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Top 25 Best ‘Migos’ Songs of All Time

When it comes to the hip-hop zeitgeist, the prolific Migos crew has been at the helm, pulling the strings of modern rap with their instantly recognizable flows and contagious ad-libs. The Atlanta trio, composed of Quavo, Offset and Takeoff, have been commandeering the airwaves since they burst onto the scene with their debut studio album “Yung Rich Nation” in 2015, only cementing their place in hip-hop history with each subsequent release.

Unflinching in their artistic vision, the Migos have remained steadfast in their exploration of lavish lifestyles, crafting anthems that drip with eloquence and energy. Whether it’s their pioneering trap vibes on “Culture” or their evolution in “Culture II” and most recently, “Culture III,” these Southern kings have consistently redefined the rap game, one bar at a time. Their tune versatility is evident when you juxtapose the opulence of “Versace” against the raw hunger of “Racks 2 Skinny.”

From the seductively alluring “Kelly Price” featuring Travis Scott to the punchy “Stir Fry,” their music captures the pulse of the streets while flirting with mainstream appeal. So let’s get into it. From the peak of their infectious melodics to the depth of their hard-hitting bangers, here are the Top 25 Best Migos songs of all time.

25. Malibu (feat. Polo G)

This track, off their 2021 album “Culture III”, bathes in the bling-bling era of hip-hop. The lyrics are an ode to the extravagant Malibu lifestyle which the trio – Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff have achieved. Polo G’s guest verse adds a satisfying contrast to Migos’ dazzling portrayal of wealth, as he reflects on his humble beginnings back in North Chicago.

The lyrics interweave the artists’ unique experiences with their love for pricy, high-end fashion. They’ve traded “scared of the dogcatcher” for “Patek on water (Water), pockets, I got ’em filled up with water (Filled up).” Between foreign cars, diamond rings, exotic vacations, and designer couture, it’s clear that Migos and Polo G have truly made it. Their lyrics provide a snapshot of the lux life that’s a far cry from the circumstances they once knew. It’s a classic rags-to-riches narrative, told with the bravado and flair that only Migos can deliver.

24. Antisocial (feat. Juice WRLD)

This track sees the much-awaited collaboration with the late rap prodigy Juice WRLD, whose contributions from beyond put a melancholic spin on the opulent Migos brand. The lyrical themes revolve around the isolating aspects of fame and wealth, uncovering the darker side of the glittering rap lifestyle. Juice WRLD’s chorus, “Don’t stand too close, heart’s antisocial,” echoes the emptiness that often lurks behind the walls of gold-plated mansions.

Migos’ incisive verses blend tales of street survival with their current high-rolling status. The chorus strikes like a confession, a moment of intimate revelation amidst the typically brash, boastful bars. It’s a reminder that even the wealthy and famous grapple with inner demons. Introspective and piercing, “Antisocial” offers listeners a poignant peek into the hearts cloaked in diamond-studded armor, revealing a relatable human struggle underneath the opulence. It’s a testament to the collective ability of Migos to present themes of wealth, fame, and success with a thoughtful aftertaste, adding more depth to their luxurious sonic tapestry.

23. Versace (Remix)

The song opens with Quavo’s now-iconic chant “Versace, Versace, Medusa head on me like I’m ‘Luminati”, a clever allusion to the iconic luxury fashion brand as a symbol of their ascension in the hip-hop game.

As the track unfolds, Migos make their ambitions clearer, painting vivid pictures of a lavish lifestyle, amplified by their unique triplet flow and palpable earnest swagger. The hook is simplistic yet catchy, a distinct contrast to their rapid-fire verses which are filled with intricate wordplay, showcasing their lyrical prowess. Drake’s verse echoes the theme, cementing the track’s status by offering his own tales of opulence and fame.

“Versace (Remix)” is a celebration of extravagant living and a declaration of Migos’ arrival in the rap elite. It’s a song that threw them into the mainstream spotlight, and represents a defining moment in their career. Rooted in the culture of aspiration and materialism of its time, it remains a perennial trap anthem, encapsulating Migos’ signature style and audacious spirit.

