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Ranking the Top 25 Best Rap Guest Verses of 2022

2022 has been an incredible year for hip hop, and it’s not even over yet. With high-profile releases from the likes of Kendrick, Future and Drake, as well as drops from names like Denzel Curry, Pusha T, JID, and the Griselda crew, it has been a year of something for everybody.

Just like we celebrated in 2021 , we going to go through and rank some of the best rapper features of the year so far. And what a year it has been for features. Whether it was Jay-Z on the sublime “God Did” or “Neck & Wrist” to J. Cole continuing his run as the best rapper right now with immaculate guest verses, the standard has certainly been set at a high bar this year.

From J. Cole on “Johnny P’s Caddy” to No Malice on “I Pray for You” and Ghostface on “Purple Hearts,” here are the top 25 best rap guest verses of 2022.

25. DJ Paul on “PYS”

Gibbs Soul Sold

Released: September 30, 2022

Album: $oul $old $eparately

Producer: DJ Paul

Other rappers on the track: Freddie Gibbs

Whippin' in an all-black Cadillac
Pills up, hoes down, nigga, four flats
Tryna get money out of me? Fuck that
I'm on the same shit, I'm tryna put you on a track
Hard out here for a pimp? No mo'
Will I ever be broke again? Nigga, that's a "No" (No)
Watch that syrup pour in slow-mo
But my drug of choice is that goddamn blow
I'm a pimp, I'm a mack, lookin' for the dollas
Need Trues and Vogues help me pull these models
Had her snatched by the kit, washin' the Impala
Kept a TEC-9, kept Tony in the dolla
Memphis Ten' nigga, mane, we been on some pimp shit
Been on some robbin', been with the bullshit
Come around here with the goods, we gon' pull shit
Nigga stay strapped, gotta keep me a tool kit

24. Rico Nasty on “Ain’t No Way”

Biggest Hip Hop Album First Week Sales Of 2022 Denzel

Released: March 25, 2022

Album: Melt My Eyez, See Your Future

Producer: LO, Sucuki & Powers Pleasant

Other rappers on the track: JID, Kitty Ca$h, Jasiah, JID & 6LACK

I can't fake when bitches smilin' in my face
Wanna take what I make? Too bad I do this shit with grace
Can't relate, take a break, and come back when it resonate
I raisе the stakes (Yeah), I put thе fire to the flame, I put the hater shit to shame (Ooh)
Such a shame, they can't break a bitch with what they say (Bitch)
I wake up and I choose the money (Money), they wake up and they choose to hate (Huh?)
Can't mimic the image (Yeah), they don't know what to do (What?)
These bitches been itchin' for an issue, couldn't fit in my shoes
So I got me some puff, and I got me a pump (Huh?)
And I shot me a punk, bitch, I'm poppin' the trunk (Bitch)
Bitch, my trunk in the front, pussy poppin' and young (Yeah)
If I pull this chopper out when I shoot, bitch, better duck

23. Boldy James on “No Yeast”

Top 25 Best Rap Guest Verses Of 2022 Currensy

Released: February 18, 2022

Album: Continuance

Producer: The Alchemist

Other rappers on the track: Currensy

Acquired taste for the finer things, the finer cuisine
While others do it online for the streams
Posting comments and memes
Love the sound when that money counter cha-ching
It's Concrete, you know the drama we bring
Me and Con the Machine embody the Mafia theme
What else? Now my Damier Lou' Vuitton and Supreme
Are you in Detroit, Motor City?
I run DMC, these niggas better get down with the kings
Six mile runs from Sconey Island to Queens
They got me back on my Quran, on my knee
A hundred pints of the clean
Poured up a three, remix the Sprite with codeine
Love how the light hit off the ice when it gleam
Before the shines and the bling
Was '96 Dame, Shawn, and Kareem
Shot Johnny around the corner from my Auntie Willene
Ladder in my double nine-M, Glock with the beam
He had 'em thinking he was him, but shit is not what it seems
It's Concrete, who you know more streeter than me?
With no yeast, so street, a nigga everything he seeming to be
Read 'em and weep, we open shop and OT on a spree
It's Concreature Boldy Blocks, the king of the D
How she in love, still sleeping with me?
Two hundred fives, twenty fifties, ten hundreds, I was keeping it G
Now, who you know more streeter than me?
With no yeast, so street, a nigga everything he seeming to be

22. Quelle Chris on “NYNEX”

Top 25 Best Rap Guest Verses Of 2022 Billy Woods

Released: April 8, 2022

Album: Aethiopes

Producer: DJ Preservation & GLOWINTHEDARK

Other rappers on the track: Billy Woods, Denmark Vessey, E L U C I D

Said he had a mission
Some niggas run when they see niggas runnin'
Some niggas run and see
I be the latter
Four thousand years after King James claimed God's great (Who, me?)
I said I'm flattered, time hoppin' like Peabody and Sherm
Eyes bleedin' like Giuliani, peaking, felt little concern
My imperfection's impressive, take L's to the chest like Laverne
Used to rock a tar baby perm, Brer Rabbit habit
Moves documented by the coons
And all the gatekeepers walk pageant
Ooh, delicioso, fresh madness, steamin'
Right up out the pot, no seasonin'
E'rybody wanna be the next big thing to pop out Mother Nature's gato breathin'
Spells, chants, incantations, readings
Yeah, nigga, it's all that
Niggas thought we was writin' raps and we manipulate seasons
That's no cap and all caps at the same time
[?] Maasai walks the same line
Canonically and sonically, I was in the same mind
Don't need four or five g's to call shots like a land line
Straight from the spine, handle mine
Sidesteppin' like it's hammer time
Deep cut so fire that it cauterizes

