Top 10 Best Rome Streetz Guest Verses Of All Time
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Ranking the Top 10 Best Rome Streetz Guest Verses of All Time

Griselda rapper Rome Streetz is one of the best rappers in the game right now , there’s no doubt about that. Raised on ’90s golden era boom-bap, the New York rapper is moulded in the image of rhyming greats like Nas and Big L.

While Rome has been a top-notch lyricist for quite some time now, his recent affiliation with Griselda and mentoring by Westside Gunn has elevated his talents to a new level. Along with Stove God Cooks and Armani Caesar, Rome Streetz is now one of the shining stars of Griselda’s second wave of talent.

From Boldy James’ “Open Door” to Conway’s murderous “Kill All Rats” and Westside Gunn grimey “Draymond,” here are the top 10 best Rome Streetz guest verses of all time.

10. Westside Gunn ft. Rome Streetz – “Eddie Kingston”

Westside Gunn Hitler Hermes 8

Released: JR Swiftz

Album: Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Side B

Producer: September 24, 2021

Supreme North Face pocket, got the order for five fiends
Manslaughter on your recorder, you know the vibes be (You know what the fuck it is)
Candyman, it's murder when I arrive on the scene (Uh-huh)
Shit get dangerous, no famous shit, became the fan favorite (Yeah)
These fools spittin' falsified flows, it's all flavorless (Fuck outta here)
Got shit in the chokehold, give a fuck if I made your list
I made brick money talkin' shit, havin' my way with this (I did)
For MDMA, it was eight-forty, I made him pay for zips (Uh-huh)
Crush a rock with a quarter on the table and take a sniff
Dropped all of my sins on the street corner and saved the blessings
Smoked the trees out the Bible page, my brain waves was reckless
Rome chapter two, verse three, say watch the way you steppin'
Spray the weapon, shells go through FLYGOD Avirexes (Boom boom)
Comin' live from where they bangin' and scammin'
Little niggas on Joker Stash makin' more than they parents (Facts)
A little know-how and your bank profile turn to a dough pile
The cheddar getter aura make all of the hoes go down (Deadass)
Bet against the squad, you picked the worst lane
Stashin' dope from the plates that I ate off like Hitler first name
Finesse you like Bernie Madoff in some rehearsed game
Was born with this, seen too many fail, I can't afford to slip
Went from fleein' many felony charges to fortunate
Fly Fashion Rebels fuckin' on your fiancée
Livin' fast for the funds, did stick ups with Andre
Fast forward, now its four hundred dollars when we eat entrees (Yeah)
Your bitch cum to my songs on long play, repeat the playlist (She do)
You just a peon, everything beyond greatness
GxFR, get a neck scar
My best fiend from Union Square who buy hard, he look like Brett Favre
Work on my aim and be a sharp shooter like Bret Hart (Boom, boom, boom)
When my shit come on it's the best part, nigga
Fuck outta here

9. Rick Hyde ft. Rome Streetz – “Poza”

Top 10 Best Rome Streetz Guest Verses Of All Time Rick Hyde

Released: May 11, 2022

Album: Stima

Producer: The Alchemist

Yo, check it
Was really doin' dirt, nigga, your story got no validity (Nah)
We aim to live regal off of illegal activity (Uh-huh)
Caught in a trap, mami sent the commissary slips to me (Love you, ma)
Came home on the same bullshit, no diggity (Yeah)
Now the raps I spit got my wrists all glittery (Bling)
Niggas who fell off they shit watch me style in misery (Hahaha)
Niggas who was never on hopin' they could sit with me (Fuck outta here)
Old clientele still asking for a sixty piece
Of the shit that'll lock his jaw when he grit his teeth
My homie go to his board soon, I hope he get released (Free my nigga)
It's funny how niggas who want the most get the least
This rap shit is my bitch, her neck is in a leash
RZA said protect ya neck, the TEC is in the fleece (Uh-huh)
First, it was drugs, now we investin' in tech and cryptocurrency (What else?)
I want everything I came to get and some of your piece
Young and dumb thinkin' life's a sprint, I was runnin' the streets
Now I aim to put my fork deep in somethin' to eat
New thousand dollar Dior sneaks cover my feet
I feel better dripped in fly garments
I seen plenty bands sellin' psychedelics out of my apartment
Was Metro card, now a nigga foreign car-parkin' (Skrrt)
You lames talkin' 'bout a game that you play no part in (Fuck outta here)
You watch from the nosebleeds, I'm point guard startin' (It's Ricky)
All-star, got the vision like a army marksman, nigga

