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Ranking the Top 10 Best Busta Rhymes Guest Verses of All Time

Busta Rhymes is one of the greatest rappers of all time , and over the past few decades, he has blessed us with some legendary guest verses.

His signature fast-paced flow and unhinged delivery have made him one of the most recognizable and respected rappers in the game. Over the course of his career, Busta has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, and has often shown up to dominate other rappers on their own tracks.

From Lil Wayne’s “Outro” to Craig Mack’s “Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)” and A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario,” here are the top 10 best Busta Rhymes guest verses of all time.

10. Raekwon ft. Busta Rhymes – “About Me”

Best Hip Hop Album Every Year Since 1986 Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Ii

Released: September 8, 2009

Album: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II

Producer: Mark Batson & Dr. Dre

Here comes the, a lethal presentation taking you places you never been
Deadlier than the combination of coke and heroin
I see the weakness in most of you niggas that be hollering
So I toned it down, so these words be piercing your lower obdomen
What I meant to say abdomen, keep on listening and following
While I'm ditecting a German, hateful niggas, chicks be swallowing
And if you look funny to me, and there's a problem then
I put you under an ultraviolet light or a halogen
As if I was busy deciphering counterfeit dollars and
Hoes in like some kind of Biblical figure, King Solomon
Hah, just for the record, what we do is essential
While I captivate the masses and keep the moments eventful
Doc Dre, Bust, Shallah Rae, see the vision?
Most you niggas still in disbelief, just came into fruition now
Pop the cork up off this bottle and you pour it
So euphoric, document this moment, shit is so historic

9. Lil Wayne ft. Bun B, Nas, Shyne & Busta Rhymes – “Outro”

Every Single Hip Hop Billboard Number One Album Since 1986 Tha Carter Iv

Released: August 29, 2011

Album: Tha Carter IV

Producer: Willy Will

They say I’m underrated, but un-compete-with-able
Hm... Understandable, being that my rating levels are unreachable
Anything said other than that should be silenced, unspeakable!
And the thought of you being nicer than me, unfeasible!
They ask is what I do ever gonna stop, this shit will never end
That’s when you hear a car crash in the vocal booth
Got 'em sayin' "There he goes again!"
See now, they nominated a nigga to come and flatten everything
Now let me dominate it, nigga run
And they be knowin' that I be blackin' on everything
And make it complicated like a nigga constipated with a gun
I gotta make it what they want and wake ‘em when I come
And shake 'em and bake 'em and take 'em to another place
Ain’t no fakin’, ain’t no kind of mistaking
How I be breakin' up everything
And be creating a s-s-s-situation when I'm done (Damn!)
You see I spit National Treasure, discography rich
And I done killed more cats than curiosity, snitch!
Most of you niggas sorry and owe apologies, quick
What the fuck you niggas still hangin' around here for, you apostrophe bitch?
Okay, now enough of that, see now I’m out the door
Tunechi, thanks for giving us a whole 'nother classic with "Tha Carter IV"

8. Mos Def ft. Busta Rhymes – “Do It Now”

100 Rappers Their Age Classic Album Mos Def

Released: October 12, 1999

Album: Black on Both Sides

Producer: Mr. Khaliyl

Yo, me and the Mighty Mos shine like a light post
Live nigga shit be straight fucking up the white folks
That's why they with it now, because niggas like me and you
We did it now, brought it to that level so they get it now
We graduated saturated the game now
Infatuated with the fame now, let me explain how
We doing this, at any time or any place ready willing and able
Let's get the dough secure the food on the table