21. Ransom on “Funeral Arrangements”

Sy Ari Da Kid

Released: March 18, 2022

Album: The Shadow In the Shade

Producer: Royce Da 5’9″

Other rappers on the track: Sy Ari Da Kid, Lloyd Banks

Still in the hood, niggas hateful I made it
I just pray they pay me no mind when I'm makin' my payments
Real lyrics and songs that come out of fake entertainers
If a funeral's what you need, I can make the arrangements
Forsaskin' the plaintiffs, send the judge and jury
If the gloves don't fit, I'll split in a fuckin' fury
These niggas do nothin' for me
Try to box me in, if you win, it comes with an asterisk
I never went to class, but refuse to remain classless
If life is a movie, I'm fuckin' the main actress
Now I need you to sit calm or a casket is what your cast gets
I hunt 'em like Katniss, but I don't play them Hunger Games
Soon as they see my tracklist, these niggas catch stomach pains
Ashes to ashes, bodies in furnaces, tie me a turniquet
A trip to the sky'll be permanent, Sy, he encouraged it
I guess that makes him the Devil's advocate
That force tried to invade these streets and was met with savages
You can call me the catalyst, a lead strategist
Work my hands 'til they get callouses, checks and balances
I was taught to respect the challenges
Silent talks with the reaper said I'm a keeper
Now I guess I know what the challenge is
Yeah, while these niggas remain borin'
I'm about to conjure these demons like Anna Lorraine Warren
I dread when that pain's callin', this the last time
You ain't never affect the game, I ain't interested in your stat line
You talk about you agin', like, you past prime
Sub you out before halftime, sendin' your soul to God'll be my last crime
That's 'cause you frontin', in your raps lyin'
Body drop, mind blown, heart stopped, eyes closed, flatline

20. Lil Wayne on “Just In Time”

Jid Forever Story

Released: August 26, 2022

Album: The Forever Story

Producer: Christo & ​monte booker

Other rappers on the track: JID, Kenny Mason

Time is of the essence, I'm a blessin' in Balenciaga
Diamonds are impressive, but their best friends are expensive drama
I was a perfection, no protection, I'm with and without it
"Why am I so reckless?" is a question that don't get responses
Tie 'em down, inspect 'em, disconnect 'em if there's any power
Cowards talk excessive, piss-terine is what I rinse they mouth with
Tired of contestants, invest in the winner's column
I'm so timeless, but I got plenty time
No sinus, but I got plenty slimes
More commas than a long sentence, slime
No problem to kill 'em, that's killin' time
I done did my time
But you know they still be tryna give me time 'til the end of time
Since the beginnin' of time, I put in the time
And that's all the time, that's in time
Put it on the line 'til the finish line
Never crossed the line, stay within the lines
I don't marginalize, I don't sympathize
And if it's on his mind, I help him decide
If that's your homie's side, then defend his side
Or we gon' storm your side and then rinse you dry
That's homicide, that's genocide
I'm large in size, they minimized
I'm armed this time, can't miss this time
I got time today, and you just in time, yeah

19. Rome Streetz on “Open Door”

Top 25 Best Rap Guest Verses Of 2022 Boldy James

Released: May 11, 2022

Album: Killing Nothing

Producer: Real Bad Man

Other rappers on the track: Boldy James, Stove God Cooks

Yup, check it, ayo
Got my bread hand-to-hand
I ain't get no check from the government (Nah, fuck that)
Re-up with my mans, split the grams, we was thuggin' it (Uh-huh)
Fuckin' on a square hoe but really love a gutter bitch (I love 'em)
That eyeball the work in her purse that hold a rubber grip
Hustlin' my heritage, nothin' to turn one to six (Yeah)
Got it out the mud and made it happen, fuck a "wonder if...?" (Facts)
Locked in the cell, we was scrappin', son, throw up your fists (What up?)
Shootin' thirty-ones, we 'bout that action like a Bronson flick (Uh-huh)
Always on some shit, my lifestyle a felony
Still sellin' dope, niggas thinkin' I'm a celebrity
The .23 I tote turn your brain cells to celery (Blaow)
And rock your bells like LL, will end your destiny
Worked the pill presser 'fore I ever had a press release (Facts)
My niggas will press ya, press triggers, then rest in peace (Blao)
Sheesh, cook the fish like hot grease
Straight drop, come and cop, peep (Yeah)