22. Deadz (feat. 2 Chainz)

Blessed with a feature from 2 Chainz, this track is a gleaming product of southern hip-hop. The lyrics are a testament to the power of money, with the phrase “Bring out the deadz” symbolizing the stacks of cash that are often flaunted in the music industry. Straight off the bat, the song touches on the cold hard reality of how money rules the world.

Each Migos member delivers their verse with an infectious energy, masterfully utilizing their signature flow over a hauntingly melodic choir sample. They delve into their experiences of moving from rags to riches and the new challenges that it brings. 2 Chainz brings his veteran experience into the mix, with a smooth yet gritty verse that perfectly complements the song’s sumptuous aesthetic.

While “Deadz” perpetuates the hip-hop stereotype of money and opulence, it does so with a dose of self-awareness, reminding listeners of the relentless chase that encompasses this lifestyle. The song unravels as a play-by-play commentary on the weight that money holds within the industry, the struggles it brings, and the thirst it creates, all delivered with Migos’ distinctive flair.

21. Taco Tuesday

Launched in 2020 amidst their quarantine mixtape, the song explores their lavish lifestyles with a nod to the popular food-themed weekday. The lyrics, much like the title, are lighthearted and entertaining. With references to LeBron James’ infamous “It’s Taco Tuesday!” catchphrase, Migos cleverly ties in cultural sentiments and their culinary preferences, with a nice sprinkle of their usual tropes of money, luxury, and women. Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff trade verses on this upbeat track, further cementing their status as hip-hop’s most relatable trio.

The lyrics narrate the trio’s opulent Tuesday routine, where they enjoy feasting on tacos while entertaining a bevy of beauties, underpinned by a jovial vibe that doesn’t take itself too seriously. They’re eating Spanish cheese (no queso) and courting Spanish chicas, creating a vibe of indulgence and decadence with a humorously literal interpretation of ‘Taco Tuesday’. It’s a light offering from Migos that serves to highlight their shared sense of humor and knack for creating earworms out of the ordinary.

20. Avalanche

The track sees Quavo, Offset and Takeoff delivering rapid-fire verses over a classic funk sample, showcasing their signature southern trap sound. The lyrics of the song paint a vivid picture of their rise to the top, comparing their success to an avalanche, unstoppable and powerful. The Atlanta trio flex about their luxury lifestyle and wealth, accumulated from their success in the rap game. Lines like “I’m too rich to put my hands in stuff” and “In the trap hang in places that you can’t go” boast their elevated status and the dangerous upbringing they survived. The song is a testament to the group’s prowess and persistence, while demonstrating their skill for flipping classic beats into contemporary trap anthems.

19. BBO (Bad Bitches Only)

This time, they team up with the Yeezus himself, Kanye West for the production, adding an extra layer of prestige to the banger.

Lyrically, the song falls right in line with the prevailing theme found in much of Migos’ work. Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff take turns boasting about their extravagant lifestyle, their affluent status, and their picky taste for women. A chorus repeating “BBO, BBO, BBO, BBO (Bad Bitches Only, Bad Bitches Only)” serves as a hook and an assertion of the song’s main theme.

While the track doesn’t stray far from the group’s central ethos, “BBO (Bad Bitches Only)” stands as an embodiment of the Migos’ appeal – a heavy, bass-driven beat, hypnotic ad-libs, and a confident, braggadocious delivery that evokes an image of pure, unapologetic extravagance. It might not be a lyrical masterpiece, but then again, Migos have always shined in their ability to create infectious, high-energy anthems that sound just right when blasted at full volume.

18. Get Right Witcha

The song, produced by Murda Beatz, encapsulates the trio’s signature flash and flair. As the title implies, it’s a call to get things straight, a sentiment equally applicable to their personal relations as it is to their ascendant career trajectories. The song is a testament to Migos’ evolution, shattering the notion that they are mere trap rappers, by delving into nuanced territories.

