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Ranking the Top 10 Best Future Guest Verses of All Time

For a rapper who made his come-up off the strength of feature appearances like “Racks”, “Love Me” and “Bugatti,” Future also has a deep catalogue of great guest verses.

Over the years as he’s moved away from his status as the rap game hook king to becoming one of the most important and influential artist of his generation , the Atlanta legend has kept his ear to the streets by jumping on tracks with some of the hottest up-and-coming rappers.

From Meek Mill and Chance the Rapper to 42 Dugg and Lil Baby, here are the top 10 best Future guest verses of all time.

10. Jhené Aiko ft. Miguel & Future – “Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E.)”

Ranking Jhene Aiko First Week Album Sales Chil

Released: February 28, 2020

Album: Chilombo

Producer: The Fisticuffs

You like the way I wink at you?
I can't never have a hater bone inside my body (No)
I just like it better when my girl do her pilates (You see)
I wanna dress you up and have you fresher than a stylist (Ooh)
Think about any drama when your body traumatizing (Think about it)
You so caught up in the hype, you coulda easily been my wife (Ayy)
I see the way your friends look, they already thinkin' I'm sheisty (They jealous)
They misunderstood me when they say I'm Jesus Christ (Future)
I just want you to worship me, I like what I like (Oh-woah-woah)
I'll feed you to the wolves if you don't talk to me nice
They gon' try to crucify me (Oh-woah-woah)
They think we worship 'luminati (Gang)
I take my heart and I go hide it

9. Meek Mill ft. Future – “Jump Out the Face”

Every Single Hip Hop Billboard Number One Album Since 1986 Meek Ii

Released: June 29, 2015

Album: Dreams Worth More Than Money

Producer: Metro Boomin & Southside

I be so fly, just don't shoot my cape (Woo)
Went and bought me a safe and it came with a Wraith (Woo)
Got some new money, went, bought me a K (Yeah)
You see all them VV's jump out the face (The VV)
Put that dope in the trap and cook up me a cake (Strip club)
We fly to Cuba to fuck up some mula (Freebandz)
Pour up some pour up, my nigga we boolin' (Freebandz)
Young nigga pull up in Bentleys just boolin'
I'm taking your ho from you cause she was choosy (Skrrt)
I keep them shooters on deck, I approve it (Frrap)
Get me a truck of them things, I'll move it
VVS cuts on my wrist suicidal ('Cidal)
I stay lit up with that flawless on fire (On fire)
I spend it all with my niggas, let's get it (Let's get it)
Get out your feelings, young nigga let's get it
I got stars on my ceiling

8. Mike WiLL Made-It ft. Swae Lee & Future – “Drinks On Us”

Top 10 Best Future Guest Verses Of All Time Mike Will Ransom

Released: December 15, 2014

Album: Ransom

Producer: DJ Fu & Mike WiLL Made-It

Say my, say my, say my, say my name
Switchin' bitches and I'm switchin' lanes
When they call last shot for alcohol
I just wanna take my last drink
I just wanna sip some clean purple
Hit the car lot and just made a purchase
I just realized that I am a star
Cruisin' my coupe up the boulevard
None of my pictures are watermarked
Got more water than the waterboy
Avione draped me up nigga
Yellow bone suck my nuts, nigga
She think it's chocolate but she call me papi
Papi Chulo, I'ma get it poppin'
Got some red bottoms on a hotty thotty
Put them heels and them nipples in new Cavalli
I just came in like a kamikaze
I just walk 'round like a zombie, daddy
I don't like bein' in paddy wagons
So no remorse, I'm about the fetti
Had a few horses come by the telly
Eating each other, they get some credit
Got commas on commas, I'm really ready
I'm really 'bout to pour up on a jet
I would never mention niggas names
Tell niggas nigga never did exist
You niggas never ever been a threat
These niggas never get enough attention
I just put the bitch on punishment
I've been hangin' where the money been
I don't know what type of love is this
Can you tell me where my dogs at?
Put a hollow in your ball cap
What type of nigga you call that?
When I hang up on you, never call back
I'm a money counter, count my own money

