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Community driven hip-hop rankings, where we celebrate the artists that leave their mark, from the old school originators to the new wave innovators and let our fans rank their songs and albums against their peers.

Greatest Beat Switches Change Up Hip Hop Song Cover

The Best Beat Switches in a Hip Hop Song

A great beat switch in a rap song can be a magical thing. Think about the first time you listened to Jay-Z’s “A Million and One Questions” and Premo flipped the beat right on the line “Motherfuckers can’t…
Greatest Guest Rappers Of All Time Lil Wayne

The 15 Greatest Guest Rappers of All Time

Picking the greatest guest rappers of all time is a monumental task. Especially when you think of how many great rappers have kicked off their careers with a dope feature verse – whether it’s Nas in 1991, Nicki…
40 Greatest Rappers Of The 1990s Mos Def

The Best Rap Bars in Hip Hop History

What distinguishes a good rap bar from a great one? What elements elevate a rap bar to become one of the most memorable in hip hop’s rich history? As we travel through the depths of hip hop, we…
Ranking Nas First Week Album Sales Life Is Good

Every Nas Album Intro Song, Ranked

From the gritty streets of Queensbridge, Nas has always been a master storyteller, crafting narratives that captivate and provoke. One of the undeniable staples in his legendary arsenal is the power of his album intros. These tracks don’t…
100 Most Downloaded Hip Hop Mixtapes Of All Time Cover Lil Wayne

The Most Streamed Hip Hop Mixtapes of All Time

During the initial phase of hip hop, the genre was exclusively live, with its distribution occurring through tapes of parties and performances. The first hip hop mixtapes emerged in New York City in the mid-1970s, showcasing artists like…
50 Greatest Nas Beats Of All Time

The 50 Greatest Nas Beats Of All Time

Nas gets a tough rap when it comes to his choice of production. Over the years, he’s developed the reputation of picking uninspired, boring beats for his God-tier lyricism.