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21 Savage Songs That Go Hard

When the rap game first caught a glimpse of 21 Savage, he was blown up as the street-hardened lyricist from Atlanta, a city that’s been a focal point of hip-hop innovation. With each subsequent album, from his debut ‘Savage Mode’ with Metro Boomin to the contemplative resonance of ‘I Am > I Was,’ 21 has shown his evolution, both as a rapper and a storyteller. His artistry is most reflected in singles like “redrum” and “Glock In My Lap,” where his signature monotone flow breathes life into the streets’ harsh realities. Yet, 21 Savage isn’t all about the grit and grime. Songs like “ball w/o you” and “Rich Nigga Shit” reveal an artist capable of introspection and heartfelt storytelling. His collaboration with artists of caliber like Young Thug are testament to his wide-ranging musical prowess in the hip-hop community. So, let’s get into it. From ‘Savage Mode’ to ‘I Am > I Was’, here are the 21 Savage songs that go hard, ranked by fans.

1 redrum


Released: 2024

The title, “Murder” in reverse, telegraphs 21’s street-oriented narrative. His bars, “Redrum on that choppa, n*gga play I’mma pop ’em,” give voice to a life defined by harsh realities. Nodding to his vicious cycle of violence and power struggles, Savage lays out his worldview, where survival often means living by the gun – a chilling commentary on the social structures of his upbringing.

2 née-nah


Released: 2024

His candid storytelling carries the weight of experience, painting a stark picture of the realities faced in marginalized communities. This realness is what makes his music resonate with listeners, keen on authenticity in their hip hop.

3 Glock In My Lap


Released: 2020

The track, off his ‘Savage Mode II’ project with Metro Boomin, drenches listeners in a chilling narrative of survival and menace. Lyrically, Savage doesn’t disturb the cold tranquility, rapping about the necessity of armed caution in his world. The vivid and unflinching portrait of street life shows why 21 Savage is a critical voice in contemporary hip-hop, unafraid to expose the raw and unfiltered reality.

4 ball w/o you


Released: 2018

It’s a stark departure from his usual hard-hitting tracks, focusing poignantly on themes of trust and hurt instead. The lyrics “You was my rock, heavy metal/Now you ain’t shit to me” capture the emotional distance 21 Savage now feels from those who once meant the world to him, asserting the independence he’s found in their absence.

5 Runnin


Released: 2020

The Metro Boomin-produced track sees him spitting about his tumultuous past in Atlanta, with lyrics about a world of hustling, pain, and survival. His cold delivery mixed with vivid storytelling imprints a powerful image of grim reality that 21 has emerged out of, making “Runnin” one to be revered in his discography.

6 Rich Nigga Shit


Released: 2020

The lyrics revolve around their elevated lifestyle, filled with cash, cars and the finer things in life – an ostentatious display of success as they pay testimony to escaping the hard-knock life. This kind of song serves to propel the hustle dream, illustrating the stark contrast between the street life they once knew and the plush life they now live.

7 a lot


Released: 2018

Composed with a mellow beat and featuring J. Cole, the track questions the price of fame and fortune. With lyrics like, “How much money you got? (A lot) / How many problems you got? (A lot)”, 21 Savage illuminates the true cost of his successes, giving listeners a glimpse into the trials he’s endured to get where he’s at.

8 n.h.i.e.


Released: 2024

The track discloses the cutthroat world of the Eastside Atlanta streets he grew up in. His lyrical mastery is on full display as he maneuvers effortlessly between stories of his gang-affiliated past and the stark realities of his present. The track is a testament to 21 Savage’s growth and maturation as an artist.

9 all of me


Released: 2024

His storytelling prowess is showcased here as he pieces together vivid images from his past. The track illustrates his depth as an artist, proving that there’s more to him than just the ‘Savage’ exterior. It’s a significant departure from the braggadocious tracks; instead, it’s an introspective look into the man behind the mic.

10  prove it


Released: 2024

The lyrics reveal his struggle with trust and the emotional toll of proving himself in a world filled with doubt. It’s a stirring piece that echoes with the sentiment, “You say you love me, but I don’t know if you mean it / I gave you my heart, girl, don’t break it, just keep it.”

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