Featuring: Ty Dolla $ign, 2 Chainz, Don Toliver, Steve Aoki, Dot Da Genius

Kid Cudi, the genre-shifting poet of our generation, lit a cosmic flare with his album ‘Entergalactic,’ taking listeners on an interstellar journey of self-discovery and emotional catharsis. Since his breakout album ‘Man on the Moon,’ Cudi has demonstrated a knack for marrying poetic introspection with psychedelic soundscapes, and ‘Entergalactic’ is no exception. This album brims with Cudi’s signature fusion of hip-hop, rock, and electronic sonic elements that he utilizes as a canvas for his introspective lyrics.

From the cosmic vibes of the ‘Entergalactic Theme’ to the riveting collaborations with Ty Dolla $ign on ‘Willing To Trust’ and ‘Can’t Shake Her’, Cudi navigates the perplexing terrains of love, truth, and self-expression. The album is spiced up with dynamic guest appearances from the likes of 2 Chainz on ‘Can’t Believe It’, and Don Toliver on ‘Somewhere to Fly,’ adding a bevvy of star power that amplifies the album’s sonic strength.

So let’s get into it. From the declarative ‘Do What I Want’ to the vulnerable ‘Maybe So,’ here we breakdown the story line that runs through the album ‘Entergalactic’ by ‘Kid Cudi.

Entergalactic Theme

A mood setting intro that sets the tone for things to come, setting up that anticipation for the listener that’s hopeful of good tracks ahead.

New Mode

The Man on the Moon delivers a narration of transformation, showcasing his battle with mental health and emerging stronger. Cudi and his verses flourish in their raw authenticity – he’s done with playing pretend, ready to embrace his true self. He steps into a zone different from the shadows of the past, a “new mode” – a space of deepened understanding and acceptance. The song’s lyrics champion resilience, marked by a journey that’s been littered with struggles but ultimately leads to a profound self-love.

Do What I Want

Cudi, like many who’ve tasted the underbelly of the beast we call fame, vaunts his battle-tested stature and freedom to live life on his own terms. Embedded in the lyrics of this banger is Cudder’s ode to his resilience, a testament to persevering through the trials life has thrown his way. The Cleveland native’s deep-rooted attachment to his city and loyalty to his crew further underscore his unshakeable sense of self and grounding. Equally noteworthy is his shout out to Brooklyn’s East New York, indicating his deep respect for the gritty East Coast hip-hop culture.


Cudi is known for merging hip-hop with his own brand of cosmic funk, and “Angel” feels like a trip to a celestial realm. Here, Cudder draws on his spiritual side, using the image of an angel to represent a guiding light in his life. The repetitive questioning of the angel’s origin reflects Cudi’s constant search for understanding and personal connections. The lyrical simplicity grounds us in an ethereal sonic landscape that’s as mysterious as it is comforting.

Ignite The Love

Cudi is known for his introspective lyricism, and in this joint, he ignites the flame of emotional vulnerability. The emotional tone of the lyrics establishes a connection with the listeners as Cudi explores the depths of human connection and intimacy. You got the repeated “Mmm-da-da-da-da” and “Hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm” bridging his verses, painting an image of uncertainty and moments of reflection. Cudi narrates an exploration of his heart, its soaring highs, and falls, striking a conversation about emotions that are usually left unspoken in the game. Yet, this song ain’t just about romantic love. It’s about the love of self, the love of life, and the constant pursuit to keep that fire of love burning.

In Love

The abstract lyricism is vintage Cudi, veiling his emotional turmoil beneath a serene, almost dreamy soundscape. His verses twinkle with a potent mixture of apprehension and anticipation, as he articulates the thrill of attraction and the anxiety it brings. The repeated chorus, “In love,” acts as a confession. His honest proclamation of falling in love captures the paradoxical fear and enthrallment that love often induces. Cudi’s lilting melodies and the ethereal production serve as a backdrop to his introspective narrative, creating a sonic landscape that resonates deeply with listeners.

Willing To Trust (with Ty Dolla $ign)

With Ty Dolla $ign lending his vocals, this track unfolds as a heartfelt soliloquy centering around trust, a core component in the game of love. Cudi weaves tales of unwavering commitment, stirred by paralyzing touches and assorted intimacy. But he isn’t just narrating a love story; he’s reconceptualizing the idea of trust, confronting past hurts and potential betrayals. This track underpins the fundamental theme presented in “Entergalactic”—journeys of love and trust, set amidst the chaotic panorama of the rapper’s introspective universe.