18. Conway the Machine on “Tyson vs. Ali”

Tana Talk 4 Benny

Released: March 11, 2022

Album: Tana Talk 4

Producer: Daringer

Other rappers on the track: Benny the Butcher

Ayo, Benny, I remember what we used to do to the fiends (Remember that?)
That's why it feel so good to see you doin' your thing (I see you)
Don't get distracted by the noise, don't let it ruin your thing (Fuck them niggas)
They tried to pick you off, but that's really a movin' screen (Hold up, listen)
Uh, you and your team gon' see like two or three rings (Ah)
Win that MVP trophy, that's such a beautiful thing (Yeah)
My bitch don't do the Gucci bag, she usually do the Celine
Sold pills in the trenches, that's pharmaceutical cream, ah (Talk to 'em)
Yeah, now those deals worth a mil' or more
The DeLeon spill and pour (Uh-huh), I got this rap shit in a figure four
You figure for niggas
Westside, Daringer, me, and Benny, y'all lookin' at the illest four
Niggas that y'all seen in ten years or more (Woo)
I mean, you lookin' at the team with the winnin' score (Ah)
Fuck them niggas, kill 'em all
We was in the kitchen whippin' soft
A nigga life changed though when he got that brick of fentanyl (Talk your shit, king)
Yeah, it's been like five years of excellence
But it's like they don't respect this shit (They don't respect it)
Had Angie Martinez like, "Who the heck is this?"
With no album out, gave Mary J. a hundred thousand dollar necklace, so effortless (Hahaha)
I'm buyin' drip, the tailor takin' my measurements
Michelin star brunch, Machine been settin' precedents (I'm eatin' good, man)
Russian Cream, La Maquina, Butcher Breath in it (Uh-huh)
Tell B Dot I said, "F his list", Machine, nigga

17. Lil Uzi Vert on “Big tonka”

Biggest Hip Hop Album First Week Sales Of 2022 Yeat

Released: April 1, 2022

Album: 2 Alivë

Producer: Brandon Finessin, Aunix & Leqn

Other rappers on the track: Yeat

Yeah (Fuck it), get high as I like (Woah)
Fuck that probation, I don't got no patience (Woah)
Fuck on that bitch like that ho was my patient (Ayy)
I be the doctor, no, I'm not a nurse (Ayy)
I fucked that bitch and I bought her a purse (Ayy)
Yeah (Ayy), get high as I like (Woah, what? Ayy)
I fucked on his bitch, the kind that I like (What?)
Yeah, I play with her pussy, her mouth, I'ma bite (Lil Uzi)
Yeah, Percocet slo-mo, it make my bitch fuck on a dyke, yeah (Made her fuck on her a dyke)
Oh, that's what you like, uh, when I'm not around? Yeah
Eatin' on pussy, yeah, when I'm out of town, yeah
I do condone it long as I get the diploma, head (Yeah)
Lean look black, mixin' up Wock' with the red, ayy (What?)
Cop pulled me over, sike, nigga, I fled
Lead on my waist, yeah, I stay with that lead (Skrr)
Metallica, I put spikes in my head (Ayy, yeah)
Whip up, Arm & Hammer, that's an arm and a leg
Ooh, he icy like sled (Ayy)
Ooh, she ride my dick like a peg (Oh)
Ooh, zombified, I'm already dead (Huh?)
They gon' put you on pause and my shit they gon' play
Bitch, I'm a Beast Boy, my bitch like a Raven (Yeah)
Nigga talkin' that shit, split his tongue like a ace
Angela Simmons, I stay with that pastry (Oh, yeah)
I stayed on that beany, now my pockets cakey (Yeah)
I'm not a mason, I move like a mason (Yeah)
Cook up the work, in a oven, I bake it (Cook it)
Bitch, I'm so high, I don't think I'm gon' make it, ha (I'm so high)
Got that ski on my eyes, but I still see she naked
See, holes through this mask like my name really Jason (Jason)

16. 21 Savage on “Jimmy Cooks”

Drake Honestly Nevermind

Released: June 17, 2022

Album: Honestly, Nevermind

Producer: Vinylz, Tay Keith, CuBeatz & Tizzle

Other rappers on the track: Drake

Spin a block twice like it ain't nowhere to park (21)
Smack the backside of his head like he Bart (Pussy)
OVO 4L, we come out when it get dark (21, 21)
Big stepper, he came in a Rolls, but he left in a stretcher (21)
Let my brother drive while I shoot, team effort (21)
Askin' all these questions, bitch, you must think you Nadeska
The chopper like to feel on all the opps, it's a molester (21)
I be with my gun like Rozay be with lemon pepper
She wanna hear some Afrobeats 'cause she just popped a Tesla
All that workin' out, that nigga must think he a wrestler
But this ain't UFC, this chopper came with a compressor (21)
This chopper came with a compressor (Pussy)
This chopper came with a— (Pussy)
This Glock 45 came with a switch (21)
If I was Will Smith, I would've slapped him with a stick
Put your hands in the air, it's a stick-up (21)
Spin the same hood where I get my dick sucked (Facts)
If you standin' on business, put your blick up (21, 21)
Come around actin' scary, get your shit took (21)
Fell in love with feelin' dizzy, so I spizzin (21)
I got mad love for the boy, yeah, that's my twizzin (21)
If them niggas keep on dissin', slide agaizzin (21)
We the reason why the opps ain't got no frizziends (21)
Last nigga played with me got turned duppy
I ain't even roll him in the 'Wood 'cause he musty
You ask how she doin', I just tell her come and fuck me
Shot his ass twenty times, damn, this nigga lucky (Damn, that nigga lucky)