Lyrically, the hook, laid down by Quavo, sees him asking for some time – a brief pause to ‘get right’ before he addresses a matter. Offset and Takeoff complement this with their verses, showcasing their distinctive flows. They lay their cards on the table, asserting their position in the game, their wealth, their women, all while distancing themselves from potential threats and fakes. The lyrics promote their brand of authenticity and tenacity, unapologetic hedonism coupled with unwavering focus on the hustle – a perfect microcosm of the Migos’ ethos. With “Get Right Witcha”, Migos doesn’t just set the bar high, they redefine its position.

17. Straightenin

The song, which arrived as the lead single from their highly-anticipated album “Culture III,” serves as a reminder of Migos’ indelible impact on the trap genre and the culture of hip-hop at large. The lyrics display the group’s tenacity, grit, and unabating hunger for respect in the game.

The high-energy track begins with Quavo asserting, “Stop with the madness, we straighten it,” embodying the sentiment that Migos isn’t going anywhere, rebuking any rumors of their decline. Then, Offset enters with his verse, spitting intricate rhymes about their street credentials and the group’s solidarity. Takeoff concludes the sonic rally with a confident verse that hammers home the essence of the track—rapping about overcoming obstacles, staying on top, and overcoming doubters. The message is clear: they’ve endured the churn of the industry and emerged unscathed, solidifying their iconic standing in the rap game.

The catchy hook accompanied by the lively production make “Straightenin'” a definitive anthem for Migos’ fans and a testament to the trio’s enduring influence and relevance in hip-hop.

16. Danger (with Migos & Marshmello)

Quavo hits the hook with his signature autotuned voice, hypnotically repeating “Danger, danger, I don’t fit in, I’m a stranger” — a nod to Migos’ outlier status in the industry and the intrusions they face.

Offset dives in with a verse, cleverly playing with words and weaving threats to his doubters, while Takeoff rounds up the track with his rapid-fire delivery, adding to the urgency of the track.

“Danger” shines as a meeting point between hip-hop and EDM, demonstrating Migos’ ability to tackle diverse beats and still deliver a banger. Distinct, yet paradoxically familiar, it’s a track that leaves a mark with its thumping bass, catchy hook, and of course, Migos’ undeniable charisma in full effect.

15. Open It Up

The song is an ode to their hard-fought journey, from their humble beginnings in Atlanta to their meteoric rise in the hip-hop echelon.

Lyrically, “Open It Up” metaphorically speaks of opening up doors — a nod to their breakthrough in the hip-hop industry and the lifestyle changes that ensued. The recurring chorus by Quavo, “Open it up, let it out, let it out, open it up”, isn’t just about their wildly luxurious lifestyle; it reflects on their personal journey of breaking through constraints, celebrating their successes and ‘opening up’ to new opportunities.

The verses by Offset and Takeoff reaffirm their individual places in the rap game, while commemorating the struggles they’ve overcome. They expertly weave tales of their wealth, fame, and lavish lifestyle – the result of their grind, maintaining their signature style of balancing brag-rap with introspection. All in all, “Open It Up” solidifies Migos’ position as the trailblazers of the trap genre, embodying their motto, “We the biggest group in the game. That’s period.”

14. Having Our Way (feat. Drake)

This track sees the Atlanta trio linking up with the 6 God himself, Drake, for another collaborative banger, following their earlier joints like “Walk It Talk It” and “Versace (Remix)”.

The song kicks off with Drake confidently laying down two verses where he outlines his elevated lifestyle and touches on his past relationships–classic Drizzy, spilling some tea while flexing. He passes the baton to Quavo who takes the third verse, reminding the listeners of his steady grind, his unwavering hustle, and unapologetic opulence.

Offset steps in next with his signature flow, his scene-stealing verse embodying the braggadocious spirit of the track. Speak of lavish possessions or unabashed flexing, Offset got it covered. Takeoff closes out the track on a high note, flaunting his riches and solidifying Migos’ place in the hip-hop hierarchy.

