Fund Radio Promotion For Independent Artists
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How to Fund Radio Promotion for Independent Artists

In the world of independent artists and music, one of the most frustrating aspects is funding. Unlike those with a record deal or anything like that, you are more or less on your own when it comes to promotion.

Unless you pay for it out of your own pocket, or you really go the extra mile in terms of putting in the work to get noticed, funding a promotion opportunity is one of the hardest things that you can do.

This is doubly the case when it comes to the radio; one of the most effective yet expensive ways to promote yourself.

So, how can you go about successfully funding a radio promotion opportunity? Here are some suggestions of how you can get the cash together:


While not likely to succeed unless you have a strong local following, crowdfunding can be a good option for independent artists. People like to give others a chance in life, and showing that your music is of a high standard is more likely to get people to help you get the backing.

People always complain about the lack of quality on the radio, so if you can show them that what you offer is better, they might just decide to put their hands in their pocket and fund your ambitions.

Go niche

Instead of trying to fund the opportunity, earn one. Get in touch with independent radio, internet radio, alternative radio and various other forms of radio channel online and on the airwaves.

Send them your stuff and a good plea to make them consider whether or not you are worth the investment. Going for a niche radio station can get you enough of a following to keep earning you free return slots; eventually convincing a bigger radio station to give you a shot.

Set aside a percentage

So, you see radio as your primary form of advertising – that’s fine. To fund that, you need to get involved with setting aside a percentage. Take 5-15% of your earnings and put them away and keep doing this for every show and event that you take part in.

It’s going to help you build up an ever-growing fund that can be used to buy promotional materials and sweeteners that you can use to help get you on radio.

Touring and live shows

A good way to build up the money for a radio promotion event is a successful range of local tours – where all of your income for those tours will be put aside. Get someone to record the tours with you and to build up some kind of documentary-style background.

Doing this makes obvious sense; it can allow you to maximize your income and also have something a little extra to showcase that you have more to you than the average request.

With each of the above you can make a minor breakthrough in your radio promotion funding. The above are all actionable goals that are achievable, and if you see radio promotion as a major catalyst for your success it’s definitely worth investing time and effort into trying.

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