15. Yasiin Bey on “Stars”

Jid Forever Story

Released: August 26, 2022

Album: The Forever Story

Producer: BADBADNOTGOOD, Christo & Eric Jones

Other rappers on the track: JID

Your chain hangin', bling swingin', back breakin'
But it's gleamin', problem posture, double cup leanin'
Slide, slouchin' tiger, pimpin' dragon on swagger
VVS is very vertebrae snappin', lights flashin'
A manicured appearance concealin' the shattered spirit
Jinn sneerin' out the paradox prism
The palace as the prison, retail religion
Red carpet constriction, the freedom is the fiction
As niggas raised specific is race really existin'
Man, get the bag, you're trippin'
Go 'head partner, hit this, sip this
Wishlist, hitlist, top ten, shit list, bitchless
Chickless, playmate, playboy, flip sides, same coin, big front
But no joy, yuck, oh boy, hot girls, cold hearts
Tax man like the Taliban and ISIS
No relation to class of Osiris
Kissin' cousins 'til the climbin' gas prices kill a climate
Yikes-es, sucker, mean muggin', who the nicest?
A promised death known is what they life is
Bey tap in, they tap out like a tabloid typist
They touch too tiny to the titan, YA-S-double I-N
Conquerin' lion out the liar, seek the garden, flee the fire

14. 21 Savage on “Surround Sound”

Jid Forever Story

Released: January 14, 2022

Album: The Forever Story

Producer: Christo, DJ Scheme & Nurі

Other rappers on the track: JID, Baby Tate

Me and my money attached emotionally
I get to clutchin' if you get too close to me
I'm at the top where I'm 'posed to be
Jumped in the game, niggas act like they coaching me
Four hundred racks ain't shit but a show to me
I'm on the road and I bet that your ho with me
When I'm in traffic, it's always a pole wit' me
Pillsbury man, I keep dough with me
Hit from the back
She giving me slurp and I ain't even pull my pants down
Jump in the box and slide to the other side, it's always a man down
Draw down, hands in the air, nigga
Make one move, get gunned down
Giving out smoke so long
They don't even wanna talk no more, they just run now
No locked doors, I serve with a chop
Bitch got spent, she was hanging with an opp
We call him Mickey, he talks to the cops
I was on Pinedale, glass in the sock
Back in the day, I invest in the block
Fast forward, now I'm investing in stocks
I put a drum on the Heckler and Koch
Don't play 'cause I'm very invested in shots

13. Stove God Cooks on “Open Door”

Top 25 Best Rap Guest Verses Of 2022 Boldy James

Released: May 11, 2022

Album: Killing Nothing

Producer: Real Bad Man

Other rappers on the track: Boldy James, Rome Streetz

I got 'em kneelin' to the yay, seven days
Give thanks to my wrist, all praise
I might throw a cocaine parade
Sittin' on seventy-seven bricks while I weigh
Bought a kilo, stepped on it, got a ego
Got a speedboat, a Ferrari Portofino (Woo)
All perico, money spillin' out the safe
Pythons in Audis, I'm Jake the Snake, you fake
I know I'm late, I was halfway through a twenty-eight
Dropped the ice on it, threw it on a plate and skated
I send my shooter through again if you make it (Brrrrrat)
Holy Black Jesus, Hail Mary, Troy Aikman
Just make sure you winnin' when the game end
All my bitches love the stove, not Raymond
Is it flame? Shit, I wouldn't even know
I ain't had to open up a whole thang since '04

12. Action Bronson on “Daddy Kane”

Top 25 Best Rap Guest Verses Of 2022 Roc Marciano

Released: August 26, 2022

Album: The Elephant Man’s Bones

Producer: The Alchemist

Other rappers on the track: Roc Marciano

I peeled my face off, it revealed the same face (Uh)
My demise always a day late (Uh-huh)
Classic battle like eagle vs. snake (Classic)
Dragon vs. leopard (Uh, classic)
Cannons blasting out the Lexus with the left hand
Made 'em flip like Suni Lee
Slice tuna with the Hanzō, threw olive oil on the shit (Come here, come here, eat)
Told the bitch, "Mangia, they don't got this at the diner" (Nope)
For forty lifetimes, I remember (Uh)
I've arrived the second day of December (Woo)
With "The Wind Cries Mary" played by Jimi on the Fender
Safari snorkel on the white defender
Enter water easy, let the engine breathe (Chill out, y'all)
Should I let it slide? (Nah) Or choke you to sleep using the geese sleeve
Until you make feces? (Fuck is goin' on right now?)
Then I dance off the scene like Chris Breezy (Ooh)
Yeah, yeah (He's on fire)
Uh, yeah, uh (He's on fire)
I'm 'bout to have a night like Kiss at the Garden (Yes, I am)
We rockin' Timbs, no Doc Martens (Eighty points)
Doctor Baklava, I beg your pardon (Fifty rebounds)
Nowadays (Thirty assists), your boy lookin' like a motherfuckin' Stegosaurus
Yeah, it's me