7. Pharoahe Monch ft. Lady Luck, Redman, Method Man, Shaabam Shadeeq & Busta Rhymes – “Simon Says (Remix)”

50 Hardest Rap Songs Of All Time Pharoahe Monch Simon

Released: October 19, 1999

Album: Internal Affairs

Producer: Pharoahe Monch

Busta Rhymes is like Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Been thuggin', lovin' the way we flood jewels for nothin'
Lay it over, another ambush and take over
Yo, we don't only get money, we cut the coke and cook the shake over
You better guard your head right, especially if it's late at night
Or find your picture of your autopsy up on the website
Yo, if you ever violate my space
Fuck a fat lip, I'll leave you with a fucking fat face, nigga
Busta Rhymes the handsome, I'll hold you for ransom and some
Like the ghost of a haunted house, I'll forever live in a mansion
Bitches, snitches coming out and you know who's showing it
Like when the British civil servants pass secrets to the Soviets
Y'all niggas is seamless blends of seamless friends
Lip on about the results of a bunch of seamless ends
Colossal, me and my nigga Pharoahe Monch-o
The head honchos, getting this money like Leonardo (Do-do-do-do)
Enough substance in the roughness
Now watch it come around in an amazing large abundance
Now let me clear the smoke screen you blow, fiend
Live nigga shit that'll rebuild your whole self-esteem
Pledge allegiance to the flag of united live niggas of America
Let us control and own the fucking area
Wild in your whip until you crash the whole truck up
And if you know what's good for you, nigga
You better get the fuck up

6. Redman ft. Busta Rhymes – “Da Goodness”

50 Rappers Best Selling Albums Of All Time Redman

Released: January 12, 1999

Album: Doc’s da Name 2000

Producer: Redman

Yo, Pepé Le Pew, I ain't messin' wit you
Or stressin' your crew, your own niggas be testin' you too
Fuckin' wit you, makin' your bitch unbuckle her shoe
Watchin' this bitch while she already know what she wanna do
She follow me home, and on the way she swallow me bone
The Don Corleone, she wildin' all inside of my zone
C'mon bitch, let me creep you out, peepin' you out
Sneakin' you out, over to my crib, freakin' you out
Ever ready, now turn off the telly, turn off the celly
The way I be hittin' it got you sweatin', makin' you smelly
Shit funky like your mother with her stinkin' ass
Type of shit that'll have you aggie and ready to blast, woo
Baby, just hold a second and give me a chance
Let me go put my rubber on so that we really can dance
Now we huggin', you know we fuckin' until my nuts bust out
Cardiac arrest of the pussy and pass the fuck out

5. A Tribe Called Quest ft. Kid Hood & Leaders of the New School – “Scenario (Remix)”

50 Greatest Rap Posse Cuts Of All Time Scenario

Released: March 13, 1992

Album: The Love Movement

Producer: A Tribe Called Quest

Hey! What we gon' do (Dooo) in '92?
Even though we had fun (Fuuun) in '91
Wonderful my days, herb dream comin' down
Ponna ponna! New sound leavin' cracks in the ground
What's goin on, my man? Goddamn! And now my brain is hurtin'
Listen up — Busta, rhythm will hit 'em then I get 'em
Flip on 'em, shit on 'em, hit on 'em, then I will sit on 'em
Open up your mouth if you want the food
To get rude, Flipmode, 'cause I'm in the mood
Ah-heh, ah-heh! Yeah, man, that's how it goes
Body drippin' with blood comin' out your nose
Give me a Band-Aid, what are you askin' for?
(More!) Only your sacred and pure
Adverse, Zig-Zag, check it and the Busta new rap
Rap, Busta Rhymes, or bust this wicked rhymes
Yeah y'all, in '92, I'm packin' my roach spray (Anyway!)
Take a lick, Tribe Called Quest, Leaders of the New School
Mad brother when stealthy
To my dragon, baby, stop whinin'
I see my influence still shinin'
More crazy in '92, uh oh, time to go, yo
That's the Scenario!

4. M.O.P. ft. Remy Ma, Teflon & Busta Rhymes – “Ante Up (Remix)”

50 Best Hip Hop Remixes Of All Time Ante Up

Released: December 5, 2000

Album: The Mix Tape, Vol. IV

Producer: DR Period

Ante up, no cut that fool
They want to act stupid gun-butt that fool
When I cock that tool, nigga run your damn jewels
Fore we fuck around and lay you up in your own blood pool nigga
Hunt you down nigga, run your ass down
Unleash the hounds til them niggas'll gun your ass down, stop it
You fronting like this was a thing of the past
With tattoos over the scars a nigga left on your ass
My niggas think lopsided, bust they gat cross-sided
In the subways they rob trains running along-side it
See motherfucker we don't play with that shit
And if you want your shit back you had to pay for that shit
You little costume niggas, Romper-Room niggas
Get you in the night or early in the afternoon niggas
We taking your whole shit while we pass through
Even the shirt off your back, nigga run that too

3. Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne – “Look At Me Now”

Chris Brown Look At Me Now

Released: February 1, 2011

Album: F.A.M.E.

