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Top 10 Mac Miller Songs & Collabs Ranked to Best of All Time

Positions himself as Malcolm McCormick outta Pittsburgh, but universally renowned as Mac Miller, our emcee was a veritable hip-hop virtuoso, who crafted a vast canvas of sounds while traversing the genre’s range. Mac didn’t just spit bars; he was a wordsmith and beatmaker, curating a sonic palette that was as diverse as it was captivating. From his raw, energetic breakout mixtape “K.I.D.S” with tracks like “Nikes on My Feet” and “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” to his soulful melodies and introspective ruminations on projects like “Swimming” and “Circles”, showcasing memorable tracks like “Self Care,” “Ladders,” and “Good News,” Mac was never bound by genre constructs.

The honesty in his lyrical displays always hit home, tackling topics from the euphoria of success to the demons of addiction. Every album was a stepping stone in Mac Miller’s growth, both personally and musically. Even posthumous releases like “Circles,” with tracks like “Blue World” and “Woods,” breathed a soulful vibe into the hip-hop landscape, a testament to Mac’s lasting influence.

Throughout his career, Mac demonstrated an uncanny ability to collaborate, bringing out the best in artists like Anderson .Paak on “Dang!,” Ty Dolla $ign on “Cinderella,” and Miguel on “Weekend.” His knack for creating something unique, regardless of the collaborator, underscored his undeniable talent and charisma.

So let’s get into it. From “The Spins” to “Congratulations” featuring Bilal, here are the Top 10 Mac Miller Songs & Collabs, the best of all releases.

10. Donald Trump

This one’s dripping a confident young rapper, dreaming big and anticipating a bright future, much like the titanic persona of Donald Trump. As Miller lays down his flow, he’s essentially delivering a manifesto of self-made success, brushing off haters and relishing in the spotlight. His vivid lines paint a picture of a charismatic character who rolls with the punches life throws at him, turning every setback into a setup for a comeback. .

9. Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak)

A certified banger off Mac Miller’s 2016 album, “The Divine Feminine”. Now, this ain’t your everyday hip-hop track; this joint serves as an in-depth exploration of the complexity of maintaining a relationship, painting a portrait of a love affair hanging by a thread due to ‘complications’.

8. Blue World

The lyrics read like a letter to self and those around him, addressing the shadows of his struggles with substance abuse and fame. “Blue World” lays bare the battle between negative forces (“The devil on my doorstep bein’ so shady”) and the persistence of hope and self-belief (“I always shine even when the light dim”).

7. Nikes on My Feet

With its iconic beat, it’s a lyrical tour de force that showcases Miller’s relatable storytelling prowess. The track represents the dreams and aspirations of a young, up-and-coming artist who remains grounded, with his Nike sneakers symbolizing his connection to the streets and the realities of life. The lyrics delve into his journey, from sporting hand-me-downs to owning a closet filled with shoeboxes.

6. Weekend (feat. Miguel)

Sitting nestled in Mac Miller’s 2015 album, “GO:OD AM”, a record that speaks to a rebirth, a morning after the darkest night. The song unfolds in the gritty monotony of weekdays, heavy with struggles and demons, steeped in toxins, and boundless insecurities. Mac Miller’s verses reside in this haze, blurring the line between his escapism and his feelings of being entrapped. His voice echoes with a knowing weariness, portraying how fame and money fail to quench the existential thirst.

5. Love Lost

Navigating the turbulent waters of a broken relationship, Mac uses this song as a vehicle for one of hip-hop’s greatest traditions—storytelling. The lyrics serve as a powerful testament to his introspective abilities, displaying his knack for painting vivid pictures with words.

4. Self Care

It is a powerful testament to Miller’s resilience and dogged determination to care for himself in a world that often rendered him feeling desolate. The lyrics depict a narrative of him grappling with personal demons, evident when he speaks of “losin’ my mind” and a Mercedes driving him to “speedin’.” But Miller also hints at his journey towards self-improvement and self-love, underlining the need for self-care amid the tumultuous chaos.

3. Small Worlds

The track dives deep into the rap artist’s psyche, as he feels two diametrically opposed forces. On one end, his world is shrinking: the same trappings of success—a guarded personality, a self-created wall—make his existence feel constrained. On the other end, his world is expanding: fame, wealth, and access widen his horizons beyond the wildest dreams of his Pittsburgh days.

2. Congratulations (feat. Bilal)

A deeply emotive and introspective opener to Mac Miller’s 2016 ‘The Divine Feminine’ album. The song narrates Mac’s vulnerable exploration of love, painting vivid pictures of affection, desire, uncertainty, and hope. It’s a symbol of Miller’s evolution from the fratty fun of “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” to mature, dimensional articulations of emotion.

1. The Spins

The Pittsburgh emcee, known for melding party vibes with introspective wordplay, lays his soul bare on the track. He masterfully paints a picture of youthful exuberance, dreaming of mansions, jacuzzis and fame – a nod to the aspirations buzzing inside every ambitious kid from nowhere. Spiced with love triangles and relationship dramas, the lyrics dance a delicate line between hedonism and heartache, transcending the typical party song norms.

Miller’s unabashed honesty, rooted in a frat-rap framework, spills tales of love lost and found. He’s like a rockstar, desired and chased, yet haunted by the shallowness of stardom. In between lines about late-night escapades, however, he delivers a belting chorus that teems with a desperate plea for companionship, underscoring the human craving for genuine connection. It’s this honesty, framed within a party anthem, that demonstrates Mac’s enduring allure and why “The Spins” claims the top spot in Miller’s discography.

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