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Breaking down the Lyrics on ‘Pa las Baby’s Y Belikeada’ by ‘Fuerza Regida’

Released: 2023

Label: Rancho Humilde/Street Mob Records

Featuring: El Fantasma, Juanpa Salazar, Calle 24, Gabito Ballesteros, Chuy Montana, Maria Becerra, Marshmello, Armenta, Chuyin, Jonathan Caro, Chino Pacas, Omar Ruiz, Los Dareyes De La Sierra, Turo Pacas, Angel Tumbado, Manuel Turizo

When it comes to delivering lyrics that bang with authenticity, no one does it quite like Fuerza Regida. This crew from Sinaloa, Mexico, has been shaking the foundations of the hip-hop scene since they first erupted onto the stage. Their music is a potent blend of precise lyricism and raw storytelling, a sound that defies borders with its emotion and grit. On their album ‘Pa las Baby’s Y Belikeada’, they lay it all on the line, painting a vivid picture of their lives and experiences.

Songs like ‘Bienvenida’ and ‘FDVP’ showcase their lyrical prowess, while ‘GDL’ and ‘Sobras y Mujeres’ delve deep into cultural narratives. They’re not afraid to tackle bold themes, as evident in songs like ‘3 TROKAS’ and ‘CRAZYZ’, while tracks like ‘CHAMBA’ and ‘CJNG’ unravel their societal observations. Their sonic versatility shines in ‘F’s’ and ‘EXCESOS’, with heavy beats underscoring their raw wordplay. ‘POLVOS DE CHANEL’ and ‘PRADAX’ take listeners on a trip, with their contemplative content and captivating delivery.

And then we have tracks like ‘ZONA DE COMFORT’ and ‘Dafuk’ that push the boundaries, exploring existential themes with gusto. As we navigate through their sonic landscape, it’s clear that Fuerza Regida isn’t just about creating music. They’re about making statements, about raising voices that need to be heard. Whether it’s ‘HARLEY QUINN’ or ‘FREAKY FREAKY’, they carry the weight of their messaging with their signature flair and passion.

So let’s get into it. From ‘Bienvenida’ to ‘UNA CERVEZA’, here are the breaking down the lyrics on ‘Pa las Baby’s Y Belikeada’ by ‘Fuerza Regida’.


This track is a testament to the group’s ability to spin everyday dialogues into rhythmic tales. The lyrics encapsulate a scene in which corridos, an essential thread woven into the fabric of Mexican culture, create the backdrop for the track. The group steps into the narrative in their own unique style, bridging the gap between regional Mexican music and the urban rhythmic beats that shape modern Latin music. It’s all about fam, the streets, and the grind — an anthem embracing the dual influences that shape Fuerza Regida’s unique sound – the barrio’s pull and the draw of the modern world.


The unfiltered narrative underscores the relentless grind to succeed, transforming street hustle into a music empire. Here the homies, Fuerza Regida, deliver an intimate snapshot straight from the barrio, grappling with the demons in their past while savoring the fruits of hard-won success. From hustling for their family’s survival to basking in the trinity of fame, money, and women, the track delivers a raw, and unsparing commentary on the reality of life in the trenches. The lyrics pay homage to a mentor figure named Jaime, revealing a ripple effect of loyalty and gratitude that speaks volumes about both resilience and community in the face of struggle.


Here, GDL—the acronym for Guadalajara, a city known for its nightlife—serves as the backdrop for a narrative about indulgence and power. Striking in its swagger, “GDL” exemplifies Fuerza Regida’s ability to imbue their regional Mexican sound with a hip-hop ethos, a testament to their innovative spirit. Their declaration of reinventing the game, balanced with a manifest sense of respect for the roots and the communities, is a statement on its own.

Sobras y Mujeres

The verses revolve around their life’s transformation from relative obscurity to fame, highlighting how people’s attitudes towards them changed as their star rose. They mix the universal narrative of “money changes everything” with a uniquely barrio twist. Relationships, trust, and the fickleness of success intertwine in the lyrics, as Fuerza Regida delivers sharp commentary on fleeting loyalties and the struggle to stay grounded amidst success. The song serves as a quintessential narrative of their journey, capturing the dichotomy of the strides they’ve made and the innate pitfalls of their newfound lifestyle.


