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Top 12 Best ‘Macklemore’ Songs & Collabs of All Time

A distinct voice in the vast soundscape of hip-hop, Macklemore, born Ben Haggerty, pushed sonic barriers and brought his own authentic brand to the forefront of the genre. From his early independent work like “The Language of My World” to his massive commercial breakout with “The Heist”, produced in collaboration with Ryan Lewis, Macklemore’s narrative-driven verses and ear for catchy hooks have awarded him a unique place in the genre.

The magic continued with their sophomore effort, “This Unruly Mess I’ve Made”, and the solo album “Gemini” showed his versatility, experimenting with different styles and big-name features. The songs within these albums showcase his lyrical prowess, his knack for storytelling, and that vibe that only he possesses. Whether it’s societal commentary on tracks like “Same Love”, party anthems like “Thrift Shop”, or introspective jams like “Starting Over”, it’s evident that Macklemore’s discography is layered with substance.

So let’s get into it. From sleeper hits to chart-topping sensations, here are the Top 21 Macklemore songs & collabs of all releases.

12. SORRY (feat. Livingston)

Showcasing a more introspective Macklemore, expressing remorse over past mistakes. He’s reminiscent, owning up to his shortcomings with lines like “I know I’ve caused you pain, caused us weather.” Livingston’s soulful hook adds an emotional layer, “I’m sorry” being a lamentation echoed throughout. It’s a powerful ballad, a lyrical mea culpa that reminds us, beneath all the fame, he’s still human, flawed and seeking redemption.

11. Next Year (feat. Windser)

It sees him using his lyrical chops to paint a picture of his struggles, but imbued with a sense of hopeful optimism. The repeated crux, “Next year’s gonna be better than this,” resonates with everyone recovering from setbacks, and reflects Macklemore’s signature blend of personal insights and broader commentary. His effort to live in the now and anticipate a brighter future echoes throughout the song.

10. MANIAC (feat. Windser)

Over a textured beat, he embraces his wild side, rapping about the unsanitized aspects of fame and the toll it takes on mental health. The strength of this track lies in its authenticity – he’s a ‘maniac,’ navigating the contradictions of his existence, resulting in a song that strikes a chord with listeners grappling with their own internal struggles.

9. CHANT (feat. Tones And I)

Alongside Tones And I’s robust vocals, Macklemore dispenses lyrics of self-affirmation and resilience, exalting the importance of maintaining one’s vibe despite life’s ups and downs. The catchy hook makes this song an anthem of self-relevation and perseverance within the sometimes chaotic world of hip-hop.

8. Marmalade (feat. Lil Yachty)

This isn’t about societal critique or introspection, it’s a fun, light-hearted joint with a catchy hook. With juicy lines like “All this car shoppin’ got me walkin’ out with two autos,” Macklemore is simply reveling in success and inviting listeners to ride shotgun.

7. And We Danced (feat. Ziggy Stardust)

The track is an unapologetic celebration of nightlife, fueled by his playful and cheeky lyrics. It’s all about cutting loose, dancing, and appreciating the moment. With lines like “And we danced and we cried, And we laughed and had a really, really, really good time,” the song captures a universal sentiment—a love for those unforgettable nights where inhibitions are dropped, and memories are made.

6. White Walls (feat. ScHoolboy Q & Hollis)

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis capture a sense of nostalgic freedom and youthful rebellion—driving around, not caring about the speed limit or mileage. ScHoolboy Q’s verse gives it an extra layer, adding grit and reality without compromising the track’s overall smooth and laid-back vibe.

5. NO BAD DAYS (feat. Collett)

The emcee’s reflective bars pour out gratitude for life, acknowledging that no day is wasted. The feel-good beat and Collett’s soaring vocals further elevate Macklemore’s affirming message to higher heights, resonating with the spirit of resilience in hip-hop.

4. Good Old Days (feat. Kesha)

The track’s lyrics reflect a deep yearning for simpler times, tapping into that universal feeling of looking back and realizing the ordinary days were in fact, the good ones. The refrain, “I wish somebody would have told me, babe / That someday, these will be the good old days” underscores this sentiment, exploring themes of fleeting time and the beauty of living in the moment.

3. Glorious (feat. Skylar Grey)

With Skylar Grey’s stirring hook riding shotgun, the Seattle native spits bars about weathering life’s storm and coming out on the other side, stronger and more determined. An anthem of resilience, “Glorious” carries the soul of hip-hop – the audacity to dream and the determination to turn it into reality.

2. Thrift Shop (feat. Wanz)

The track, featuring Wanz on the hook, was a viral success, with its catchy beat and cheeky lyrics that satirize the obsession with brand-name clothing. It’s a playful critique of consumer culture, cleverly packaged in a funky hip-hop jam.

1. Can’t Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton)

The undeniable Macklemore anthem representing a relentless pursuit of your dreams, no matter the challenges. The empowering lyrics evoke a sense of defiance and invincibility, metaphorically represented by the ceiling that can’t hold us down. Macklemore delves into his hustler mentality as he narrates the journey of an artist striving for success, one who shrugs off the constraints of societal norms and shatters barriers. Packed with references to his humble beginnings, the song embodies his independent spirit, reinforcing his resolve to chase dreams since fourteen. He boldly addresses the music industry, unmoved by commercial labels while being backed by the power of the people. The lyrics also convey the importance of giving back to the community, grounding the song in humility, perseverance and gratitude. At its core, it’s an electrifying call to seize the moment, a tribute to resilience that resonates universally.

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