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Meaning of the song lyrics ‘Me Too’ by ‘Kevin Gates’

“Me Too” by Kevin Gates serves as one of those audacious tracks that captures the unapologetic expression of sexual fantasies. It features a hypnotic flow over a bass-heavy beat, where Gates blurs the line between raunchy and tactual. The song delves into the provocative exchange of desires between Kevin and his partner, underlining mutual consent and carnal indulgence in their intimate escapades.

The hook sets the tempo with Gates belting out, ‘Heard you want a nigga that’s gon’ please you / Suck your toes, dick you down, please you.’ This verse can easily get twisted into objectifying territory, but the key component here is the dialogue. Gates isn’t imposing; he’s responding, reflecting his partner’s desires with an affirmative ‘me too,’ effectively creating an atmosphere of reciprocal sexual appetite.

‘She say, bae, I’m nasty, I say, me too / I like fucking you in public, she say, me too / She don’t like using no rubber, I say, me too / She wanna fuck me ’cause I’m thuggin’, I say, me too.’ These lines drive home the theme of mutual desire and shared relationship dynamics. When he says ‘She don’t like using no rubber,’ the ‘no rubber’ here translates to not using a condom, suggesting their intimacy is rooted in a deeper trust.

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Breaking down the phrase ‘She wanna fuck me ’cause I’m thuggin’,’ ‘thuggin’ has a multi-layered definition in hip-hop parlance. Depending on the context, it can denote aspects of a street lifestyle, a rebellious attitude, or unabashedly standing one’s ground in face of adversities. Here, Gates seems to suggest his raw, unfiltered attitude is a part of his appeal.

The lines ‘I’m up the strip, I could send you a Lyft /Stay loyal, I might get you a whip’ use the brand reference to Lyft to express his financial prowess and willingness to treat his woman right. He isn’t shy to shower her with luxuries, and loyalty is met with reciprocity. ‘Whip’ here serves as hip-hop lingo for a car.

Gates also vividly depicts their intimate exchanges with lines like ‘Grab her legs, throw ’em up in the sky / We both waking up in Dubai’ , suggesting an international, high-lifestyle flavor to their relationship. When he says ‘Bread Winner, we free enterprise,’ he gives a nod to his own record label, emphasizing both his economic independence and the boundless nature of their relationship.

In conclusion, Kevin Gates’ “Me Too” is a daring exploration of physical desire and mutual respect that emphasizes consent and reciprocity. It’s a brazen projection of Gates as a lover, one who doesn’t shy away from emotionally charged, grown-man talk, and weathers the turbulence of life with a ‘thuggin” grit, reverberating through his beats and bars.

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