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Top 20 Dizzee Rascal Songs: Best of All Albums & Collabs

In the realm of grime – a genre that has shifted the tectonic plates of UK rappers – one name reverberates louder than any other: Dizzee Rascal. Real name Dylan Mills, this East London prodigy burst onto the scene with his Mercury Prize-winning debut ‘Boy In Da Corner’ in 2003. It was an album that distilled the raw essence of grime, intercut with Dizzee’s lyrical prowess and tales of urban disenchantment. From ‘I Luv U’ to ‘Fix Up, Look Sharp’, the album still stands as a seminal moment in the annals of hip hop history.

His subsequent projects, ‘Showtime’, ‘Maths + English’, and ‘Tongue n’ Cheek’, saw him further pushing the boundaries, merging grime with pop, dance, and hip hop, resulting in UK number-one hits like ‘Dance Wiv Me – Radio Edit’ and ‘Bonkers’. And even in the latter part of his career, Dizzee continues to deliver hard-hitting tracks, with songs like ‘Money Right’ and ‘Get Out The Way feat. BackRoad Gee’ underlining his enduring relevance.

It’s clear that Dizzee’s impact on the genre is immeasurable, acting as a North Star for a generation of young MCs. His sonic experimentation and versatility have produced an impressive discography brimming with iconic tracks. Reviewing such a body of work is no easy task, but it is certainly a rewarding one. So let’s get into it. From ‘Jus’ a Rascal’ to ‘Dance Wiv Me’, here are the Top 21 Dizzee Rascal Songs: Best of All Albums.

20. Jus’ a Rascal

Emblematic Dizzee Rascal joint that surfaced on his debut album,Boy In Da Corner” back in ’03. The Grime pioneer, with his East London roots, brought a refreshing UK flavor to the hip-hop game, and this track was no exception. It’s a gritty, lyrical assault that flexes Dizzee’s signature rapid-fire flow over grimy beats and a haunting chorus. It echoes his experiences growing up in Bow, London and his cocky defiance against the system — a real reflection of the underdog spirit. A strong start to the career of one of UK’s most influential MCs,Jus’ a Rascal” laid the groundwork for Dizzee’s future success and remains a cult favourite.

19. Brand New Day

A deep cut from his seminal album, ‘Boy in da Corner’. The track has an introspective vibe that treads the thin line between grime and hip-hop, showing Dizzee ain’t no one-trick pony. His bars paint a vivid picture of East London life, capturing the grit, resilience, and the struggle with poignant accuracy. Dizzee’s flow on this joint is like a lyricist dance, navigating complex rhythms with effortless dexterity. The song’s beat, enacted with minimal instrumentation, is a masterclass in grime production. But what steals the show is Dizzee’s raw and honest lyricism, makingBrand New Day” a testament to his ability to spin street tales into compelling narratives. A track that should be part of any grime lover’s playlist.

18. I Luv U

Aight, let’s focus the limelight on I Luv U, a track that’s pure grimy greatness. This ain’t just a song, fam. It’s an epoch-defining mission statement, laying the foundation of Grime on wax. Released in 2003, it served as Dizzee’s debut single off his groundbreaking album, ‘Boy In Da Corner’. Now, what sets this joint apart is its raw and unfiltered exploration of teenage pregnancy and relationship drama in London’s council estates. Dizzee’s tongue-twisting rhymes and the abrasive, clanging beats amplify the urgency of the narrative, creating a soundscape as tense as the conflicts he’s spit about. The track’s innovative sound and provocative storytelling set a high bar for Grime, forever changing the game. Word is bond, I Luv U wasn’t just a hit, but a cultural shockwave still felt today. No cap.

