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The Future x Metro Songs That Go Hard from “We Still Don’t Trust You”

The latest album just dropped on Friday (April 12th) and it’s an epic 2 Disc set with an immense 25 songs that goes for nearly one a half hours. If you’re not a hardcore fan like myself, it’s unlikely that you’ll commit that amount of time to listen to the whole set. It begs the question, should all of these songs have been released? Is this a case of quantity over quality?

Let me make it easy for you, there’s three songs that are genuinely worth the listen as they go hard for sure, and can be pleasantly listend to in under 15 minutes.

The obvious one is the leading track, “We Still Don’t Trust You“, it’s all about a broken relationship where Future can’t let go of his suspicion (“We still don’t trust you”). Even though he’s got global fame and adoring fans, his personal life is a mess. His girl is drawn to the spotlight, which fuels their crazy chemistry, but also the mistrust. It’s that classic struggle between love and the baggage that comes with the high-profile life.

The next pick is “Red Leather“, and it’s a flashy but honest look at rap fame where Future brags about success (“turned a dancer to a trophy”) while wrestling with addiction (“Codeine got my heart”). Love gets complicated – women are both trophies and sources of real connection. That Metro Boomin beat? It’s the perfect match for the song’s mix of luxury and the inner struggle beneath the surface. This track is about the highs and lows of chasing dreams and living that fast-paced lifestyle.

The third and final one that’s a must listen, is “Amazing”. It’s about being blown away by the wild and lavish lifestyle that comes with his success. He’s fascinated by beautiful women, loyal friends in Rolls-Royces, and the power he holds. The track mixes bravado with real talk about the value of trust. Despite all the excess, a bit of that outsider perspective remains – he’s still amazed by it all, even as he plays the game.

Will either of these three songs match the last album’s bangers, such as “Like That” and “Type Shit”? The next few weeks will be telling, as the last album “We Don’t Trust You” is tough to follow up that’s for sure.

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