Held together by a catchy hook and a hypnotic beat, “Having Our Way” is yet another testament to Migos’ and Drake’s unassailable stature in the rap game, a celebratory anthem of their hard-earned success. Through the song, they are essentially ‘having their way’ with the genre, and it’s hard not to take notice.

13. Kelly Price (feat. Travis Scott)

Named after R&B singer Kelly Price, the song metaphorically maps out the effects of a love affair with the high life, symbolized by priceless diamonds, exotic cars, and late-night partying.

Quavo’s verse sets the opulent narrative as he rhymes about cash stacks and the addictive allure of fame. Takeoff then takes over, his flow mirroring his relentless pursuit of riches. Offset enters with a stark verse about the cost of success, mingling regret with defiant triumph. The cherry on top, Travis Scott, paints the sonic picture wider, his voice floating on the high-hats and echoing the melancholy beneath the glitz.

Lyrically, the song doesn’t shy away from addressing the trio’s complex relationship with wealth and fame. The opulence teeters on the edge of excess, and the partying is a mask for the isolation that often accompanies fame. Through its narrative, “Kelly Price” offers a glimpse into the paradoxical world of hip-hop stardom.

12. Handsome And Wealthy

Released as part of their mixtape “No Label II,” this song bristles with the energy and confidence of a group that knows they’ve made it big. It’s an infectious anthem that boasts about the privileges and difficulties of becoming successful, and it showcases Migos’ knack for crafting catchy hooks and delivering kinetic, high-energy verses.

Lyrically, the song is a direct, unabashed celebration of the luxury lifestyle, and a reflection on their rags-to-riches journey. The chorus is a direct query – “Is it cause a n***a handsome and wealthy?”, pondering whether their fame and wealth have led to the abundance of women and envy they now experience. The verses are filled with vivid imagery of the opulence and excess that’s now an everyday reality for them – from trading poverty for mink coats, to designer clothes and the finest jewelry, all the way to champagne and high rollers.

All in all, “Handsome And Wealthy” serves as both a proclamation of Migos’ success, and a reflection on the flip sides that come with fame – a playful but sincere examination of the costs and rewards of hip-hop stardom.

11. Notice Me

This track offers a look at the reflective side of Migos, who are normally known for their high-energy, braggadocio-laden bops.

The song delves into the paradoxes of fame and success. The lyrics punctuate the feeling of isolation often hidden behind the glittery façade of the hip-hop lifestyle. Quavo opens up the track by taking the listener on a journey from his humble beginnings to his current stardom, voicing his struggle to hold on to genuine relationships amidst the frenzy of fame. Each member follows suit, with Offset expressing his desires for real love in a lonely world of superficiality, and Takeoff offering a nostalgic look back at his past struggles.

Post Malone’s hook adds a poignant touch, lamenting the bitter truth of fame – when you’re on top, everyone notices your shine, but at what cost? Overall, “Notice Me” is a reflective ballad that offers a deeper, more thoughtful perspective from Migos, showing that there’s depth beneath their flashy veneer.

10. Fight Night

The track lures you in with a catchy, hypnotizing hook that’s a testament to Migos’ collective lyrical prowess and innovative flow.

The lyrics aren’t shy about celebrating the finer things in life, from flash cars and piles of cash, to lavish parties and attractive women. But what sets “Fight Night” apart is the group’s charismatic delivery – each verse captures the confident, triumphant energy that encapsulates the youthful exuberance of their success.

Offset kicks off the track with a swagger, Quavo brings his signature drawl to the hook, while Takeoff closes the track with acrobatic verbal pyrotechnics. The cuts between verses sync perfectly with the grinding beat, creating an immersive soundtrack that echoes the thrill of a boxing match – hence the aptly titled ‘Fight Night’.

Ultimately, “Fight Night” is more than a bragging-rights anthem – it’s a testament to Migos’ unique contribution to trap music, with their playful metaphors, catchy hooks, and undeniably infectious energy.

