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50 Cent Teases ‘Diddy Do It?’ Docuseries, Says It’ll Shatter Records

50 Cent’s dropping some serious heat on Diddy, y’all. He’s been hinting for months about a documentary called ‘Diddy Do It?’ and now he’s upped the ante with a new teaser and a promise that it’s gonna blow up.

Word is, this docuseries might dig into all those nasty accusations against the Bad Boy boss – rape, sexual assault, sex trafficking, the whole nine yards.

Fif ain’t holding back either. He dropped a poster-looking image for the documentary – “coming soon” with Diddy’s mugshot plastered all over it. We ain’t sure if it’s official or some fan-made hype, but 50’s riding the wave: “This is gonna break records when this drops. GLG GreenLightGang you know the vibes.”

50 Cent posted this teaser on his Insta

You know 50 ain’t one to miss an opportunity. Right after news dropped about the feds raiding Diddy’s spots in Miami and LA – part of that whole sex trafficking investigation – 50 was on social media clownin’ his old rival.

He posted screenshots of the news with captions like, “Damn they got the kids in cuffs,” and “Now it’s not Diddy do it, it’s Diddy done.”

Diddy’s lawyer fired back, calling it a “witch hunt” and “meritless accusations” but you know how it goes in this game.

This beef ain’t simmerin’ down anytime soon. 50’s teasin’ a bombshell docuseries, Diddy’s facing serious heat, and we all here for the fallout. And if anyone knows how to get publicity out of someone elses misfortune, it’s fitty!

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