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Breaking down the EP ‘HEATHENISM’ by ‘Meek Mill’

Released: 2024

Label: Dream Chaser Records

Featuring: Fivio Foreign, Future

Meek Mill has solidified his spot in rap game history as one of the most poignant voices from the streets. His trademark blend of confessional storytelling with in-your-face braggadocio shines through in his highly anticipated project, “HEATHENISM,” and there’s no question that this EP is an authentic embodiment of the ‘Meek Mill Experience’. His emotive verses speak truth to the realities of the streets, and his tales are as much about resilience and aspiration as they are about struggle and survival.

Released in 2024 under Dream Chaser Records, “HEATHENISM” is an EP that not only epitomizes the raw, visceral spirit of hip-hop, but also pays homage to the genre and its roots. The complexity and depth of the lyrics, paired with its unapologetically brash beats, is a showcase of Meek’s unwavering artistry. And the result is a body of work that’s powerful, poignant and pulsating with energy.

So let’s get into it. From ‘Came from the Bottom’ to ‘Giving Chanel,’ here we are breaking down the EP “HEATHENISM” by “Meek Mill”.

1 Came from the Bottom

With razor-sharp verses draped over hard-hitting beats, Meek narrates his journey from the trenches to the top echelons of hip-hop royalty, portraying a vivid picture of his determination and the loyalty that propelled him forward. A striking line that encapsulates the essence of his struggle is, “Was at the door while it rain and it pour / Now we jumpin’ out them things in Dior.” It highlights the stark contrast between his humble beginnings and his current lavish lifestyle, emphasizing the grit and grind it took to make it out. The song is an anthem for anyone hustling to turn their dreams into reality, reminding listeners of the potency of perseverance and the sweet victory of success that awaits.

2 Times Like This

With a standout line, “I seen money change niggas like four quarters in the fourth quarter,” Meek delivers a gut punch that encapsulates the transient loyalty in the streets and the industry. Through this track, he navigates the complexities of trust, betrayal, and the relentless pursuit of greatness amidst adversity. The lyrics serve as a manifesto for resilience, underscoring the necessity of having genuine people around during the trials and triumphs. Meek doesn’t just rap about his ascent from the bottom; he delves into the emotional toll of navigating fame, loss, and the relentless scrutiny that comes with being atop. “Times Like This” isn’t just a song; it’s a stark reflection on the cost of ambition and the value of authentic connections in a world that often seems devoid of both.

3 Whatever I Want

Features: Fivio Foreign

This track encapsulates the essence of asserting dominance, both in the streets and in personal endeavors, painting a vivid picture of a lifestyle where there’s no compromise on wants. A standout line, “Prayin’ to God, so I know I would make it, But I was committin’ sins while I was waitin’,” hits hard, reflecting the internal conflict and the duality of striving for success while wrestling with the moral complexities of the methods used to achieve it. It’s this raw, unapologetic honesty about the grind and the hustle, intertwined with reflections on faith and sin, that anchors the song, making it resonate with those who understand the depth of the struggle and the ambition to rise above it, whatever it takes.

4 Big Boy

Meek lays bare his rise from hardship to luxury, juxtaposing his generosity and the dangerous world he navigates. He references gifting his sister a platinum Amex and stepping on adversaries like “twelve stairs,” showcasing a lavish lifestyle earned from his roots. Lines like “Hundred rounds from out that chopper, this a big boy stick, yeah” emphasize the firepower and readiness for war in the face of challenges, embodying the track’s raw energy and Meek’s unyielding spirit. The song weaves a narrative of resilience, loyalty, and the complexities of newfound fame and fortune, underlined by a hard-hitting assertion of dominance in both the streets and the industry. “Big Boy” portrays a vivid image of Meek’s world, where success does not negate the struggle, and each triumph is a testament to his journey.

5 Giving Chanel

Features: Future

These artists, no strangers to the highs and lows of the game, weave through their experiences with the precision of a needle in a haystack, highlighting the dichotomy between opulence and the street hustle. A standout line, “I’m in a coupe, coupe, when I’m droppin’ the top off ’bout to hit off a cougar,” not only flaunts success but also subtly nods to the risks and rewards of their lifestyle choices. This line, among others, encapsulates the dual reality many in the game face – the allure of success and the ever-present shadow of consequence.

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