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Rick Ross Claps Back: Dragging Drake’s Plastic Surgery After Diss

Drake thought he could throw a jab or two at Rick Ross? Nah, dude messed with the wrong one. Hours after Drake dropped that “Push Ups” track (which was mostly about Kendrick, let’s be real), Ross hit back with his own diss, “Champagne Moments.”

See, Drake decided to get petty in “Push Ups” ’cause Ross was ridin’ with Kendrick in that whole beef. Drake rapped some crap about Ross turning 50 and needing Drake to write his hits. Please.

Ross wastes zero time on “Champagne Moments“, but in the outro, he gets real. Uses a clip of Drake talking all sweet about Ross last year, then drops some truth bombs: Dude accuses Drake of having a nose job and dissing French Montana. Ouch.

Drake hopped on Instagram pretending to be all shocked, joking with his mom about his nose, but everyone knows Ross struck a nerve. Dude probably needs some more surgery after that burn.

Yet Drake throws some serious shade at Ross, saying he’s just salty about weight loss meds and performing at proms. Ouch. He even calls Ross a “nosey goof,” which is pretty tame for a rap beef.

Ross, man, he just won’t let it go and takes it further, posting side-by-side pics of Drake, trying to prove the nose job thing. He even calls Drake “BBL Drizzy” – that’s gotta sting.

This feud’s blown up way past the Kendrick and Cole drama. Ross and Drake used to be tight, so these personal insults are hitting hard. Who knows if Drake will retaliate with another diss, or if Ross is gonna keep pushing those buttons.

This whole thing started ages ago with Cole’s “big three” mention and Kendrick firing back. Cole clapped back with some insults, but then took it back (what a wuss). Now Ross is in the mix? This beef is a tangled mess, and who knows who’s jumpin’ in next.

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