This joint bumps hard with a narrative that plays out like a primo telenovela episode. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a fast-paced lifestyle, with three trucks speeding to a party in an undisclosed city. But it ain’t all bubbles and Belaire; there’s tension bubbling under that plush surface, a sense of an impending danger lurking around the corner. So, security is tight, the stakes are high, and the crew’s ready to roll out in style. The track serves as a metaphor for the real-world struggles Fuerza Regida has faced navigating the game, dealing with the intersection of fame and infamy while staying true to their game. It’s a crucial commentary on navigating unwritten social codes and boundaries within hip-hop culture.


The artists weave a narrative about an exhilarating and hedonistic lifestyle, filled with wild parties, youthful rebellion, and unapologetic lust. The lyrics mirror the unbridled energy often associated with the late-night club scene. However, underneath the bravado and excess, there’s an undercurrent of dissatisfaction and fatigue, a longing for an escape from the faux glamour. It’s a clever juxtaposition that elevates the track, turning it into a nuanced exploration of the dualities within the strut and swagger of the hip-hop lifestyle.


Its lyrics depict the move-fast, die-young mentality while indulging in the excesses that such a life can afford. From Las Vegas flashes to Rolex watches, to fast cars and high-speed living, the lyrics showcase a roller-coaster ride of thrill and bravado. Yet, within the bravura and the swagger, there is an unmistakable hint of the perilous nature of life in the fast lane, with references to weapons and the constant looming threat of violence. This sly juxtaposition provides us with an authentic portrayal of the perennial tension that belies the glitz of the outlaw lifestyle.


The raw narrative steers us through their hustling history, showcasing their rise from a life of hardship into the modish echelons of the mafia world. It’s a testament to the reality of street life, showing the constant struggle for power and respect. The track also puts forth their affiliation with the Jalisco cartel, without any hesitation, further intensifying the street-level authenticity of the track. From the perspective of cultural discourse, the track encapsulates the harsh reality of the marginalized lives caught in socio-political unrest and gang violence.


The lyrics, swathed in the ebb and flow of regional Mexican music, paint a vivid image of survival and braggadocio. From the depictions of defiance in lines like “pónganse la verga atrás, que no perdono la traición” to the opulent displays of “tengo 7 collares, que el padrino bendijo,” there’s a compelling dichotomy at play. Tales of intrigue and danger blend seamlessly with the flaunting of wealth and power, offering a raw view of life in the underbelly. It’s a narrative imbued with gritty authenticity, making “F’s” a glaring illustration of Fuerza Regida’s knack for storytelling. The track drives home the trio’s status as proponents of ‘Trap Corridos’, bringing street ethos to the forefront of their sound.


Equating the fleeting nature of relationships to the sheer number of stars in the sky, they capture the hedonism and disregard for monogamy that often accompany the lifestyle of fame. The duality of the narrative, juggling between regret and revelry, paints a vivid portrait of the stardom ensnared in the thirst for opulence. The track plays out as an indulgent, self-aware confession, christening their fame with a separate persona; living life like an artist with no rush, amidst a constant cycle of excesses, parties and beautiful women.


The track unfolds like a hazy, sun-soaked narco corrido, where designer threads from Chanel mingle with pineapple-flavored drugs, indicating a luxurious lifestyle funded by illicit activities. The protagonist isn’t shy about his affiliation, openly declaring his readiness, his enjoyment of corridos like his father, and carrying an AK on his seat, a stark reminder of the omnipresent danger in this life. With an unapologetic tone and slick tempo, the track paints a vivid image of the double-edged sword that is the mafioso lifestyle, rich yet dangerous, glamorous yet ruthless, and ultimately succumbing to the omnipotence of divine judgment.


As a testament to her strength, she trades her tears for a Prada outfit and a convoy, reflecting her transformation and newfound power. The lyrics echo this narrative and weave a tale of perseverance through pain, offering a window into the strength derived from a wounded heart. The recurring motif of ‘pásenle otro bote pa’ que sane el corazón’ emphasizes this narrative of healing and defiance, a nod to the spirit of resilience within the song.


The song’s bittersweet indulgence seeps through as the protagonist finds solace in hedonism, using the trifecta of smoke, alcohol, and sex as his comfort zone to numb the pain of a failed romance. Yet, beneath the surface of his bravado lies a poignant undertone of longing and regret. The raw honesty of the lyrics combined with Fuerza Regida’s aggressive sonics makes “ZONA DE COMFORT” a candid dive into the gritty complexities of love and loss in the streets.