17. The Other Side

Listen as Dizzee Rascal takes us on a sonic journey with his gritty, unabashed cross-examination of fame and fortune. This track from the fifth studio album,The Fifth, flips the typical rap narrative on its head, with Dizz literally looking fromthe other side”. From the perspective of a hip-hop mogul, he deciphers the hollow allure of celebrity life, center stage in the rap game. Dizzee’s London accent thick as butter, the beat palpable and relentless, adds that visceral touch, a signature of grime music. His verses are filled with candid, raw introspection, stark honesty punctuated with complex beats and that infectious hook. In The Other Side, Dizzee showcases his lyrical prowess, showing us why he’s a standout in the game.

16. Fix Up, Look Sharp

Incorporating a brusque Billy Squier drum sample that lays the foundation for Dizzee’s sharp-tongued prose. It’s a track that’s aggressive but playful, illustrating just how savvy Dizzee is at folding his lyrical prowess into an accessible format. While some of Rascal’s grime contemporaries struggled to deliver their dense wordplay with such a radio-ready sheen,Fix Up, Look Sharp” became a standout track in the UK scene. This song demonstrates why this East London emcee has managed to remain not just relevant, but a formidable force in the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop.

15. I Don’t Need A Reason

Here we see the East Londoner combine slick rhymes with club-ready production that’ll have your head nodding. Whether it’s a house party or a rave, this tune brings the heat. It’s Dizzee’s witty lyricism and flow that really sets this song off – his bars are sharp, packed with a punch that reflects the defiant attitude of the title. But let’s not sleep on the beat either – it’s a vibrant concoction of dirty basslines and bouncy synths, crafted to get your speakers blaring. While it may not be his most ground-breaking work, I Don’t Need A Reason, epitomises Rascal’s ability to mix raw grime with mainstream appeal, summing up the audacious flair that’s made him a staple in the UK hip-hop scene.

14. Stand Up Tall

Undeniably one of the joints that officially stamped Dizzee as a grime luminary. From his seminal second album, ‘Showtime,’ this track is an anthem, filled with raw energy and an uncompromising lyricism that typifies his East London roots. In its essence,Stand Up Tall” encapsulates Dizzee’s relentless hustle, rising from Bow’s council estates to the zenith of the UK grime scene. The track’s infectious beats, coupled with Dizzee’s unique syncopated flow, is a testament to his innovative artistry and a clear example of why he became a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop world. It’s a nod to the UK-dominant genre, serving as a blueprint for future grime artists. Overall, Stand Up Tall, is the definitive epitome of Dizzee Rascal’s trademark sound.

13. Ghost

This is a certain kind of banger that encapsulates the maturation of Dizzee Rascal. It’s a gem tucked away in his expansive discography, showcasing a seasoned and refined sound. You feel Rascal’s grind and barrier-breaking tenacity in every verse, a testament to his East London grit, his Bow E3 foundations. No lean-back, hands-up party tune, Ghost is Dizzee entering the haunted house of his past, spitting candid rhymes about life’s grim facets and personal demons. Its hard-hitting beats, curt flow, and eerie melodies swirl together like fog on a cold London night. This track is Dizzee at his raw and real, a spectral bard chronicling struggles, no holds barred. This ain’t your typical radio-play chart-topper, but a track that shows the depths of his artistry.

12. Don’t Be Dumb

An audacious track from the album, E3 AF. This grime anthem is a pure adrenaline rush from start to finish. Now, let’s wind it back. Dizzee spits bars like he’s in a verbal boxing match, each line a swift jab. Backed by a beat that’s harder than concrete, his lyrical wit shines through, commanding attention. Laden with social commentary, Dizzee’s no-nonsense rhymes address societal issues without pulling any punches. Don’t Be Dumb is a grand reminder of the artist’s ability to keep the core essence of grime alive while venturing into new sonic territories, proving once again that Dizzee Rascal is not just an MC, but a beacon of UK hip-hop.

