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Breaking down the Album ‘My Life 4Hunnid’ by ‘YG’

Released: 2020

Label: Def Jam Recordings

Featuring: D3szn, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Tyga, Lil Tjay, Tay2xs, Gunna, Ty Dolla $ign, Calboy, Lil Mosey

If there’s one word that sums up YG’s musical journey and persona, it’s ‘unapologetic.’ And it’s this very attribute that makes his 2020 album, ‘My Life 4Hunnid,’ a bold blend of authenticity and audacity. Released under the renowned Def Jam Recordings label, this album tells the stark tales of YG’s experiences, painted through a rich canvas of gripping lyrics and fiery beats. Featuring collaborations with hip-hop heavyweights like Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Tyga, Lil Tjay, Gunna, Ty Dolla $ign, and emerging artists D3szn, Tay2xs, Calboy, Lil Mosey, each song on ‘My Life 4Hunnid’ lays a brick on the edifice of YG’s testament to his life’s journey. The album is a narrative, charting the trajectory of YG’s trials, tribulations, and triumphs, interwoven with the broader tapestries of social commentary, grief, resilience, and unabashed braggadocio. So let’s get into it. From ‘Jealous’ to ‘Laugh Now Kry Later!’, here we are breaking down the album ‘My Life 4Hunnid’ by YG.

1 Jealous

With a swagger that’s unmistakable, he lays bare the realities of success—material and otherwise. His lines cut deep, rich with the texture of lived experience, particularly when he asserts, “I’m rich as fuck, I’m poppin’, got it poppin’ off a beat.” This lyric embodies the track’s core—YG’s unabashed celebration of his achievements while navigating the minefield of jealousy that success inevitably invites. His narrative weaves through tales of luxury, authenticity, and the dichotomy between those who lead and those who follow, crafting a vivid tableau of a life many covet but few attain.

2 Blood Walk

Features: D3szn, Lil Wayne

YG and crew blend bravado with the stark realities of gang affiliation, painting a picture that’s as vivid as it is visceral. Lil Wayne, in particular, delivers with his unmistakable wit, “Big B, triple OG, and rated X,” emphasizing the depth of their commitment and the dangers that come with the territory. This line encapsulates the essence of the track, intertwining identity, loyalty, and the inherent risks of living by the gang code.

3 Traumatized Interlude

Through the innocent voice of a child, YG portrays the traumatic experiences that too many Black families face, encapsulated in the harrowing moment: “And they have a gun in my face / And I don’t like that!” This line isn’t just a lyric; it’s a vivid, distressing snapshot of the fear and trauma embedded in the fabric of everyday life.

4 Out On Bail

This track stands as a testament to his resilience amid adversity, spotlighting the harsh realities of navigating the legal system while mourning the loss of close ones, notably Nipsey Hussle. With lines like “I’m innocent as fuck, but they tryna prove that I’m guilty,” YG lays bare the contradiction of seeking justice in a system that often feels rigged against him. The song becomes a raw, unfiltered narrative of YG’s personal struggles, asserting his strength and unwillingness to succumb to the pressures that surround him.

5 Rodeo

Features: Chris Brown, Tyga

Between verses oozing with bravado and a chorus that echoes the thrill of the chase, “Rodeo” steers the listener through a hedonistic journey. A standout line that captures the essence of this ride is, “Show your freaky side, from behind on all fours / Feed my appetite, and make me want more.” It’s a line brimming with desire, painting a vivid picture of the song’s intimate yet unapologetically bold theme.


YG’s verses exude a vibe that’s both laid-back and fiercely assertive, encapsulating the duality of maintaining swag amidst adversity. A standout line, “I’m rich, do the math,” serves as a cold, direct brag that underscores the tangible success YG has achieved, affirming his place in the game not just through style but substantial accomplishments. With references to luxury, loyalty, and the street grind, “SWAG” is a bold statement on YG’s unapologetic self-assurance.

7 Hate On Me

Features: Lil Tjay

YG and Lil Tjay share their tales of overcoming obstacles and the constant battle to remain authentic in a game filled with haters and betrayals. The standout line, “I really had to work for the shit I want, had to grind for the shit I need, I done made it out them trenches, don’t know why they hate on me, yeah,” encapsulates the essence of their journey from the bottom to success, questioning the root of the envy they face despite their hard-earned achievements.

8 War Scars

Features: Tay2xs

With an unflinching narrative, it delves into the emotional and physical scars amassed from being backstabbed by those once considered close. Echoing through the verses is the hard-hitting line, “Tried to show love to a snake and it had bit me / My dawg, I thought was a hunnid, man he turned to 50,” encapsulating the sting of betrayal and the precarious balance between trust and caution. The lyrics poignantly articulate the weight of carrying the burden of trust turned sour, highlighting a world where vigilance is the price of survival, where loyalty is a currency that fluctuates wildly.

9 Surgery

Features: Gunna, Ty Dolla $ign

The collaboration showcases a potent mix of Ty Dolla $ign’s smooth harmonies and YG’s straightforward delivery, punctuated by Gunna’s signature flow. A standout line that encapsulates the essence of the song is “Dickin’ her out and it feel just like surgery,” illustrating the intense physical connection the artists claim to have with their partners, likened to an invasive, transformative experience. This raw analogy not only captures the track’s sexual bravado but underlines the power dynamics at play, highlighting the blend of vulnerability and control inherent in their romantic encounters.

10 Thug Kry

Features: Calboy, Lil Mosey

The song stands out with its raw narrative, painting a vivid picture of the complexities and emotional turmoil that come with the territory. A line that hits hard is, “I just had to break free from my tie, ayy,” echoing the universal struggle for liberation from the chains that bind individuals to a life predestined by circumstances beyond their control. Through its poignant verses, “Thug Kry” becomes a soul-stirring anthem for resilience and introspection.

11 Traumatized Interlude #2

The child’s simple query, “Daddy, when are you coming home? I miss you! And can you hurry up ‘Cause the pigs kill people And I’m scared!” encapsulates the tension and trauma inflicted on communities, highlighting the fear that even the youngest bear about law enforcement’s lethal force.

12 FTP

Echoing the sentiments of a community under siege, YG channels anger and frustration into a rallying cry for resistance and accountability. With lines like “Murder after murder after all these years…Mommas cryin’, how they gon’ heal?” he highlights the cycle of violence and the deep scars it leaves on communities of color. YG doesn’t shy away from calling out the systemic racism inherent in law enforcement, boldly labeling them as “Ku Klux cops” with hidden agendas. This track serves not just as a piece of music, but as a powerful statement on the state of America, capturing the raw emotion and demand for change that defines an era.

13 Laugh Now Kry Later!

Through verses like “Feelin’ like I’m always goin’ through the storm / I got beef with Mother Nature,” he articulates the struggles and complexities of seeking solace amidst personal and external chaos. The refrain, “Laugh now, cry later, do yourself a favor,” isn’t just a catchy hook—it’s a life philosophy, urging listeners to embrace the moment while acknowledging the inevitable hardships. YG’s candid exploration of life’s dualities—pleasure and pain, success and setback—resonates, making “Laugh Now Kry Later!” a poignant anthem for resilience.

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