The track boasts of a brutal realism as it highlights the group’s grit, hustle, and ambition. Their ’bout business’ attitude resonates throughout the track, with an unpretentious approach to their come-up. Whether it’s making millions, scanning the room like a barcode, or not missing a beat– literally and figuratively, Fuerza Regida keeps it one hundred. Offering up both a nod to their roots and a firm grasp on their current success, “Dafuk” underscores Fuerza Regida’s strategic navigation of the hip-hop landscape, pioneering a new wave of realness.


The track embodies a dangerous allure, painting a vivid picture of a wild night in the club with booze, dancing, and a girl who’s got everyone’s eyes on her. Fuerza Regida injects an undercurrent of menace with references to a life of crime, backdropped against the entrancing dance of a woman compared to DC’s femme fatale, Harley Quinn. The song’s infectious beat and rebellious lyrics are an energetic rally point, making it a standout in their catalog.


This track is soaked in bravado and amplified by its provocative lyrics, painting a vivid picture of a chilled-out late-night scene. Jesús Ortiz’s edgy vocals and Regida’s raw musicality inject the track with an unrefined edge and authenticity that’s refreshingly unfiltered. The lyrics delve into risqué territory, unabashedly highlighting the unabridged reality of carnal desires. By refusing to sugarcoat or glamorize, the track ultimately taps into a truth often omitted from mainstream narratives. It’s a blunt testimony, a bold artistic expression that thrusts listeners into the unapologetic universe of Fuerza Regida.


The track delves into the hedonistic and dangerous lifestyle of the streets – acting as an allegory for their own ascent in the industry. The Victoria Secret reference encapsulates the band’s admiration for the glitz, while the ‘booty booty’ line adds a touch of levity, harking back to the jubilant party anthems of old-school hip-hop. The bravado is unmistakable in lines referring to the risky business of dealing, epitomized in the ‘Cartier’ watch bought with drug money – a bold assertion of success despite the odds. Fuerza Regida has crafted a bold narrative that neither glamorizes nor shies away from the realities of the streets.


Delving into the lyrics, it’s clear that they’re spinning tales of luxury, like fresh linen and gleaming white gold spoons, playful references to sexy Latinas moving to the rhythm, and cheeky nods to a wild night filled with excess. The song epitomizes Fuerza Regida’s stylish blend of Regional Mexican music and hip-hop, creating an intoxicating sonic cocktail. It celebrates the here and now, the good life they’re experiencing, with hints of a youthful swagger and a touch of mischief. The line ‘Me ando riendo solo ya me heché otro polvo’ translates to ‘I’m laughing alone, I just did another line’, underscoring the narrative of revelry and debauchery, making ‘CUCU’ an intoxicating ride in the wild side of life.


The track captures the reckless lifestyle and nonchalant attitude towards life’s pleasures, reminiscent of their raw and unabated regional Mexican sound. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of excessive indulgence with an unapologetic bravado, sprinkled with a hint of regret and existential would-be introspection. It gives a nod to their familiar narrative of living large but infuses it with a brash audacity that’s undeniably Fuerza Regida in its essence. Laced with self-awareness, the song flips the script, highlighting the thrill of the moment alongside the specter of emptiness that looms underneath.


Nestled within the gritty picture painted by the lyrics, there’s a deep-rooted acknowledgement of the realities in their community. Infused with talk of fiestas and corridos malandros, the song weaves in aspects of chicano culture and the group’s Mexican heritage. The mention of Guanajuato signals the group’s respect for their origins while the phrase “una no es ninguna,” a classic Mexican saying, adds an authentic touch. It’s a track that screams of survival and everyday grind, elevating ordinary street tales into a symphony laced with raw power and audacious honesty.


Showing appreciation for the high-end commodities and women that seemingly accompany their lifestyle, they paint an unabashed picture of confidence and debauchery. It’s a world of luxe Mercedes rides, lavishly furnished apartments, and ‘whisky y chichis’ – the beverages and the ladies catering to their crew. However, they also reveal an undercurrent of struggle, as they mention lighting up to untangle their entwined troubles. There’s a boastful and unapologetic vibe to much of the track, positioning Fuerza Regida as a harbinger of a generation that refuses to be shamed for their indulgence and swagger. Yet, beneath the glitz and bravado, there’s a clear-eyed recognition that this lifestyle may necessitate healing from the scars it inflicts.