Can’t Believe It (feat. 2 Chainz)

The Cleveland MC unrolls a narrative of disbelief and determination, propelling himself through nighttime cityscapes, unperturbed by any distractions. In classic Cudi style, he couples his melodic abilities with introspective bars – a testament to the rapper’s deftness in navigating both the concrete and abstract realms of hip-hop. His lyrics embody the album’s theme of cosmic exploration, evidently in lines like “Gettin’ lost in the rhythm of the fuckin’ flight”. A significant aspect of the song is his effortless merging with 2 Chainz, a beloved figure in southern rap.

Livin’ My Truth

This joint is a testament to Cudi’s growth, as he spits lines evoking images of resilience and introspection. We feel Cudi’s unyielding confidence as he rages against societal expectations and carves out his own truth. On a deeper level, this track mirrors his personal journey of shedding his old self and fully embracing his truth. The lyrics reveal a man who acknowledges his past struggles, but refuses to let them define his future. Cudi’s contemplative flow on this track captures how he’s not just living his truth, he’s owning it.

Maybe So

Through a tantalizing mix of somber beats and introspective lyrics, Cudi candidly presents the often uncertain path of emotional recovery. Against an audiosphere of his trademark melancholic harmonies, Cudi underscores how healing isn’t always linear, and life isn’t a popsicle-stick platitude. Notice the repetition of “Maybe So, maybe not,” a telling echo of self-doubt and a reminder of the struggle to navigate the murky labyrinth of heartbreak. Cudi questions the oft-repeated platitudes about heartache and showcases his unease in unspoken suffering.

Can’t Shake Her (with Ty Dolla $ign)

Cudi, the master of emo-rap, pours his heart out, demonstrating his inability to let go of a past lover. His lyrics paint vivid images of struggle and longing, amidst an introspective look into his own insecurities. The repeated phrase “Can’t shake her” manifests Cudi’s struggle, capturing the essence of his pull towards an intoxicating love he simply can’t detach himself from. Ty Dolla $ign lends a unique depth to the track, complementing Cudi’s emotive narrative with his soulful voice. It’s a potent symbiosis that gives voice to the emotional complexities of love and loss.

She’s Lookin’ For Me

True to his hallowed place as hip-hop’s emo commander, the Cleveland rapper puts together a narrative of a woman’s quest for personal fulfillment and emotional connection. Unpacking the lyrics, Cudi intricately maps her journey, bringing out nuances of singlehood, yearning, and eventual quenching of desire. The persistent hook – “She’s lookin’ for me, can she save the night in time?” – deftly encapsulates the tension between seeking and finding, desperation and satisfaction. The repetition of the word ‘why’ suggests a deep-seated existential questioning, something Cudi’s oeuvre is highly steeped in.

My Drug

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of deep affection and obsession. Cudi brings a hypnotic lyrical narrative, addressing themes of longing, intimacy, and vulnerability, inviting the listener into his celestial, rhythmic world. The song is a testament to his songwriter prowess, with his ability to articulate emotion in such a raw and resonant way. It encapsulates the euphoric highs and tormented lows of love, while the rhythmic beats and melodic hooks that underscore the track enforces Cudi’s dominance in the hip-hop scene.

Somewhere to Fly (with Don Toliver)

The two artists create a soundscape of emotion, intertwining their voices and lyrics to illustrate a tale of longing and liberation. Lost in love and inviting his lover to indulge in their shared chemistry, Cudi is reflective and unmistakably romantic. Cudi’s celebration of his lover — the person who frees him — is a testament to his growth as an artist, reflective of his evolution from a man on the moon to a man in love. Don Toliver, with his fresh, soul-soaked vocals, adds an extra layer of depth to the track — interweaving his melancholic longing with Cudi’s romantic narrative and asking his lover for a commitment.

Burrow (with Don Toliver, Steve Aoki & Dot Da Genius) – Bonus Track

Cudi reflects on his journey through the tumultuous terrain of his psyche, painting a sonic picture of transformation – from struggle to strength. The lyrics are laced with acknowledgments of past struggles, (“Been in hell so long, said I’m strong”) and declarations of newfound strength (“This the new-new chapter, what you been searchin’ after?”). Cudi’s vocalizations throughout the track are hypnotic, adding emotional depth to the lyrical content. The track encapsulates the darkness and light that exists within Cudi’s universe, revealing the emotional complexity that underpins ‘Entergalactic’.