11. Money Right

Blazing in off Dizzee’s 2018 album, he collaborates with Skepta and it’s a pure grime spectacle, bruh. Both MCs bring ’bout their A-game, exchanging bars over a minimalist beat that echoes UK’s grimy streets. Money Right, embodies Dizzee’s versatility and contextual relevance – this ain’t just a track, it’s a grime anthem, each line packed with substance. Dizzee comes through with his characteristically complex rhyme schemes and Skepta’s verse is straight fire, filled with raw energy and aggression. The synergy is unreal. Despite its dark undertones, the track is also a celebration of success and hustle. It’s a statement – Dizzee hadn’t lost his touch, and he was ready to remind the world of his lyrical prowess on the mic.

10. Heart Of A Warrior

Off Dizzee Rascal’s fifth studio album ‘The Fifth,’ is a testament to his East End grit. The track, which features Teddy Sky, shows Dizzee adopting an international perspective for his sound, flexin’ on a Miami Bass inspired beat. While the song may not fully encapsulate the grime roots that Dizzee is famed for, it presents his versatility as an artist. Dizzee’s clever wordplay and relentless energy blend with Teddy’s melodic hook, resulting in a cut that’s as anthemic as it is reflective. While some might contend Dizzee strayed too far from his Bow E3 roots, others applaud this evolution. WithHeart of a Warrior, Dizzee proved he could wander and experiment, yet maintain the grit that’s utterly him. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny Dizzee’s courage in treading new musical territories.

9. Get Out The Way feat. BackRoad Gee

Featuring BackRoad Gee is a straight-up, in-your-face grime anthem that showcased Dizzee Rascal’s continuous strive to innovate and adapt. Dropping in 2021, this track marked a fierce return to Rascal’s grime roots, acting as a blazing reminder of his East London origins. Teamed up with BackRoad Gee, whose raspy delivery adds a dose of raw energy, Dizzee’s smooth lyrical agility is a testament to his enduring mastery. A distinctive characteristic of this joint is the hectic beats facilitated by grime’s grand wizard, Sir Spyro. The grimy bassline, punctuated by aggressive and confrontational lyrics, reinforces the ‘don’t-mess-with-us’ message of the track. This ain’t no lullaby; it’s a wake-up call reverberating through London tower blocks and borough boundaries.

8. Hype

Going full throttle, no brakes. Now this one ain’t for the faint-hearted, it’s Dizzee stepping back from the electro-pop tunes and returning to his grime roots. The track is a raw, edgy, full-force display of his artistry, delivering bare-knuckle rhymes over a raw and rough beat. The lyrical prowess and word play in this one is just next level. He’s not just talking about his hype, he’s spinning it into witty, sharp-as-a-dagger bars. This is Dizzee owning his space in the UK grime scene, reminding everyone not to mess with a titan. It’s him saying,Yeah, I’m Dizzee Rascal—still got the fire, still got the game on lock, it ain’t just a song, it’s a statement.

7. Chillin’ Wiv Da Man Dem

A whole mood, a cultural testament to Dizzee Rascal’s UK grime roots. Released in 2009 off theTongue N’ Cheek” album, this joint showcases Dizzee’s lyrical prowess like no other. The storytelling here is immaculate, painting vivid images of street life in East London, while the minimalistic beat underscores the raw lyrical content. The infectious hook, built on repetitive, catchy phrases, encapsulates the joyous bond of friendship in the midst of urban struggles. This song is proof of Dizzee’s ability to deliver compelling narratives while keeping the vibe chilled and the rhythm bouncing. Dizzee dropped some real talk on this one, showing us that hip-hop ain’t just about the beats and rhymes, it’s also about authentic storytelling.

6. Don’t Gas Me

The adrenaline-infused banger, where Dizzee Rascal taps into his grime origins. This joint is a raw portrayal of lyrical bravura, illustrating Dizzee’s ability to spit rhymes at the slick pace of a high-speed chase, while maintaining articulate wordplay. The production is a pulsating beast, reminiscent of the early gritty East London grime scene from which Rascal emerged. A nod to his supporters, the track is a tell-it-like-it-is anthem, warning the fakers and poseurs to step off. Dizzee’s delivery is assertive, his charisma palpable—even when navigating through menacing bass and stark beats, he never loses his energy. InDon’t Gas Me, Dizzee encapsulates the spirit of UK urban music — confident, defiant, and unfalteringly real.