The song paints a vivid picture of extravagance and excess, featuring evocative brand name drops like Philipp Plein and Alexander McQueen. Fuerza Regida doesn’t shy away from discussing their penchant for “desmadre” or chaos, a term common in hip-hop culture. The consistent reference to social media channels like Instagram underscores the artists’ deep connection with their fan base. Highlighting their taste for the finer things like Patek Philippe and Rolex watches, intertwined with a gritty reality of business dealings, the track encapsulates a timeless hip-hop narrative – a journey from struggle to success.

Puro MQueen

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a defiant protagonist recklessly spending cash with a devil-may-care attitude. There’s a strong presence of the culture of flaunting wealth and embracing hedonistic lifestyle, a recurring theme in Fuerza Regida’s body of work. The power dynamic between the lyricist and the women in the song is laid bare, offering a critique of superficial relationships and the emptiness that stems from materialism. The track, like a cinematic journey through the highs and lows of fame, captures the essence of Regida’s narrative prowess and uncanny ability to weave relatable stories into their music.


The lyrics celebrate the group’s own brand of swagger, grinding hard, and living out their own rules. Talking about living life on their terms, flaunting cash, and partying hard, the song showcases a devil-may-care attitude that’s unmistakably embedded in Fuerza Regida’s ethos. The narrative’s relentless and raw, much like the life they’re illustrating, brimming with bravado and audacity, underpinned by a hint of melancholy. It hits right at the heart of hip-hop’s essence – power, resistance, and resilience wrapped in a gritty, realist package.

Me Jalé Pal Antro

Packed with hubris and heartache, the song captures the essence of drifting away from a toxic relationship into the wild nightlife. Amidst the flashy lights, chicoteado cars, and champagne, there’s a palpable undercurrent of melancholy, a rare emotional vulnerability in the boisterous world of narcocorrido. While the champagne and good company might feel like an oblivion, the memories of past love lurk in the background. Fuerza Regida, nonetheless, presses on, embodying the resilience intrinsic to their genre and culture.


It’s a lyrical flex with an alluring hook, painting a glitzy picture of a high-rolling lifestyle filled with expensive taste and guilt-free indulgence. Fuerza Regida weaves a narrative around the allure of a woman whose beauty and prowess is irresistible, matching his own bravado and swag. The theme is largely centered on mutual attraction, wealth, and decadence, highlighted by references to Christian Dior and Mercedes. Yet, there’s a strong undercurrent of heartbreak and strife, making “TU KISS” a complex and seductive hip-hop ballad.


They hit us with a flamboyant celebration of life, where champagne flowing, and lavish parties are the order of the day. The track is filled with strong character, your bois strutting with confidence in their step, letting the world know they’ve “logramos coronar”, they’ve made it. Prioritizing the “plebada,” the squad, the crew, over material trappings, Fuerza Regida put their spin on success. But don’t get it twisted, the track ain’t just a celebration, it’s a statement – they’re here to stay, they’re the force to be reckoned with.


The lyrics are filled with bravado and hedonistic themes, painting a vivid picture of the high-rolling lifestyle they’re living, sprinkled with references to expensive labels like Psycho Bunny and Burberry, and luxuries like the BMW (“BM”). The song further dwells on interactions with women (“Las morras fresas me ponen débil”), intertwined with a sense of yearning (“esta princesa pide que le dé un kiss”). Yet, the constant nod to their roots remains, evident in their shout-out to ‘Iván’, a possible insider reference to a crew member or an ally. “TQM” is not just a song; it’s a narrative plunge into Fuerza Regida’s world, wrapped in an intoxicating mix of beats and rhythms.


Fuerza Regida exposes raw emotions as the vocalist roars his dismissal of a woman who didn’t value a sincere love, opting for frivolous pursuits instead. This jagged narrative, delivered with biting sincerity, exposes the underbelly of romantic relationships gone wrong in a manner that’s both scathing and cathartic. As the song progresses, Fuerza Regida takes control, vowing to erase the remnants of the agonising past with a potent combination of alcohol and new company. It’s a potent testament to self-preservation and resilience in the face of heartbreak.


It’s a slow burn, detailing a poignant tale of love lost and a man’s descent into loneliness. The track takes listeners on a path of reflection led by heartache, where every sip of beer tastes like bitter memories. Fuerza Regida doesn’t shy from the stinging reality of a breakup, capturing the detachment from one’s social circle and the random moments driving around when the emptiness in the passenger seat is the loudest sound. The song unapologetically embraces a melancholic perspective, with memories painted in the shades of the lover’s eyes – a profound metaphor for love that doubles as a testament to the group’s storytelling prowess.

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