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Top Five: The Best Rappers Alive of 2006

Honourable mentions:


Young Jeezy

Busta Rhymes

Black Thought

The Game

5. Lupe Fiasco

Notable releases:

Key guest appearances: 

4. Pusha T

Notable releases:

Key guest appearances: 

3. Ghostface Killah

Notable releases: Fishscale, More Fish

Key guest appearances: 

2. Lil Wayne

Notable releases: Like Father, Like Son (with Birdman), Dedication 2

Key guest appearances: DJ Khaled – “Holla at Me”, Cam’ron – “Touch It or Not”, Currensy – “Where da Cash At”, Fat Joe – “Make It Rain”, OutKast – “Hollywood Divorce”, Lloyd – “You”, Rick Ross – “I’m a G”, Jim Jones – “Weather Man”, DJ Clue – “Clear da Scene”

2006 was Lil Wayne at his absolute peak as a mixtape terror, murdering other rappers’ beats. Between Dedication 2 (and Da Drought 3 released in 2007) and flurry of incredible guest verses, Lil Wayne cemented himself as one of the best rapper alive

Wayne’s confidence was at an all-time high that when Complex writer asked him

Lil Wayne: It’s not your house, daddy. And I just want him to know that. That’s from a competitive level. You know what I mean? That’s not no beefing or no hating shit or nothing like that. It’s just I am a rapper. And he always capitalize on rappers being very confident about themselves. Like when everybody ask him, “How do you feel about this person saying this about you?” if it’s anything about rap he’ll be like “They’re supposed to say that.”

Interview: Lil Wayne’s 2006 Cover Story Uncut | Complex

1. T.I.

Notable releases:

Key guest appearances: 

Weezy may have crowned himself the best rapper alive, but T.I. was the King of the South, and also the legitimate best rapper of 2006.

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