5. Sugar and Spice feat. iLL BLU

An intriguing fusion of beat-heavy UK grime and silky, infectious R&B undertones, masterfully produced by iLL BLU. This tune sees Dizzee flirting with a smoother lyrical flow, a bit closer to the realm of the mainstream than his hardcore grime roots. The beat slaps with an infectious intensity, with iLL BLU’s production injecting nuance and dynamism into the track. Dizzee’s voice glides effortlessly across the top, his typically quick-fire lyrics embarking on a narrative of love and loss. The track displays the versatility in Dizzee’s repertoire, merging his grime sensibilities with a more commercial, radio-friendly sound. While it may not pack the raw power or controversial edge of some of his more famous singles,Sugar and Spice” is a solid offering that showcases Dizzee’s ability to flip the script and go beyond the expected.

4. Holiday

Released in 2009 from his Tongue n’ Cheek album, the single appropriates the dance-pop tune with a hip-hop edge, another testament to Dizzee’s genre-blurring abilities. Notably, it features the production wizardry of Calvin Harris, whose penchant for summer anthems fits hand-in-glove with Dizzee’s raw energy and grime roots. It’s a track that helped solidify Dizzee’s transition from underground sensation to mainstream success story. Both a dancefloor magnet and a radio staple,Holiday” collects the ferocious flow of East London’s Bow E3 Prince and combines it with a vibe that insists you to throw your worries to the wind. It’s Dizzee at his most carefree and infectious.

3. Bassline Junkie

Dropped in 2013, this track was a straight-up banger, man! Dizzee was preachin’ to the choir with his praise of bass-filled tracks, embodying the unruly spirit of UK’s grime scene while infusing it with his hip-hop sensibilities. It wasn’t just about that fat bassline, though. Nah, the track showcased Dizzee’s gift for moulding catchy tunes, the infectious chorus burrowing its way into your brain like a damn earworm. His verses, brimming with braggadocio and grime-punk ethos, are a testament to his skills as an MC. Still,Bassline Junkie” ain’t no shallow club track—it’s a love letter to the power of bass, of music that moves you, of hip-hop itself. Straight fire.”

2. Bonkers

With its deranged collision of grime, dance, and a wild dose of electronica, which lands you right in the heart of a mad, hedonistic rave. Produced by Armand Van Helden, this 2009 jam was a UK #1 hit, part of Dizzee’s fourth album,Tongue N’ Cheek”. Dizzee’s verse delivery rides the frantic beat like a surfer on the gnarliest of waves, bringing a unique blend of raw carnival energy and lyrical spice. This prime selection proves Dizzee’s extraordinary ability to bridge cultural gaps, blending gritty East London soundscapes with global dance music. It’s a raucous, relentless ride that showcases Dizzee’s versatility and unapologetic embrace of chaos.Bonkers” is not just a track, it’s an attitude, an anthem for those wild nights and unabashed celebrations. Pure Dizzee genius!

1. Dance Wiv Me

“Dance Wiv Me” is a prime example of Dizzee Rascal’s ability to flawlessly cross genres, something that makes him one of UK’s most versatile MCs. Pairing up with pop wizard Calvin Harris and R&B crooner Chrome, Dizzee crafted a perfect summer anthem that bangs in the club and on the radio. The switch-up in Dizzee’s rap delivery, coupled with the infectious electro-funk production, became a winning formula propelling this track to chart-topping heights in 2008. The lyrics are playful and flirtatious, but it’s the bouncing, vibrant beat that’ll make you wanna groove. Fresh and exceptionally catchy,Dance Wiv Me” is a testament to Dizzee’s genre-defying innovation in the UK hip-hop scene.

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