Producer: Free School, Diplo & Afrojack

'Cause I'm feelin' like I'm runnin'
And I'm feelin' like I gotta get away, get away, get away
Better know that I don't and I won't ever stop
'Cause you know I gotta win everyday-day (Go)
See, they really really wanna pop me (Blow)
Just know that you will never flop me (Oh)
And I know that I can be a little cocky (No)
You ain't never gonna stop me
Every time I come, a nigga gotta set it
Then I gotta go, and then I gotta get it (Woo)
Then I gotta blow, and then I gotta show that
Any little thing a nigga think that he be doin' (Ooh-ooh)
'Cause it doesn't matter, 'cause I'm gonna da-da-da-da (Damn)
Then I'm gonna murder everything and anything
A ba-da-boom, a ba-da-bing, I gotta do a lotta things
That make it clearer to a couple niggas
That I always win and then I gotta get it again and again and then again
And I be doin' it to death
And now I move a little foul, a nigga better call a ref'
And everybody know my style and niggas know that I'm the best
When it come to doin' this and I be bangin' on my chest
And I bang in the East and I'm bangin' in the West
And I come to give you more and I will never give you less
You will hear it in the street or you could read it in the press
Do you really wanna know what's next? (Let's go!)
See the way we on and then we all up in the race
And you know we gotta go, don't try to keep up with the pace
And we strugglin' and hustlin' and sendin' in and gettin'
And we always gotta do it, take it to another place
Gotta taste it, and I gotta grab it
And I gotta cut all through this traffic
Just to be at the top of the throne
Better know I gotta have it (Have it)

2. Craig Mack ft. Rampage, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Diddy & The Notorious B.I.G. – “Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)”

50 Greatest Rap Posse Cuts Of All Time Flava In Ya Ear Remix

Released: July 26, 1994

Album: N/A

Producer: Easy Mo Bee

Yo! Yo! Yo! Flavors in your ass crease, ha!
Busta Rhymes about to bring the noise, so cease, ha
Let me loose from the belly of the beast, ha
Hey, hey, hey! You better believe it's Busta Rhymes, the great
We 'bout to rip the Tri-State, yo, yo
Hey, hey, hey! I'll split your face and give you stitches
Throw niggas in ditches, slap the ass of fat bitches
Wait one sec, as I get down
I'm rolling with the heavyweight connect to the stomping ground
Now, don't you get suspicious, I grant your wishes every time (Ha)
Bring it vicious when I bust a rhyme (Word is bond)
I know one thing the whole world least expected
Is how we all connected (Ha) to break food on the same record
Five new flavors on beat, feel the fucking heat (Whoa)
I really think you should retreat while we blow up the street (Hey)
Instead of copping pleas, just freeze (Ha)
Maintain the focus while we smoke these marijuana trees
When I get down, I disappear, reappear
And blow up everywhere (Ha!), fucking with these flavors in ya ear

1. A Tribe Called Quest ft. Leaders of the New School – “Scenario”

Best Hip Hop Album Every Year Since 1986 Low End Theory

Released: March 24, 1992

Album: The Low End Theory

Producer: A Tribe Called Quest

Watch; as I combine all the juice from the mind
Heel up, wheel up, bring it back, come, rewind
Powerful impact (Boom!) from the cannon!
Not braggin', tryna read my mind, just imagine
Vo-cab-u-lary's necessary, when diggin' into my library
Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!
Eatin' Ital Stew like the one Peter Tosh
Unh! Unh! Unh! All over the track, man
Unh, pardon me, unh! As I come back!
As I did it, yo, I had to beg your pardon
When I travel through the town, I roll with the squadron
Rawr! Rawr! Like a dungeon dragon
Change your little drawers 'cause your pants are saggin'
Try to step to this, I will twist you in a turban
And have you smellin' rank like some old, stale urine
Chickity Choco, the chocolate chicken
The rear cock diesel, buttcheeks, they were kickin'
Yo, bust it out before the Busta bust another rhyme
The rhythm is in sync (Unh!), the rhymes are on time (Time!)
Rippin' up the sound just like Horatio
Observe the vibe and check out the scenario
Yeah, my man, mothafucka!
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