11. Lil Wayne on “Tear Gas”

Top 25 Best Rap Guest Verses Of 2022 Conway

Released: February 25, 2022

Album: God Don’t Make Mistakes

Producer: Cozmo, G Koop & Vidal Garcia

Other rappers on the track: Conway the Machine

Yeah, yeah
And I just got a bag and another bag, yeah, yeah
I just got a bag and another bag, yeah, yeah
Now I'm in my bag and I bet them niggas petrified
Too terrified to testify, you get terrorized
That's death-defyin', dissect the guy, body parts can't be specified
Set on fire, by his dental work, he get identified
His bitch gotta come and verify, the revolution will be televised
I'm 'bout to binge watch, fuck her on Zoom and let her friends watch
That's that free dope, no cap, no syringe top, killin' pussy, the dick need tear drops
Tell the opps send a pin drop, I'll be there in ten tops
Clip full like an inbox, shoot you in your AirPods
I'd like to thank my plug at this time, I cannot forget slime
It's a thin line, it's Weezy and Con, catch us on the incline
Up, up in thin air, so high, sometimes my throne feel like a wheelchair
I'm half dead as it is, flag red as it is
Bad breaks on my temper, don't add weight to my temple
Them bitches, they follow me like a drag race, start your engine
Say you're in your bag, nigga, your bag's a smaller fittin'
Niggas scared of me, I'ma cook 'em, who wants some chicken?

10. Kodak Black on “Silent Hill”

Mr Morale The Big Steppers First Week Sales

Released: May 13, 2022

Album: Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers

Producer: Beach Noise, Jahaan Sweet, Boi-1da & Sounwave

Other rappers on the track: Kendrick Lamar

They don't fuck with me even if they could
Pull out the stick, hit a bitch with the wood
First to park Rolls Royce, 'vert in the hood
Don't worry about us, over here we good
The AP Roman numeral, everywhere I go, I need pharmaceuticals
I ran my whole conglomerate, I was just mappin' shit out in the cubicle
Suicide coupe was a funeral, Trackhawk launch like a slingshot
Big ol' ruby diamond on my pinky finger, that bitch look like a Ring Pop
Money on my mind, money on your head
Can't ride three times while you comin' through the 'jects
Red Cross kept a nigga fed
In the studio with K. Dot fresh out the feds
Yeah, you niggas can't stand the rain, you niggas don't stand a chance
Yeah, Chevrolet candy paint, I spin the bend in the Benz
I caught a bale off a Google app
I'm the type to get my shooter whacked
I had to survive off a tuna pack
Five percent tint on the whip like, "Who was that?"
Coupe take off like it's mad
Beat the dope with a fork, I'm whippin' up Sudafed, I'm doin' scams in the lab
Every Thursday, girl's day, spendin' time with my daughter, make me go harder
Every Sunday's son's day, teach my boy to be a man, I ain't had no father
Fell in the love with the block, I ain't have no pop, just a sawed-off shotgun, Mossberg
We stackin' that money up proper, awkward diamonds, look like marbles
Audemars water, aqua, beatin' the block up 'til we spot 'em
I don't want your ice, boy, I want your life, but fuck it, I still might rob 'em

9. J. Cole on “London”

Top 25 Best Rap Guest Verses Of 2022 J Cole London

Released: April 8, 2022

Album: N/A

Producer: Tim Nihan, Jon Glass & AzizTheShake

Other rappers on the track: Bia

Plane just landed, Heathrow, hop off the G4 standard
We see a opp, it's G-code, we blow his top, now he's volcanic
Please don't panic over my lingo, both of my feet so planted
Gold wedding ring on my finger, but yet I'm still killin' 'em singlehanded
Drum on the gun like I'm Ringo
I'm in this bitch with no chain like I'm Django
We from the ends where they know that they can't go
She go both ways so I'm tastin' the rainbow (Ha)
Yummy, they got no more bread, they're crummy
The same way that Melo was starin' at Rih is the way that I stare at the money
I'm ready to risk it all if I lift it, bet I won't miss it, you a statistic
Thought shit was sweet 'til we popped up and popped off the top of your Mistic
I go ballistic
Hopped out the drop, got the drop on an opp, now I'm opportunistic
I like to shop in the District
Coppin' this, coppin' that, I'm proper capitalistic, uh
Dreamer, Dreamer runnin' the game in my signature trainers
Balenciaga for joggers, I might just wear Crocs at the O2 arena
Splendid, got no limits, should have a tank on my pendant
Blokes goin' broke tryna keep up with Cole, but I make it back soon as I spend it
Maybach tinted, "'Scuse me, sir, but ain't that rented?"
I'm offended, straight cash for my Benzes, we don't pay back interest
Aim at fences when I swing, pay respects and kiss my ring
Even Elizabeth said I'm king, haha (Well he's bloody well right, isn't he? Haha)
Why would I choose between this one or that one
When I know that I can have both?
I laugh at these rappers for cappin'
I guess T.I.P. ain't the only one out here with jokes
Mans don't want smoke
I just don't understand
I don't even think they should be allowed to breathe the same air as him if you asked me

