How Independent Artists Can Sell Their Music On Itunes
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How Independent Artists Can Sell their Music on iTunes

You may a few years ago that Dr. Dre recently became the richest hip hop artist in the world after Apple acquired Beats Electronics for US$3.2 billion. With this sale, Dre effectively cemented his legacy as the most successful hip-hop artist of all time.

With this kind of success hitting the industry, it’s no wonder that independent hip-hop artists all around the world are vying to get involved in the scene and make some money themselves, too.

Just like Dr. Dre, you can use Apple to start funding your talents and getting some finance back for all that hard work. As an artist, you’ve probably already signed up to SoundCloud and have a fairly constant social media stream where you try and get people to listen to, and then buy, your stuff.

It can work really well, sure, but using these kinds of methods as your sole advertising purpose might not be the most profitable way to live as hip-hop artist.

Instead, you should be looking into the power of iTunes. With the help of some useful systems out there, you can make it easier than ever before to get yourself onto the biggest active shopping store of music there is.

Now, you can move away from PayPal purchases after hours of tweeting and blogging, and get yourself noticed on a massive store that allows you to make money for years to come.

Not only can you boost your profile and get yourself heard and noticed thanks to the ease of which people can find you, if you are successful then the potential traffic that could be coming your way –and the sales – will be absolutely massive. To get started with releasing music on iTunes, you should look into two equally powerful pieces of kit.

Distribute your music with SongCast

SongCast has been around for a while now, and offers you a streamlined approach to getting your music onto iTunes – as well as other usful platforms like Amazon and Spotify. This is a paid for service, but it gives you access to easy uploading and marketing of your music across some of the finest online distribution channels – including iTunes.

The reason that using this service is useful is because they do all of the hard work for you by dealing with the rigid UPC codes that can stop people from getting themselves listed on iTunes in the first place.

It takes a couple of weeks due to the volume of requests iTunes receives, but you will be able to get all of your music online with the minimum of fuss.

Distribute your music with TuneCore

Much like SongCast, TuneCore gives you access to getting yourself online with iTunes. It makes distribution, management and marketing of your tracks on iTunes easier than ever before.

It’s probably the preferred method for using iTunes solely as it gives you more specific iTunes tools. If you want the other mediums that SongCast provides as well to get yourself extra business, though, then SongCast can be equally useful.

With roughly $7 per album t be made from each iTunes sale, you could find yourself making a tidy little profit in the future just from releasing your own music onto iTunes. 

Both tools are very useful and can give you an easy way to get by all of the work needed to release the music yourself, taking care of all of the difficult procedures that can leave most of us unable to get started.

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