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Meaning behind the Lyrics ‘Get into it (Yuh)’ by ‘Doja Cat’

The lyrics in “Get into It (Yuh)” by Doja Cat begins with exuberated confidence, sass, and a catchy call to get up and get moving, whatever your situation may be. The song is a vibrant celebration of self-expression and enjoyment, pushing listeners to embrace fun and flair without reservations.

The repetitive hook “Get into it, yuh” serves as a mantra, encouraging everyone to jump into whatever they’re doing with gusto. Whether you’re popping out with a truck, going to church, or even if “she ain’t got a butt,” the vibe is to go all in with what you’ve got.

Doja Cat’s lyrics are filled with contemporary pop culture references, like nodding to Ed Sheeran with the playful line “Call him Ed Sheeran, he in love with my body,” which adds a touch of humor while boasting about her allure.

Planet Her

The second verse amps up the bravado as Doja Cat invites listeners to “get into the drip like a piranha,” using the imagery of a piranha’s ferocity to illustrate the intensity with which she wants people to engage with her style and music. The name-drop of “Balenciaga” and mimicking Ariana Grande’s signature “yuh” further cement her place within the sphere of influential female artists.

In a standout moment, she pays homage to Nicki Minaj, thanking her and expressing love, acknowledging the influence Nicki has had on her career and the industry at large.

Overall, “Get into It (Yuh)” is a playful, energetic anthem that mixes themes of wealth, fashion, and self-assured femininity. Doja Cat’s lyrics exude a sense of empowerment and encourage listeners to celebrate life with the same level of enthusiasm and passion.

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