8. Tyler, the Creator on “Cash In Cash Out”

Top 25 Best Rap Guest Verses Of 2022 21 Savage Tyler

Released: June 10, 2022

Album: Pandemonium

Producer: Pharrell

Other rappers on the track: 21 Savage

Nah, I ain't heard of that, I hit the beach in a furry hat
She got a guy but she purrin' back, I'm lookin' like, "Where he at?"
Nigga, get out the way (Way), that girl my bae (Hey)
Rock on my hand, nah, this ain't Dwayne (Hey, hey)
This shit neon yellow like pee on it (Hey, hey)
Goin' both sides, yeah, you could say I'm B-I (Hey, hey)
Got whips like slaves, the garage like, "Yee-haw"
Horses, more car keys than a piano
One came with an umbrella like Rihanna
Nigga, let's be honest (Umm), be honest
Track needed life, nigga, so they put me on it (Yeah, yeah)
Nigga, you don't be on what we on, and 2-1 got three Ks (Yeah)
I think he just might put a sheet on it (Yeah, yeah)
Ice so white, motherfucker, you could ski on it (Switch it up)
Look, any stone I'm in, no less than six digits (Yo, what up, stoner?)
Beep go the Rolls, right-side, I sit in it (Come on, man)
Tick go the watch, it came with a dent in it (Come again)
And skrrt on a plane, just me and my bitch in it (Yo)
(They was talkin' 'bout a hundred million, baby)
Just know it's big business
Hands stay full with them racks like hit tennis (Woo)
And no money, phone account, go get interest
Ah (Ah), you got that backend from the backdoor
I got offered two-point-five for the last show (Last show, nigga)
I declined 'cause the stage didn't match my ethos
Hmm, they know that I'm sick with it
Look, player, what you wan' do? (Ooh)
Me, I don't like violence, but the guns do (Ooh)
'Cause that guerilla right there, he gon' hunt you (Ooh)
While me and my bitch countin' stars out the sunroof (Ooh)
And if you wanna flick up, I don't want to (Ooh)
And if you say "No cap", I ain't trust you (Ooh)
Nigga, I'm the headline, you a plus one (Ooh)
I got some brand new thoughts and a new silk scarf
And my bitch do too (Too)
Double R talk and I got like two (Two)
Turbo on that bitch and it hit like zoom (Zoom)
In the mirror, who that nigga? I'm like, "You" (You)
Any time I do something, motherfuckers like, "Oof, oof"

7. Jay-Z on “Neck & Wrist”

Top 25 Best Rap Guest Verses Of 2022 Jay Z Pusha

Released: April 6, 2022

Album: It’s Almost Dry

Producer: Pharrell

Other rappers on the track: Pusha T

The phase I'm on, love, I wouldn't believe it either
I'd be like, "JAY-Z's a cheater," I wouldn't listen to reason either
All I know is E's a felon, how is he sellin'?
Weed, the Caliva brothers, deep down, I believe you love us, huh
Feast your eyes, the piece unique, it's sapphire
Rappers liars, I don't do satire
Neither I nor my wrist move mockingly
Y'all spend real money on fake watches, shockingly
They put me on lists with these niggas inexplicably
I put your mansion on my wall, are you shittin' me?
I blew bird money, y'all talkin' Twitter feed
We got different Saab stories, save your soliloquies
They like, "If BIG was alive, Hov wouldn't be in his position"
If BIG had survived, y'all would have got The Commission
Hov was gon' always be Hov
It 'twas the universe will 'cause Allah said so, and now I'm here

6. Drake on “Churchill Downs”

Jack Harlow

Released: May 6, 2022

Album: Come Home The Kids Miss You

Producer: TT Audi, Ace G, Boi-1da & Ryan Bakalarczyk

Other rappers on the track: Jack Harlow

Cold hearts and heated floors
No parental guidance, I just see divorce
Therapy sessions, I'm in the waiting room, readin' Forbes
Abandonment issues I'm gettin' treated for
How much water can I fit under the bridge before it overflows?
My son's gotta learn that forgiveness is a lonely road
The cribs on his will like motor homes
Niggas love to try and test us like they know what we on
Chubb's got the magazine cover like Rolling Stone
'Cause we already know how they rock, they throwin' stones
Whenever you gettin' bigger, there's growin' pains
I got enough pull to make the city start throwin' games
I'm out here makin' a mockery
I got my realtor out here playin' Monopoly
How can I address you when you don't own property?
They only finesse you when you don't move properly
Destined for the win, but you don't get a prize out of me
I'm destined for the top, but you can't get a rise out of me
Seven-fifty for the round canaries, and they glitterin'
Man, you niggas drop trash, you litterin'
I'm overdeliverin' to the point, it's belittlin'
I mean, the PTSD is triggerin'
The profit is sickenin', the stones is shimmerin'
Came from the north, but
I got hot as fuck, so ain't no shiverin', yeah
Lucky me, people that don't fuck with me
Are linkin' up with people that don't fuck with me to fuck with me
This shit is gettin' ugly
And every situation is transactional
And every thing they sayin' is irrational
And every way they movin' is promotional
Everybody's actin' irreplaceable, it's like they ain't disposable
My urges for revenge are uncontrollable
I know we're gettin' older though, yeah
But I gotta get a nigga back for that, it's non-negotiable
It's not even debatable
I'm gettin' so rich, my music's not even relatable
I blow her head up, it's an inflatable
Baby blue G class, I feel like a kid again
Prayin' on my downfall don't make you religious, man
All I hear is plug talk comin' from middleman
All I hear is tall tales comin' from little men
When I say "Bitch," I'm very rarely referrin' to women
Most of the bitches I know are niggas, they not even women
I know that sounds like I'm bein' funny, I'm not even kidding
Same ones that say they run the game when they not even in it
To be honest, y'all financial situation's my biggest motivation
And how you should take that statement is based on what you makin'
Whips and chains like a dominatrix, wap, pssh
If I see ya, I spit in ya faces, ha-tu
Daytonas with the green faces
Kentucky derby races, my presence in the spot is so abrasive
Box at the Churchill Downs, that's motivation, yeah
And shorty like, "You know that boy Jack is goin' places"