7. Chance the Rapper ft. Future – “Smoke Break”

100 Most Streamed Hip Hop Albums Of All Time Chance

Released: May 13, 2016

Album: Coloring Book

Producer: Garren Sean

I don't have time to finesse
I put some ice on your neck
But I ain't holding you back
I spend my time on the road
Super ain't saving no hoes
I don't have time to patrol
Let me break these bales right down for a second
When it touch down, ooh
I got to lay back the roof
I got her breakin' the rules
She can't be taking no calls
When she involved with a boss
Please don't get lost in the sauce
Please don't get lost in the sauce
She been like this from the door
Told me her mom was a ho
I gave her Percs for herself
I give her Perc for esteem
I'm tryna crown me a queen
You hear the chains when they cling
I take that molly, it's clean
I push the whip with the wings
I gotta be overseas
I gotta be on the pedal
I push it down to the floor
I got designer galore
I keep some Goyard and 'gars
I smoke out all of my cars
You smell the weed in the air
You smell the smoke in the seats
You went and had our child
You didn't abandon the D
You got me twisted at least
You can

6. FKA twigs ft. Future – “holy terrain”

Top 10 Best Future Guest Verses Of All Time Fka

Released: September 9, 2019


Producer: Sounwave, Kenny Beats, Koreless, FKA twigs, Jack Antonoff & Skrillex

Throw loads of gold on you just to fall asleep, yeah
I hope you never take my love, yeah, in vain, yeah
Through the thunder, through the window, I see rain (I see rain)
Water the garden, play with snakes in Balmain (Oh yeah)
Makin' you fall apart, watch me drown in my pain (My pain)
I feed you poison, forever my lady (Oh baby)
Throw loads of gold on you just to fall asleep, babe (Fall asleep)
Pray for my sins, make me stronger where I'm weak, yeah (Pray for)
We die, we die together, the prophecy complete, yeah (Prophecy)
We gettin' high, we touch the sky until we deceased, yeah (Deceased)
And if you pray for me, I know you play for keeps, yeah (Play for keeps)
Calling my name, calling my name (Calling my name)
Taking the feeling of Promethazine away (Take it)

5. Lil Baby ft. Future – “Live Off My Closet”

Top Five Best Hip Hop Songs Each Year Since 1985 Lil Baby We Paid

Released: February 28, 2020

Album: My Turn

Producer: Priority Beats & Twysted Genius

Grippin' that rod and I'm breakin' that law (Yeah)
I got too much Givenchy in the closet (Yeah)
Count up the cash and I'm drowsy (Yeah)
And I got more oil than a Saudi (Yeah)
I don't know what made 'em doubt me (Yeah)
Made a hundred M's, shouldn't doubt me (Yeah)
I got the jeweler, the mula (Yeah)
I go to Jerusalem, they callin' me daddy (Yeah)
Pray to Young Pluto and kick it like judo (Yeah)
I'm flippin' this money the fastest (Yeah)
Bitches in love with the kid, really fuck with the kid, they gon' follow the protocol
Go out the country, smoke on the best bud, fuck on the best whores
Ain't no more regular diamonds
My shit coming with a passport
And ain't worried 'bout the card declinin' (Yeah)
I got three mil' in cash at the Waldorf (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I done went to New York to spend at Dior (Yeah)
I got the gas like BP (Pluto)
Throw the party when you see the opps, nigga
No clown shit, we send 'em six feet
I done spent millions in CC (What up?)
I done made millions with RiRi (Super)

4. 42 Dugg ft. Future – “Maybach”

Biggest Hip Hop Album First Week Sales Of 2021 42 Dugg

Released: May 21, 2021

Album: Free Dem Boyz

Producer: Yung Dee, G1, Chosen 1, DaBoyDame, G Koop

Tell Dess make me some noodles
Turn my young bitch to a shooter
Damn, I miss OG Double, taught me how to pimp and hustle
I go and hit a lick, you can go and ask Bubba
Big blocks, tote real choppers
Whole lotta shooters, you don't want no problems
R.I.P. Junebug, taught me in the broad day
Tryna pay this lawyer for my lil' ones, gon' be a cold case
Magic City, I'm the owner
Tell Steve Harvey I don't want her
One thing I never seen was a bitch that leave
Every time I crank the car, I don't use a key
Push-start, foreign whip
Two glizzies, extended clips
I don't go a day bein' sober
Pour a lotta dope in my soda
Magic City, I'm the owner
Tell Steve Harvey I don't want her
Sixes brown, tickin' bomb, sippin' Dom Pérignon
Big ridin', really, I'm a don
Made these bitches wait in line
I done came out the muddy
I done put the most white diamonds on the blackest hoes

