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Top 5 Best ‘slowthai’ Songs: Best of All Albums

slowthai, the raw and rootsy Northampton poet of the streets, has been making waves in the hip-hop scene since his introspective debut, ‘Nothing Great About Britain,’ dropped in 2019. Not one to shy away from uncomfortable truths, his razor-sharp lyrics serve as social commentary, tackling issues of nationalism, class, and mental health with a refreshingly anarchic candor. His sophomore album, ‘Tyron,’ demonstrates an evolution in both sound and subject matter, highlighting slowthai’s growth as an artist. Featuring collaborations with industry heavyweights like A$AP Rocky, Skepta, and James Blake, the album is a provocative exploration of vulnerability and introspection, affirming his place in the pantheon of boundary-pushing UK hip-hop artists.

His tracks, laced with gritty beats and slowthai’s signature punk-infused rap, mirror the bleak realities of everyday life, while providing a cathartic outlet for the disenfranchised youth. From his bone-rattling bangers to poignant ballads, each song tells a story, a snapshot of his journey, both sonically and personally. This list of slowthai’s top 25 tracks spans his discography, reflecting the diversity in his musical palette. The songs reveal an artist unafraid to defy convention, whose raw energy and lyrical prowess have earned him critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase.

So, whether you’re a diehard slowthai fan or a newbie just getting acquainted with the audacious emcee, this list is a deep dive into the mind of a rap maverick. From the brash confidence of ‘Doorman’ to the haunting introspection on ‘feel away,’ here are the Top 25 slowthai Songs: Best of All Albums.

5. Feel Good

slowthai spills his heart over the beat, his jagged voice cuttin’ through the dreamy instrumental like it’s the fine edge of a samurai sword. It ain’t just a song, it’s a raw, unfiltered glimpse into the mind of the Northampton MC, as he wrestles with his inner demons. The soul-bearing lyrics are a stark contrast to the upbeat instrumental, showcasing slowthai’s knack for juxtaposing disparate elements. He’s unafraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, his pain-drenched verses delivering sucker punches that’ll hit you straight in the gut. It’s slowthai at his most vulnerable, giving us a perspective that’s as refreshing as it is compelling. And that’s the real ‘feel’ of “Feel Good.”

4. terms (feat. Dominic Fike & Denzel Curry)

This joint’s a testament to slowthai’s ability to blend varying styles, with Fike and Curry riding shotgun, making for a head-nodding symphony. The lyrical content is introspective and raw, a genuine reflection of the struggles of fame and the cost of success. Overall, “terms” showcases slowthai’s versatility as an artist, proving that his energy is not confined to explosive performances but can also translate into contemplative and deeply poignant material. Straight up, this one’s a vibe.

3. feel away (feat. James Blake & Mount Kimbie)

Breaking away from the thrashing, raw energy slowthai is known for, this track delves deep into the psyche unveiling layers of heartache. The sorrow-laden beats reverberate with the pain of abandonment. James Blake’s melancholic vocals blend seamlessly with slowthai’s, making the song a poignant exploration of emotional unrest. Mount Kimbie’s production illuminates this raw and vulnerable visage, creating a soundscape that’s arresting and deeply impactful. The lyrics dance around lost love, creating an intimate narrative that hits you right in the feels. The track is a testament to slowthai’s versatility as an artist, showing he can deliver emotional depth as effectively as he stirs up chaos.

2. i tried

The joint goes harder than granite, as slowthai, real name Tyron Frampton, gets introspective about his struggles, his mistakes, and the paths he’s walked. It’s not the guttural bars we’ve come to often expect from him, but rather an articulate, sobering reflection, bringing depth to his discography. The track swings between soul-searching lyrics and a haunting melody, showing slowthai’s ability to traverse emotional landscapes, and solidifying him as a towering figure in the UK hip-hop scene. What makes “i tried” so gripping is its raw honesty, a testament to slowthai’s prowess as a storyteller. It’s one of those joints that hit you in the feels, reminding us that hip-hop is often about confession.

1. Doorman

This joint drips with the raw energy of a mosh pit, with a beat that hits harder than a punch from a bouncer. The lyrics tell a tale of haves and have-nots, a theme common in slowthai’s work, highlighting his knack for bringing the realities of the UK’s class divide into sharp, unflinching focus. Mura Masa’s electrifying production is the perfect canvas for slowthai’s venomous bars, creating a track that’s as thought-provoking as it is adrenaline-pumping. “Doorman” definitively stamps slowthai’s reputation as a disruptive force in UK hip-hop.

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