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The Best Ice Spice Songs of All Time

When it comes to the lexicon of hip-hop, Ice Spice is a name that hits the ear with the resonance of a platinum record. As an artist adopting the shifting zeitgeist of the genre with resounding success, Ice Spice’s impressive discography, in an era of mumble rappers and autotuned beats, is a testament to her lyrical prowess and rhythmic versatility. Her albums are layered in style, encompassing tracks that take us on sonic journeys from the contemplative tones of “Think U The Shit (Fart)” in its different renditions, to the dynamic hype of joints like “Gangsta Boo” and “Pretty Girl”.

She’s not shy about collaborating either. With features from the likes of Lil Tjay on “Gangsta Boo” and a surprise collaboration with Nicki Minaj on “Princess Diana”, Ice Spice continues to push the envelope, keeping us on our toes with every beat drop. Not one to confine herself to one style or theme, she bounces between intense, uplifting jams and slow-burn introspective pieces with a finesse that solidifies her place amongst the best female rappers.

So let’s get into it. From “Think U The Sh*t (Fart)” to “Deli”, here are the best tracks from Ice Spice ranked by fan votes.

Boy’s a liar Pt. 2


This collaboration with PinkPantheress and Ice Spice is complete fire, the lyrics tell a masterful tale of untrustworthiness and deceit. The lyrics, rich with raw emotion, expose a narrative of infidelity, with a story addressing a love mired by lies. The combined vocal delivery of the chorus and hooks is a blend of anger and disillusionment, a testament to the broken trust within the relationship. The underpinning beat harmonizes beautifully with the storytelling, amplifying the emotional heft of the track.

Think U The Shit (Fart)


With lyrics as sharp as a Samurai blade, she dissects the narcissism running rampant in the industry. Her tongue-in-cheek humor shines through with the track title, reminding us that everyone, no matter how grand they think they are, can be brought back down to earth.



Using vivid imagery borrowed from a deli, she draws parallels between her ambition, work ethic, and the raw, gritty aspects of life behind the counter. The lyrics are a taste of her reality, subtly seasoned with wit and wisdom, serving up a recipe for success that satiates the hunger of her ambitions.

Princess Diana (with Nicki Minaj)


Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice swap verses about personal triumphs, and the struggle to sit atop the hip-hop hierarchy. The lyrics, laced with metaphorical references to Princess Diana’s influential life, build a narrative of regal resilience and unyielding ambition.

In Ha Mood


Here, she flexes a more contemplative side, blending sassy wordplay with introspective storytelling. She paints a vivid picture of her mood swings and emotional turbulence, making listeners ride that wave with her. The lyrics are raw, real, and reverberate with relatability, adding another facet to her multi-dimensional artistic persona.

Pretty Girl (with Rema)


Ice tempers her hardcore stance, dropping verses about the irresistible allure of a woman who’s got more than just looks. Her lyrics reek of respect and fascination, making it a refreshing and rhythmic detour in her discography.

Munch (Feelin’ U)


The track is laced with feel-good vibes and intimate confessions, showcasing her ability to communicate the complexities of relationships in a relatable way. From the catchy hook to the heartfelt verses, Ice Spice exercises her vulnerability, making Munch (Feelin’ U) a standout in her discography.

Gangsta Boo (feat. Lil Tjay)


With lyrics highlighting power dynamics, exoticism, and complex emotions, Ice brings a certain energy that’s both seductive and street. Paired with Lil TJay’s raw verses, the song is a joint narrative of navigating love and loyalty in a world where danger and glamour blur the lines.

Bikini Bottom


Deploying aquatic-themed metaphors, she uses the classic cartoon as an allegory for her life under the sea of fame. With a touch of humor and a hefty dose of realism, she conveys, in her own unique way, the highs and lows of living in the spotlight. It’s a testament to her knack for weaving complex narratives around playful themes.

How High?


She questions the limits of her potential and challenges the norms of the industry. It’s a lyrical manifestation of her ceaseless grind, expressed with a fluency that spins a captivating narrative of her rise and the heights she’s yet to scale.

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