9. T-Shirt

The song’s title references the white T-shirts popular in street culture, serving as a nod to their humble beginnings and a symbol of their rise in the hip-hop game. It’s a boastful track, filled to the brim with braggadocios lyrics and infectious ad-libs that capture the Migos’ personality at its most charismatic.

The lyrics strike a balance between referencing their wealth and remembering their struggles. Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset reminisce about the days of cooking dope in a crockpot and the risks they took to make ends meet, while also expressing pride in the opulent lifestyle they now enjoy. They’re not shy about showcasing their success, referencing luxury brands, high-end cars, and extravagant jewelry. Moreover, Migos also use this track to reassert their dominance in the rap scene, proclaiming that they’re leading the new wave of rap.

All in all, “T-Shirt” is a triumphant anthem of overcoming adversity and enjoying the fruits of success. It’s an embodiment of the Migos’ come-up tale, from hustling on the streets to becoming one of hip-hop’s most successful and influential groups.

8. Slippery (feat. Gucci Mane)

Featuring a verse from Gucci Mane – a southern trap legend in his own right – this track encapsulates the lavish, flamboyant lifestyles that Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff have come to experience as a result of their stratospheric rise to fame.

The song kicks off with a melodious hook that talks about the “slippery” nature of their diamond-encrusted accessories, hinting at the overall theme of fame’s elusiveness. Each Migo then takes a turn detailing their personal narratives of success, painting vivid pictures of the luxurious cars, expensive jewellery, and exclusive parties that make up their everyday realities.

Gucci Mane seals the track with his casual, effortless flow and a verse that boasts of the street cred and material gain amassed over his accomplished career. Thematically, the song underscores the transitory nature of fame and fortune, yet revels in the unabashed enjoyment of riches and rewards that come with hip-hop stardom.

With its catchy hook, clever wordplay, and infectious beat, “Slippery” is more than just a showcase of affluence – it’s an anthem that celebrates the triumphs of three boys from Georgia making it big in the rap game.

7. Narcos

The track is a nod to the Netflix series of the same name and the notorious lifestyle of Pablo Escobar, effortlessly blending hip-hop with Latin flare.

The lyrics of “Narcos” see Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff painting a vivid picture of their luxurious lifestyle, filled with expensive cars, mansions, women and jewelry, drawing parallels between their success in the music industry and the opulent lives of infamous drug barons. The chorus, “This real rap, no mumble”, serves as a proclamation of their dedication to their craft, distinguishing their lyrical abilities from other sub-genres within hip-hop.

The verses are loaded with references to their Atlanta roots, the culture of excess, their rise to success, and the struggles they’ve faced along the way. It’s within these verses that the parallels between their lives and that of a ‘narcos’ gain depth, adding a layer of reality to the flashy lifestyle they portray.

Overall, “Narcos” affirms Migos’ place in the rap game while merging cultures through its trap-meets-reggaeton beat; it’s a celebration of their success, draped in the allure of infamy.

6. MotorSport

The song, the first single off their album “Culture II”, speeds off the gate with revved-up verses from Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff, each delivering their lines with the urgency and aggression of a turbo-charged engine.

The lyrics are crammed with references to fast cars and the luxurious, celebrity lifestyle that comes with their elevated status in the game. They swerve through braggadocio and swagger, boasting about their wealth, their prowess, and their influence in the hip-hop world. They liken themselves to the speed, power, and prestige of top-tier sports cars, making it clear they’re in a lane of their own.

But what makes “MotorSport” a standout is the inclusion of Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. Their verses add to the song’s high-speed energy and competitive undertones. They echo the themes of wealth, luxury, and success, but also assert their position as formidable women in a male-dominated field, bumping up the octane levels and proving that they can roll with the big boys in this high-stakes race.

5. Need It

The song’s lyrics, delivered over a trap-heavy beat produced by Buddah Bless, tell a tale of living life on the edge, balancing the glamour of fame with the dangers of the streets.

The Migos members each deliver a verse presenting their intertwining narratives of wealth and danger, demonstrating a necessary preparedness to defend what’s theirs at any moment, emphasizing the mantra “need it”. YoungBoy Never Broke Again holds his own, with a fiery verse reflecting on his own experiences navigating the intersections of fame and street life.

