavish celebrations, the duo narrates a scene filled with beaucoup bitches, bottles on the counter, and a wild energy that’s palpable. A standout line, “Everything I touch turns gold,” not only encapsulates their Midas touch but also their confidence and success, mirroring the track’s vibrant, unstoppable vibe. This anthem is a bold declaration of their party-starting prowess, inviting everyone to dive into the frenzy.

2 Real Chill

Features: Kodak Black

Between boasts of smoking that “kill, kill” and the unstoppable flow of paper, they navigate the success and excesses with a cool detachment, setting the scene of a night where everything moves but nothing changes. A standout line that encapsulates the essence of the track is, “My homies the real deal (Real), We smokin’ that kill, kill.” It’s a bold declaration of authenticity and unapologetic enjoyment of the life they’ve earned.

3 By Chance

Rae Sremmurd throws it down with lines that mirror the opulent lifestyle, dripping in luxury and excess, epitomized by the repeated inquiry “Do you know one by chance?” which becomes a rhetorical motif for chance encounters with the symbols of wealth and pleasure. Amidst the glossy talk of Lamborghinis, tanned beauties, and Ziplocs full of kush, it’s Swae Lee’s declaration, “I blow lots of cash cause I won’t live forever,” that hits with the sobering reminder of the fleeting nature of this glittering world, invoking the seize-the-day mentality that underpins much of modern hip-hop’s dialogue with mortality and materialism.

4 Look Alive

The track, produced by the acclaimed Mike WiLL Made-It, showcases the duo’s ability to create a party starter that’s both smooth and energetic. With lyrics like “I’m a smooth criminal, Michael Jackson moonwalkin'”, they pay homage to legendary figures while emphasizing their unique flair. It captures the essence of living in the moment, encouraging listeners to let loose and celebrate life. The song’s infectious chorus, “Look alive, look alive / We can start with something light,” serves as an invitation to the good times, marking it as a standout track that encourages one to dive into the night with abandon.

5 Black Beatles

Features: Gucci Mane

It’s a tribute to living large and unapologetically, blending lavish lifestyles with the legendary status of The Beatles. “I’m a fuckin black Beatle, cream seats in the Regal / Rockin John Lennon lenses like to see ’em spread eagle” punches hard, encapsulating the essence of the song—a blend of iconic imagery with contemporary flexing. They navigate fame, wealth, and influence with a nod to the past while firmly planting feet in the present. The track’s hypnotic beat, paired with this standout line, cements “Black Beatles” as an anthem for those who dare to redefine genres and eras.

6 Shake It Fast

Features: Juicy J

Its lyrical content, straight to the point, celebrates the extravagance of spending cash in the club and the allure of confident women who know how to own the scene. A standout line that captures the song’s essence is, “Ball so hard that I need two courts,” reflecting not just the hedonistic vibe but also the duo’s ambition and success. The inclusion of Juicy J adds a layer of rap royalty, adding depth to the track’s narrative on living life at full throttle.

7 Set The Roof

Features: Lil Jon

Their repeated proclamation, “We set the roof on fire,” isn’t just a line—it’s a declaration of the unforgettable nights filled with unapologetic fun and chaos, embodying the spirit of letting loose and enjoying the moment to its fullest, making the mundane monumental.

8 Came A Long Way

With a vibe that’s both celebratory and reflective, the track embodies the hustle and the lavish lifestyle that comes as a reward. Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi ride the beat with a swagger that’s infectious, making it clear they’re relishing in their hard-earned success. A standout line, “Young nigga, I done came a long way,” serves as both the hook and the thesis statement, encapsulating the journey from their humble beginnings in Mississippi to living it up in LA and Atlanta, surrounded by the trappings of wealth. The song is an ode to keeping it real while enjoying the fruits of their grind, a theme that resonates with anyone hustling towards their dream.

9 Now That I Know

Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi juxtapose personal growth and the lure of hedonism as coping mechanisms, articulating a sense of betrayal and self-reflection. A stark admittance, “Of course I want to lie and say I don’t miss you,” cuts deep, exposing the raw vulnerability beneath their bravado. As they navigate the fallout, the track embodies the internal struggle between longing and liberation, marking their journey with a candid acknowledgment of their own flaws and the complexities of love.

10 Take It Or Leave It

With an offer on the table that’s as intoxicating as the lifestyle they lead, they paint a picture of a ride-or-die relationship amidst fame and frenzy. The song’s hook, “I spill the cup for you, take it or leave it,” epitomizes the all-or-nothing proposition of staying true in the whirlwind of success. At its core, it’s an anthem for those moments of vulnerability, making a plea for genuine connection over fleeting pleasures, proving that even amidst chaos, the heart’s calls can’t be ignored.

11 Do Yoga

Seamlessly blending the art of yoga with the nighttime high, it celebrates a carefree spirit amongst women who prioritize self-care and fun equally. A standout line, “Thinking ’bout the money when she doin’ yoga keep her motivated,” elevates the narrative, spotlighting motivation and hustle underpinning the zen-like exterior. It’s a toast to autonomy, leisure, and the pursuit of happiness, all wrapped in melodic vibes and catchy lyrics.

12 Over Here

Features: Bobo Swae

Through a series of vivid imagery and boisterous claims, the song paints a picture of a world where luxury and excess are the norms. One standout line encapsulates the essence of this lavish life: “I make it rain til she wet, I sign my name on her chest.” This line goes beyond the surface-level braggadocio to hint at the transformative power of fame and wealth in the rap game, where signature moments aren’t just autographs but imprints of success and influence.

13 Swang

It’s a celebration of youth, energy, and the audacity to embrace the moment, underscored by their distinctive fusion of trap rhythms and catchy hooks. A standout line, “When the money talks, what is there to say?”, encapsulates the ethos of the song – a rhetorical nod to the power and influence of wealth in shaping desires and dreams. This track serves up a dose of hedonism, tempered with the reality that, in the end, material possessions can’t follow to the grave.

14 Just Like Us

The track is a raw depiction of youth’s relentless pursuit of ecstasy and acknowledgment, encapsulated in the line, “We live for this shit, yeah, We truly do.” It echoes a universal craving for the spotlight and an existence free from the constraints of societal expectations, resonating with anyone who’s ever felt the exhilarating rush of being the center of attention amidst the chaos of the night.

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