8. Westside Gunn ft. Rome Streetz – “Steve Behr”

Top 10 Best Rome Streetz Guest Verses Of All Time Flygod Awesome Westside Gunn

Released: July 3, 2020

Album: FLYGOD Is an Awesome God 2

Producer: SadhuGold

Ayo, you a dollar late and day short
Every day divide the dollars, servin' cutties, shit that they snort
It was Off-White, now back to rockin' the rugby with the racehorse
Half a gram for a Virgil, have a blast, sniff ya face off
Like Scott Storch, this shit that I produce be the muy bueno
Late nights like Leno, I was movin' elbows out the rental
I'm lit with rap, that ain't coincidental
I seen a nigga take five acid tabs, that shit fried his mental
Son ain't been the same since, seen him the other day
I let him hold somethin', I'm real, won't look the other way
"The streets'll take you but won't bring you back," that's what my mother say
Run off with the pack, then your brother pay
Blast the Bushmaster at his beanie, my billy's blazin' like turkey day
Do the one, decode the shit in the verses that I display
At the top, it's really Rome and Gunn, the comp is miles away
My style is gunpowder in the crack vial, the Don is great
Do you dirty for dollars, the goonies gon' relate
Your bitch mouth on my lap like print on the BAPE
Fuck outta here, nigga

7. Westside Gunn ft. Stove God Cooks & Rome Streetz – “BDP”

Top 10 Best Rome Streetz Guest Verses Of All Time 10 Westside Gunn

Released: October 28, 2022

Album: 10

Producer: Conductor Williams

I'm God's favorite, when I spit, the bar raises (C-C-C-C)
Before I got my start, was sellin' hard drugs to Caucasians
Fought cases, now we high in double R's racin' (Skrrt)
I came up, they all thought it was voodoo from the Haitians (Haha)
In all greatness, God, the top lonely but it ain't spacious (Uh-huh)
The comp all washed up with fiend-out faces (Niggas poor)
They ain't shit, just for me to prosper, had to take risks
My Off-White Dunks got the criss-cross laces (Uh-huh)
I push a spaceship all through the New York Matrix (Vroom)
Where good kids catch bids and turn Incarcerated Scarfaces
Rather serve you coke outta my palm than work for small wages (Uh-huh)
Kick your door, pray Allah save us, we all favored
Casablanca scarf wiping prints off the stainless (Uh-huh)
I knock whoever off, underground artists or A-list (Boom-boom-boom)
If they in the lane, they just roadkill on the pavement (Uh)
It's GxFR, dangerous, nothin' to play with
It’s pure poison on your playlist
I'm like dark skin Michael Jackson stylin', moonwalkin' on stages (Woo)
I'm a lord, they all hit the floor and give off praises
Still got dog food residue on my razor

6. Westside Gunn ft. Rome Streetz – “Big AL”

Westside Gunn Hitler Hermes 8

Released: September 24, 2021

Album: Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Side B

Producer: Denny Laflare

5. Boldy James ft. Rome Streetz & Stove God Cooks – “Open Door”

Top 25 Best Rap Guest Verses Of 2022 Boldy James

Released: May 11, 2022

Album: Killing Nothing

Producer: Real Bad Man

Yup, check it, ayo
Got my bread hand-to-hand
I ain't get no check from the government (Nah, fuck that)
Re-up with my mans, split the grams, we was thuggin' it (Uh-huh)
Fuckin' on a square hoe but really love a gutter bitch (I love 'em)
That eyeball the work in her purse that hold a rubber grip
Hustlin' my heritage, nothin' to turn one to six (Yeah)
Got it out the mud and made it happen, fuck a "wonder if...?" (Facts)
Locked in the cell, we was scrappin', son, throw up your fists (What up?)
Shootin' thirty-ones, we 'bout that action like a Bronson flick (Uh-huh)
Always on some shit, my lifestyle a felony
Still sellin' dope, niggas thinkin' I'm a celebrity
The .23 I tote turn your brain cells to celery (Blaow)
And rock your bells like LL, will end your destiny
Worked the pill presser 'fore I ever had a press release (Facts)
My niggas will press ya, press triggers, then rest in peace (Blao)
Sheesh, cook the fish like hot grease
Straight drop, come and cop, peep (Yeah)

4. Ransom & Big Ghost Ltd ft. Rome Streetz – “Black Water”

Top 10 Best Rome Streetz Guest Verses Of All Time Ransom

Released: July 23, 2021

Album: Heavy Is The Head

Producer: Big Ghost Ltd

Yo, ayo
Street pharmacist, I got narcotic combination
For the patient in my palm is with it, place the paper payment
Fakes trying to duplicate the cadence
But what I do is greatness, voodoo is what I drew on the loose-leaf paper
You dudes just doodoo and don’t do nothing creative
Every verse you heard from me, the beat I cremated
The third lick that I hit, the grip was a 380
Had four bullets in the clip and a weak safety
Got low for the week then I’m back on the streets gravy
Do what I got to do to eat and pay me
Cold-hearted, I show you the heat in HD like Michael Mann
Plenty nights, I got my pockets right off a trifle scam
Understand, the money don’t always go to the rightful hands
Sometimes it goes to who’s holding the rifle to your vital glands
The title stands right to my mantelpiece with a couple heads
Bloody chains, crushed microphone and a ton of death

