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The Kendrick, Drake, and Future Beef: A Timeline

Yo, it’s been a minute since we had a real rap beef, but Kendrick just came at Drake’s neck – not with tweets or IG drama, but straight-up bars on Future and Metro Boomin’s new joint “We Don’t Trust You.” This ain’t no friendly competition, the gloves are off!

The Backstory

Kendrick and Drake got history, over ten years of tension. Early on, Drake was the bigger star, puttin’ Kendrick on his album and tour. But even then, there was friction – Kendrick was hungry and not about to play second fiddle. They dropped a bomb collab “Poetic Justice,” but the good vibes ended quick when Kendrick sent shots on Big Sean’s “Control,” callin’ out all the top dogs, Drake included.

Drake played it smooth in interviews, sayin’ Kendrick was dope but the verse was nothin’. A few months later, Kendrick doubles down on the BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher. Then, Drake hops on a remix to Future’s “Sh!t” and ends it talkin’ about “fck-nggas” switchin’ up. Shots fired.

A Decade of Diss Tracks and Cold War

The last ten years been subliminals and coded disses. Drake talkin’ ’bout ghostwriters, Kendrick hittin’ back about tour favors. Then you got Drake’s flow-jacking Kendrick’s cousin Baby Keem, and Kendrick’s “Element” – it’s been a whole chess match. Even a sports announcer once claimed one of ’em was ’bout to blow the whole thing up, but it got buried.

The Role of J. Cole

All the while, both Kendrick and Drake stay tight with J. Cole. They dream ’bout a collab album, Cole drops bars on Black Friday, that kind of thing. Cole and Drake go way back, real friendship there, even makin’ songs together, goin’ on tour. But in interviews, Drake says the next ten years is ’bout provIn’ who’s got the longest career – him, Kendrick, and Cole. Cole ain’t shyin’ away neither. On “Pipe Down,” he spits about folks sayin’ he’s runnin’ third behind Drake and Dot.

“Like That” Changes the Game

Now Kendrick drops a bomb on “Like That.” He disses the whole “Big Three” idea, sayin’ it’s just him at the top. Some say it could be shots at Cole too, talkin’ ’bout “n*ggas cliquin’ up.” But Cole’s been talkin’ that “best rapper” talk for a while, preppin’ his final album “The Fall Off.” Maybe Cole sees Kendrick’s new verse the same way: just competition, fuel for the fire.

Future and Metro Boomin Add Fuel

Don’t forget, this firestorm is on Future and Metro Boomin’s album. Metro’s got his own issues with Drake. Last year, he was salty ’bout losin’ awards to Drake and 21 Savage, tweeted about it, then backtracked. Still, when Metro unfollowed Drake before the album, that was a sign – sh*t was ’bout to get real. Metro brings the heat too, with a crazy Three 6 Mafia sample on “Like That” – he’s sendin’ a message, challengin’ Drake the same way Kendrick is.

Why Future?

So, why’d Future, who’s got a million collabs with Drake, let his album get hijacked for a beef? Could be they got problems too. They’ve clashed before – Future was mad about Drake not doin’ a video, allegedly got kicked off Drake’s tour. Plus, the album title “We Don’t Trust You” and Future’s verse hint at a shady frenemy. We ain’t got the full story yet, but Drake ain’t gonna ignore this diss, especially comin’ from a frequent collaborator.

The Bottom Line

All this beef is crazy hype, but don’t forget “We Don’t Trust You” is straight fire. Future’s back to his rawest form, and Metro’s production is insane. This album is already legendary, and the beef just adds to the drama. Hip hop thrives on this, and it looks like the summer’s ’bout to get real hot.

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