Shante Broadus - Snoop Dogg's Wife
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About Snoop Dogg’s Wife Shante Broadus

Aight, let’s shine a light on the boss lady behind one of hip hop’s biggest legends, Snoop Dogg. We talkin’ about Shante Broadus, a ride-or-die queen who’s been holdin’ it down for decades – through Snoop’s rise to fame, the ups and downs of their marriage, and everything in between.

Shante and Snoop, they got that high school sweetheart love story. They been together since they were just kids at Long Beach Polytechnic High School, back when Snoop was still Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. From the jump, Shante was there, supportin’ his dreams and ridin’ shotgun as his career took off.

Photo of Snoop Dogg’s Wife – Shante Broadus

But make no mistake, Shante ain’t just Mrs. Dogg. This woman runs her own empire. She’s a savvy businesswoman, the founder of Boss Lady Entertainment, and a force to be reckoned with. She handles everything from Snoop’s business ventures to their family life – all while maintainin’ her own style and hustle.

Now, ain’t no relationship perfect, and Snoop and Shante have had their rough patches. They even filed for divorce back in the day. But through it all, their love weathered the storm. They worked on things, renewed their vows, and came out stronger than ever. Shante’s unwavering support and loyalty are what kept that bond tight.

Snoop, Shante and Children

Beyond business and family, Shante’s a philanthropist with a big heart for givin’ back to the community. Their family foundation, The Broadus Collection, does important work helpin’ youth and families in need. She’s got her hands in a little bit of everything, from producin’ TV shows to mentorin’ up-and-coming artists.

Shante Broadus is the real deal. She’s a wife, a mother, a boss lady, and a true partner to Snoop in every sense of the word. She’s held him down since the beginning, built a life of her own, and continues to inspire others with her strength and hustle. Ain’t nothin’ but respect for this hip hop queen.

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