5. Ghostface Killah on “Purple Hearts”

Mr Morale The Big Steppers First Week Sales

Released: May 13, 2022

Album: Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers

Producer: The Alchemist, DJ Khalil, Beach Noise, J.LBS & Sounwave

Other rappers on the track: Kendrick Lamar

Yo, yo
Telekinesis, I'm purifying these D speeches
While I'm crying, I clean the feet of the sweet Jesus
Dreams, visions get blurry of the Elohim, it's light
It's known to tear retinas in a single gleam
Shut the fuck up when you hear His love talkin'
To the mind, it's God's cypher divine in a small portion, uh
Faded pictures, this global madness, the intervention
This world's in The Twilight Zone, this is the fifth dimension
God, please blow the whistle, we need an intermission
My good deeds in front of your door, I'm standing by the entrance
With heavy baggage, my brother's ashes
I seen tragic, I did dirt, smacked death and held it to that nigga cabbage
Love, we killin' greed, we killin' homelessness
And I don't give a fuck about this land, I want ownership
Bow your head for just God's sake
Listen what the stars say when I say it's God's way

4. MF DOOM on “Belize”

Top 25 Best Rap Guest Verses Of 2022 Black Thought

Released: August 12, 2022

Album: Cheat Codes

Producer: Danger Mouse

Other rappers on the track: Black Thought

DOOM get rude with the dude off chips
The mood switch, he chewed off strips of a Broodwich
Danger make him groove off a glitch
Made your boo booty twitch and the crew rich, bitch
Always wanted to say that
Ever since the days in hallways tauntin' a stray cat
The one he often frequently slapped around
All the while, waited then graduated, cap and gown
Hated the rap sound
Debated the crap until he felt he had it mapped out
Enough to have the game trapped and bound
Scratchin' the crown with the names of lames who yapped the noun
Or verb, for that matter
Had no data for a herb who chat chatter
Oh, Erik Estrada
Fat rat, the mask made him batty as a mad hatter
Known for his absurd word choices
And will ignore you if you ask him if he heard voices
Look, the energy is crazy
Far as he was concerned, the enemy was lazy
Ahem, your attention please
Freeze, he came to seize the free cheese
Before he flees to Belize
In case you forgot to mention, squeeze these
Just keep it on a need-to-know basis
They knew he was a negro, so no need to show faces
Back in the days of no laces
On a slow pace, they used to say he might could go places
Meh, whatever the case is
The card he played was ace of spades, but no races
A spastic, some call loony
When he spit a tune sarcastic as Paul Mooney

3. No Malice on “I Pray for You”

Pusha T Its Almost Dry

Released: April 22, 2022

Album: It’s Almost Dry

Producer: Labrinth & Kanye West

Other rappers on the track: Pusha T

Tell me what I missed
New designer drugs and emotions I don't get
I don't Hellcat, still paddle when I shift
Vietnam flashbacks, I get triggered by a sniff
Today's top fives only strengthenin' my myth
Belong on Rushmore just from chiselin' a brick
Still fightin' demons, see, that curse is now my gift
Secrets die with me, that's as deep as the abyss, that is no coincidence
When I was in the mix, opened up your nose like I'm cuttin' it with Vicks
Slavin' over stoves like I rub together sticks
Paved another road so my soul would coexist
But Heaven only knows, I won't dig another ditch
In a suit and tie, like you puttin' on the ritz
Three record deals show me ignorance was bliss
Tryna milk a game that is only two percent
X told you Hell is hot, I told you, "Repent"
Faith never waivered as I walked along the fence
Faith moves mountains, so what are you up against?
Watch my brother 'round you bitches, I know he pretends
I greet you with the love of God, that don't make us friends
I might whisper in his ear, "Bury all of them"
Light another tiki torch and carry it again
Back up on my high horse, it's chariots again
Put the ring back on her finger, marry it again