The chorus echoes this sentiment with its catchy hook: “Fill the whole house with racks and I did that, I need it.” It’s a constant reminder of the hunger for success that fuels their journey, but also the struggle they face constantly. Overall, “Need It” underscores the harsh realities the rappers endure, turning challenges into captivating lyrical content that resonates with fans.

4. Stir Fry

The Pharrell-produced track is a sonic shift for the ATLiens that thrusts them under the neon lights of the Far East, lacing the trademark Migos flow over a vibrant, sticky beat that resembles kung-fu movie scores. The song proudly sits as the oddball in the group’s discography, further cementing their willingness to tread unconventional musical pathways.

Lyrically, “Stir Fry” finds Migos boasting about their wealth and extravagant lifestyle while using culinary metaphors. The stirring of a stir-fry becomes a symbol for the trio’s hustle in the music industry – cooking up hot tracks in the studio. Their luxury lifestyle is showcased through designer brands, stacks of money, and premium liquors, while the clandestine, dangerous nature of their past lives is hinted at with references to keeping a low profile and watching out for the opposition. In essence, “Stir Fry” is a delicious homage to their journey from street hustlers to celebrated artists, served fresh with a side of opulence and swag.

3. Need It (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again)

It throws light on the relentless pursuit of success and the constant vigilance that comes with the territory. The track sets a fast-paced tone, with a distinctive, trap-laced beat that’s practically a signature for Migos. It simultaneously highlights the glamour of fame alongside the harsh realities and risks of street life.

The 2020 track sees Migos holding it down with their flawless verses, each member offering a distinct narration of wealth, danger, and the preparedness to protect what’s theirs. The lyrics are embedded with themes of survival and ambition, resonating with the phrase “need it”, emanating a hunger to maintain their stature.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again flexes his rap skills with a robust verse, adding to the song’s narrative of navigating fame and the streets. The memorable hook, “Fill the whole house with racks and I did that, I need it”, reverberates throughout the track, embodying the persistent struggle and desire for success whilst living life on the edge.

2. Bad and Boujee (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Arguably Migos’ most iconic track collaborating with Lil Uzi Vert. A parabolic celebration of affluence and hedonism, it skyrocketed Migos to mainstream success, peaking at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The phrase “Bad and Boujee” serves as a status symbol, indicative of the luxurious lifestyle that Migos and Lil Uzi Vert appreciate and enjoy.

The lyrics revolve around their lavish lifestyle, filled with expensive fashion, fine dining, exotic cars, and high-end luxury. There’s a level of braggadocious pride laced throughout the song, as Migos bask in their hard-earned success. Their mesmerizing flow coupled with a remarkable delivery, serve as the perfect vessel for their ostentatious lifestyle, which is only accentuated by Lil Uzi Vert’s verse.

Despite the evident flashiness, the lyrics also hint at the trio’s humble beginnings and the struggle they endured to reach where they are. In essence, “Bad and Boujee” is an anthem of triumph over adversity for Migos, a celebration of their progress from obscurity to the forefront of the hip-hop landscape.

1. Walk It Talk It

It’s street poetry in its rawest form, an ode to authenticity and self-belief. The hook is an echo of a familiar mantra in hip-hop, “Walk it like I talk it.” The phrase is all about integrity – standing by your word, embodying your rhetoric, and maintaining authenticity, a testament to the Migos philosophy of staying true to oneself, to the art, and to the streets no matter the level of fame achieved.

The high-powered energy and dynamism of Migos’ deliverance mixed with Drake’s smooth verse creates a contrast that feeds the track’s vitality. The lyrics blend boastful wealth and success references with subtle nods towards their journey and the obstacles they’ve had to overcome. It’s a braggadocious track, but one seeped in gritty reality and firm intentions. Notably, it emphasizes the credibility of Migos in an industry where talk is cheap. If you say it, you gotta show it – you gotta walk it like you talk it.

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