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Meaning of ‘Back 2x’ by ‘Benny The Butcher’ feat. Stove God Cooks

Released: 2022 • Features: Stove God Cooks

“Back 2x” is an assertive, braggadocio-filled anthem from Stove God Cooks and Benny The Butcher, two East Coast lyricists who know a thing or two about cooking up fire bars. This track showcases Cooks and Butcher’s personas as seasoned hustlers with an unapologetic love for wealth and authenticity. They unspool narratives laced with elements of street life and unadulterated ambition, eschewing any sense of complacency and underscoring their ruthless pursuit of rap dominance.

The first verse kicks off with Benny The Butcher’s solid declaration of his skill and dominion over the rap game. His moniker, “The Pyrex Man,” is a nod to the cooking utensil often used in illegal drug manufacturing, symbolizing his gritty upbringing and real street credentials. He’s standing his ground, asserting that his style is a fusion of modern rap and the rawness of the 90s rap icon 2Pac. Mid verse, as he talks about ‘Square packages’ and ‘StairMaster bricks’, he is alluding to his past involvement in narcotics business, highlighting the level of risk involved.

The second verse is but a extension of the unrepentant street swagger. Cooks comes in strong with a story about his rise from dealing drugs to achieving success in the rap world, simultaneously acknowledging the perils of his past life. When he mentions “Cooking cocaine in designer”, he’s painting a picture of an affluent lifestyle achieved through illicit means while ’17 ounces to 39′ and ‘big homie lay that shit up on the heat’ are indirect references to cooking and selling cocaine, using basketball references as a clever hide.

Benny The Butcher Back 2x (feat. Stove God Cooks)

The chorus ‘Back, back (go)’ is a raw, celebratory refrain that represents Stove God Cooks’ and Benny The Butcher’s triumphant return to the game. Their constant hustle, symbolized by ‘dropping it in the pot’ and ‘back, back’ symbolizes the cyclical nature of their pursuit for wealth and success. They’re boasting about their resilience and relentless hustle, making it clear to their listeners that they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

Throughout the track, Stove God Cooks and Benny The Butcher never shy from flaunting their wealth, success, and badassery. Their vivid storytelling, infused with insider references to the darker underworld aspects of their past, brings an edgy authenticity that resonates with their fans. “Back 2x” is an exemplary hip-hop anthem that exudes bravado, rebellion, and a never-back-down spirit. These artists clearly know their craft, they’re not just telling stories, they’re painting pictures of a life they’ve lived and continue to conquer.

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