2. Jay-Z on “God Did”

Dj Khaled God Did First Week Album Sales

Released: August 26, 2022

Album: God Did

Producer: DJ Khaled, Fridayy, StreetRunner, H. Amarr, Azzouz

Other rappers on the track: Lil Wayne, Rick Ross

Hov did
Please, Lord forgive me for what the stove did
Nobody touched the billi' until Hov did
How many billionaires can come from Hov crib? Huh
I count three, me, Ye and Rih
Bron's a Roc boy, so four, technically (Woo)
I left the dope game with my record clean, huh
I turned the cocaína into champagne, huh
I cleaned up la madrina with the same soap, huh
Me and Loro talk 'bout how we slang dope, huh
Now the weed in stores, can you believe this, Ty?
I put my hustle onto Forbes, can you believe this guy?
Then we said, "Fuck it," took the dope public
Out the mud, they gotta face you now, you can't make up this shit
Judge it how you judge it, say we goin' corporate
Nah, we just corner boys with the corner office
I'm at the cap table, what the splits is?
Not that cap table, boy, we live this
Breezy what the business is
We pushin' Fenty like Fentanyl, the shit is all legitimate (Woo)
E was down ten for this
We just got his ten back then went back like, "Where the interests is?"
Em light up the O3
We let y'all do the zazas, OG for the OGs
Some new niggas out of pocket, talkin' exotic
You barely been to the Baham— (Haha) that's another topic
Monogram in my pocket off the red carpet
You see the face I made that night, shit is that shockin'
Odds wasn't great, we'd even be alive
Gotta be crazy to y'all niggas, we surprised
Shit is too much how we grew up (Grew up)
Shit don't even feel real to us (Damn)
OG sold to those, you called kingpin
If those your drug lords, then who are we then?
Hov is a real nigga's dream
My only goal, to make a real nigga feel seen
Sometimes, it make a fake nigga hate life
Never my intention, the consequences of my way of life
The way we used to play with life
I'm now careful with the sentences, them only jail bars I like (Woo)
I never wanted to be the state custodian (Come on)
The laws are draconian (Come on, Hov)
For those married to the life (Come on), it's holy matrimony and (Come on)
Somehow, I'll out-fox every box they'll try to throw me in (Come on)
With great ceremony and
Folk and 'nem told me how highly Caddy spoke of him
And bloke and 'nem from London, Harrow Road, Weston Inn
I be speakin' to the souls of men
Those of them willin' to die for the existence that this cold world has chose for them
Kickin' snow off a frozen Timb (Woo)
Back and forth on this turnpike, really took a toll on 'em
Lot of fallen soldiers on these roads of sin
For those who make the laws, I'ma always have smoke for them
I got lawyers like shooters
Workin' pro bono for him as a favor 'cause I throw them Ms
In memory of Teelo
I pray none of your people die over jailphones again
All this pain from the outside, inspired all this growth within
So new planes gettin' broken in
Highest elevation of the self
They done fucked around and gave the right niggas wealth
These ain't songs, these is hymns 'cause I'm him
It's the Psalm 151, this New Testament
The book of Hov (The book of Hov)
Jesus turned water to wine, for Hov, it just took a stove
You never know how this shit could go
Me and Biggs probably got too big if they ain't book that load (What's up Hoffa?)
Hindsight is 20/20
Though he's gettin' plenty money, lookin' back now this shit is funny
I just got a million off a sync
Without riskin' a million years tryna get it out the sink (Woo)
Hov did
They said they don't know me internationally, niggas on the road did
I see a lot of Hov in Giggs
Me and Meek could never beef, I freed that nigga from a whole bid
Hov did (Hov did)
Next time we have a discussion who the G.O.A.T., you donkeys know this
Forgive me, that's my passion talkin' (Haha)
Sometimes I feel like Farrakhan (Haha) talkin' to Mike Wallace (Haha)
I think y'all should keep quiet
Breaks my heart (Haha)
God did

1. J. Cole on “Johnny P’s Caddy”

Top 25 Best Rap Guest Verses Of 2022 Benny J Cole

Released: January 28, 2022

Album: Tana Talk 4

Producer: The Alchemist

Other rappers on the track: Benny the Butcher

On the night I was born, the rain was pourin', God was cryin'
Lightnin' struck, power outage, sparks was flyin'
The real one's here, the young boy that walk with lions
Around the outlines of chalk where the corpses lyin'
Of course I'm tryin' to revive a sport that's dyin'
But the guns and the drug bars that y'all rely on
Got these nerds thinkin' that you niggas hard as I am
But that just mean I ain't as comfortable as y'all with lyin'
Stretchin' the truth, know I never stress in the booth
They feel the pressure, me I feel like I just left the masseuse
Effortless, how I'm skatin' on these records is proof
I put your favorite rapper neck in a noose, never lettin' them loose
Cole World, the heat'll blast through your speaker
He the last of Mohicans, no weaklings last in my sneakers
Nigga want me on a song, he gon' see the wrath of the reaper
I'm prolly gon' go to Hell if Jesus ask for a feature
I'm higher than niggas and don't need a bag full of reefer
Some see the glass as empty, I see a glass full of ether
Collectin' his bread en masse like he a Catholic preacher
Just to count a nigga cash, you might need a calculus teacher
Eureka, Einstein on the brink of the theory of relativity
Really, no MC equal, feel me?
Cole pen be lethal, crib like an old MTV show, uh
On God, the best rapper alive
Headshot, now go and ask the best rappers that died
They'll tell you he never lied, nigga
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