3. The Weeknd ft. Future – “All I Know”

Ranking The Weeknd First Week Album Sales Starboy

Released: November 25, 2016

Album: Starboy

Producer: The Weeknd, Ben Billions & Cashmere Cat

S-s-sleep with one eye open
I'm terrified to get my heart broke
Blood talkin' like a Piru
Fuck with me, nigga, you gon' die slow (Gang)
Lamborghini make you Crip walk (Skrrt)
I'm smashin' off with my side ho
Full of these medicals, bitches, got several
She eat the dick up like it's an edible
Then I get back to my capital
I got the Glock on the passenger
I got these tropical fantasies
They gon' remember my legacy
Hang out the roof of the Ghost
The cash in my pocket spill right on the floor
The cash in my pocket spill out on the floor
When the cash overflow, let the cash overflow
I done fucked a bitch that bougie (Yeah)
Have you ever, ever fucked a bitch that bougie? (Oh-ooh)
I done fucked a bitch that bougie
I done, I done, I done fucked a bitch that bougie (Oh-ooh)
I done fucked a bitch conceited
I done fucked a few, few bitches conceited (Oh, yeah)
We just wanna say we did it
We just wanna say we did it (They say)
I know like you know
I keep that trigger beside me (Keep that trig')
I know like you know
You just another body (Oh)
I know like you know
I keep that trigger beside me (Keep that trig', oh, oh)
I know like you know
You just another body (Just another body)
Have you fucked a bitch this pretty?
Hit her on the first night and went and bought titties
Have you fucked a bitch this pretty?
Hit her on the first night and went and bought titties (Bought what?)
Niggas always sneak dissin'
We gon' continue fuckin' they bitches
I ain't just fuckin' that bitch
I been the one makin' love to that bitch

2. A$AP Rocky ft. Joe Fox, M.I.A. & Future – “Fine Whine”

Greatest Sophomore Rap Albums Of All Time Asap Rocky

Released: May 26, 2015


Producer: THC & S.I.K.

You the one that was putting up with me
You see how these streets corrupted me
I gotta conquer everything in front of me
Even though I broke your heart, how can you turn on me?
We with the shits on the real
I do this shit on the real, I like them drinks on the real
I fuck your bitch on the real
We do this shit on the real, keep it real on the real
I was just keeping it G, she don't spend money at first
Say you're in love with me, but I know it never gon' work
I come through, top back, hangin' out the Vert
Eyes screwed up, I'm drinkin' syrup
I know that look that you givin' me
It's killing you softly mentally

1. Travis Scott ft. Future & 2 Chainz – “3500”

Top 10 Best Future Guest Verses Of All Time Travis 3500

Released: June 8, 2015

Album: Rodeo

Producer: Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, Mike Dean, Mano, Allen Ritter

Smoke with me, drank with me, lean like I'm Clark
Copping a Wraith then I throw it in park
You niggas some marks and you ain't got no heart
I know lil' one gon' come with that A and that R
(Only trill niggas I know)
I know lil' one gon' come with that A and that R
I'm counting, I'm dripping, I'm fiending
I'm not from this planet, I was abandoned
Trill niggas, real niggas, popping them pill niggas
Stack up a mil', nigga like it's a lil' nigga
This for the one who gon' load up that K for me
This for the ones that ran off and didn't wait on me
This for the niggas ran off and didn't wait on me
This for you, bitch, you ran off and didn't wait on me
(Only trill niggas I know)
Hood nigga, fuck all that red carpet shit
Hood nigga, I fuck a red carpet bitch
I put a Rolls and a Royce on my wrist
You can smell promethazine when I piss
I pray to God he bring me Actavis
Ain't nobody triller than Metro, ain't nobody triller than Scooter
Hop on the private, I do it, take all the mollies, I do it
The Bentley put up with no mileage, I do it
These Styrofoams with me legitimate
I'm proudly downing these Percocets
We just want to be stoners lately, I've been on, on, on
This money an option, this weed is an option, this lean is an option
Your bitch is an option, her bitch is an option
I send them through auctions
You paying that price for that punani
This gold on my neck is a new Grammy
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