3. Westside Gunn ft. Benny the Butcher, Stove God Cooks, Rome Streetz, Armani Caesar, Jay Worthy, Conway the Machine & Robby Takac – “Red Death”

Top 10 Best Rome Streetz Guest Verses Of All Time 10 Westside Gunn

Released: October 28, 2022

Album: 10

Producer: The Alchemist

Speed in a Benz now, before it was the mega bus with bundles
All the droopy-eyed junkies come through with they money crumpled
Make 'em get it straight, the fiend arm got more tracks than Hitler 8
He tried to find a vein, he tied his bicep with the sneaker lace
They shot him in his foot like Harlem Nights, now he in outer space
Fast forward, now we in Paris, swiggin' bottles of Ace
You know the case, all the bitches love me like I'm '98 Ma$e
You dirty square niggas won't ever be in better shape
We so far ahead of these niggas, it's no one in the race
Could leave and come back, they'd still be fucked up in the same place
Light you up like Richard Pryor with a pipe full of base
Life dealt them bad cards, he got popped in his poker face
Chop your head, stone cold was how I left a rattlesnake
Then I hit the rock with the razor's edge on a paper plate
Ghost guns, we keep hearin' weapons
He tried to run, we blew at the back of his head like a Rams helmet (Boom)
All I needed was a skirt, I told the plug to mail it
On the dark web, I know the method like RZA do
Residue on my digital, you niggas minuscule
All of my shit is dope (Yeah) put it on a spoon

2. Conway the Machine & Big Ghost Ltd ft. Ransom & Rome Streetz – “Kill All Rats”

Top 10 Best Rome Streetz Guest Verses Of All Time Conway

Released: February 5, 2021

Album: If It Bleeds It Can Be Killed

Producer: Big Ghost Ltd

I got Rugers for Judas and hollows for Donnie Brasco (Fuck ’em)
Leave your Fear of God holey and send you to meet apostles (Brrap, brrap)
Before my rap was poppin', I pushed powder for nostrils (I did)
In cahoots with wild violent Damus makin' plots to pop you (Grra)
Send you to the upper room, fuck the hospital (Fuck it)
Leave your soul cozy in a box like a Prada shoe (Haha)
Pretty ghetto thots who I decide to screw, but never hit it raw
But have her traffickin' the soft inside a condom, too (Facts)
If I get knocked, she pop the pussy on a conjugal (Uh-huh)
I came up the con way, sellin' everybody food (I did)
Acid, weed, pills and hard rock like Mötley Crüe
Hard-headed, didn't give a fuck if mommy knew (Sorry, mom)
Turned one to two and then the clan fed
Took a oath that I would slice the throat of any Danny Hernandez (Fuck 'em)
Had six nines in my possession, but I sold 'em all
Never tell you motherfuckers to who, I know protocol
The food stamps transform to Franklins and filet mignon (Uh-huh)
Truffle butter, swiggin' Ace of Spade like it's Évian (Yeah)
Dick-ridin' rappers, I'll slide off with your baby mom (I will)
Have her testin' out molly batches in a lacy thong (Mm-hmm)
We rob Paul, pop Peter, sold H to John
Mother Mary and Joseph until my paper long (Brrt, brrt)
Motherfucker (Fuck outta here)

1. Westside Gunn ft. Stove God Cooks & Rome Streetz – “Draymond”

Top 10 Best Stove God Cooks Guest Verses Of All Time Westside Hitler B

Released: August 27, 2021

Album: Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf

Producer: Denny Laflare

With the right, I shake a millionaire's hand, with the left, I serve a junkie
Walked the line, a lavish life of crime, remember them times
I had a bunkie on the tier, now my signature a souvenir (Haha)
Bitches wanna hang, bringin' me neck like I got nooses near (Uh)
My shit is hypnotic, when I spit it, they got stupid stares (Yeah, yeah)
Bought they lies quickly and minimize when the truth appear
They say this shit a gamblе, you live your life in casinos (What)
Death is at thе door, I shoot the reaper through the peep hole (Blap, blap, blap)
I see no equal, I play the game on hard, don't need no cheat code (Nah)
It's easier to scam than flip a kilo (Yeah)
Dirt all over the C-notes, keep the clean stack separate (Uh-uh)
For the record, I'm wreckin' shit, natural scrap that's effortless (Yeah)
Made to murder shit like a .38 Special is, the specialist
I heard your new shit, I'm less than impressed with it (Shit trash)
All the fools under my shoe, I'm settin' the precedent
They overdose, it's fentanyl in the pills when they pressin' it (Ayo)
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