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Breaking down the Album ‘AI YoungBoy 2’ by ‘YoungBoy Never Broke Again’

Released: 2019

Label: Never Broke Again, LLC

Featuring: NoCap, Quando Rondo

There’s something chillingly magnetic about YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s sophomore studio album, ‘AI YoungBoy 2.’ Released in 2019 under the Never Broke Again, LLC label, this album is a vivid musical journey that explores the harsh realities and complex emotions of a young man navigating fame, identity, and survival. Like an unfiltered confession, each track on ‘AI YoungBoy 2’ paints a gritty and real picture of YoungBoy’s experiences—his confrontations with legality, struggles with love, and, more importantly, his omnipresent street ties. The album features collaborations with like-minded artists NoCap and Quando Rondo, further amplifying the narrative’s resonant undertones. So let’s get into it. From Carter Son to Free Time, here we are breaking down the album ‘AI YoungBoy 2’ by YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

1 Carter Son

The track, thick with raw emotion, paints a vivid picture of YoungBoy’s life, from his fashion statements in “new 3D denim” to the darker aspects of his background, highlighting a life constantly under the microscope of both fans and law enforcement. A standout line, “But if them crackers pull me over, they gon’ say I stole it,” hits hard, laying bare the racial profiling and injustices he navigates. Throughout, the song remains a powerful testament to YoungBoy’s resilience and the complex dynamics of fame, family, and survival in a ruthless environment.

2 Time I’m On

He sketches a vivid picture of his struggle, substance use as a means of coping, and the inevitable violent encounters that stem from his street life. A standout line, “Now nobody understand the type of time I’m on,” encapsulates the essence of his narrative — an artist caught in the transition from hardship to success, yet misunderstood. The lyrics fuse his raw street reality with the isolation that accompanies fame, navigating through a world where trust is scarce, and his rise in status only brings more complexity to his life.

3 Hot Now

With lines like “Baby girl, I need that fan ’cause I’m hot now,” he captures his meteoric rise and the heat it brings—not just the spotlight, but the danger from those looking to test him. The track oscillates between flaunting success and the stark reality of maintaining it, where every interaction could lead to betrayal or a fight for survival. It’s a gripping reminder of the cost of fame and the constant vigilance it demands in a world where envy and competition are ever-present.

4 Seeming Like It

The track’s raw honesty underscores the tension between promised change and the harsh realities that continue to unfold. Lyrics like “Thought drugs would make me love you harder but you still ain’t feel it” and “They say it’s gon’ get better / But it ain’t seeming like it” hit hard, encapsulating the struggle to find solace amidst chaos. It’s an introspective journey, highlighting NBA YoungBoy’s adept storytelling, as he reflects on life’s relentless trials despite the exterior facade of success.

5 Self Control

The track dives deep into YoungBoy’s internal conflict, using substance use as a mechanism to maintain calmness in the face of the chaos that surrounds him. The line “Smokin’ drugs ’cause I need it / So I could be calm instead of dangerous when you see me” highlights this coping strategy, while also acknowledging the violence and readiness to confront threats that mark his environment. The acknowledgment of significant personal losses, like those of his grandmother and Boozilla, adds layers of grief and complexity to his story, showcasing a determination to prevail despite the odds. YoungBoy’s narrative is one of survival, not just in the physical sense but also emotionally and mentally as he navigates a world filled with both peril and pain.

6 Make No Sense

YoungBoy’s aggressive delivery and the relentless beat amplify the sense of conflict and defiance against norms, making it a standout anthem for those who resonate with living large but keep it real.

7 Rich As Hell

The lyrics lay bare his experiences with insomnia and haunting memories, signifying the cost of his lifestyle choices. A striking line, “Plenty money, but I’m still thuggin’, this the rich as hell,” captures the essence of the track, highlighting that despite his financial success, he remains true to his roots, navigating the complex dynamics of luxury and loyalty to the streets. His storytelling is gritty and real, offering a glimpse into the psyche of someone who can’t escape his past, regardless of his present status.

8 Slime Mentality

A standout verse, “I’m ’bout mine, let’s slang iron, Three run down with that Glock 9,” captures the raw essence of standing your ground, embodying the track’s merciless attitude towards opposition. YoungBoy’s lyrical prowess transforms the song into more than just words; it’s an anthem for those entrenched in the struggle, solidifying his place in the hearts of listeners who resonate with the grit and resilience of the streets.

9 Head Blown

This track from ‘AI YoungBoy 2′ showcases the rapper’s relentless mentality and his refusal to be caught off-guard, amplified by lines like, “You see I’m loaded but ain’t slippin’, get your head blown.” The lyrics paint a vivid picture of YoungBoy’s life, filled with luxury symbols like Lamborghinis and Hublot watches, yet underscored by the constant need for self-defense and loyalty. The song’s unapologetic rawness and the rapper’s delivery embody the spirit of someone who made it out of adversity while remaining true to his roots.

10 Ranada

Anchored by a smooth beat, YoungBoy navigates the highs and lows of a turbulent relationship, marked by passion and misunderstandings. The emotional depth of the song is encapsulated in lines like, “I was falling in love with you, I ain’t take you as no dub,” highlighting his vulnerability despite a facade of toughness. “Ranada” is a candid exploration of love’s power to both uplift and wound, underpinned by YoungBoy’s sincere delivery and introspective lyricism.

11 Lonely Child

Wrestling with his public persona versus his inner turmoil, YoungBoy highlights the irony of being perceived as heartless while actually drowning in his own sensitivity and struggles. A standout line, “I pay for therapy because my thoughts ahead of me,” encapsulates the song’s essence, revealing his battle with mental health and the relentless pursuit of peace amidst chaos. Through this track, YoungBoy crafts a narrative of vulnerability, illustrating the complex tapestry of his psyche against the backdrop of his harsh realities.

12 Gang Shit

The track reverberates with the energy of the streets, encapsulating the relentless grind and the unwavering code of honor that defines his circle. “Pistols get to sparkin’, do no talkin’, get your mans hit,” he declares, laying bare the uncompromising reality of gang life where actions roar louder than words, and loyalty is the currency of survival. This line, among others, showcases YoungBoy’s ability to compress complex narratives of violence, loyalty, and survival into a potent lyrical punch, making “Gang Shit” a standout testament to his storytelling prowess.

13 Rebel’s Kick It

A standout line, “Can I take a minute for to tell you how I’m living? Yeah / I’d rather show you, fuck the critics, I’ma try leave out the killing,” speaks volumes about the artist’s desire to rise above the violence of his past, yet being invariably pulled back into the narratives that shaped him. Through verses filled with vivid imagery of a life laden with both wealth and peril, YoungBoy opens a window to his world, where bonds are thicker than blood, and every success is a tribute to the struggles endured. This track stands as a testament to the resilience and relentless spirit of a young artist refusing to be broken by his circumstances.

14 Outta Here Safe

Features: NoCap, Quando Rondo

Infused with a sense of invincibility and the braggadocio typical of trap anthems, the track resonates with the essence of loyalty among those who’ve emerged from the trenches together. A standout line, “If me and my niggas come to your party, we bangin’ or murkin’ somebody,” encapsulates the song’s ethos—melding celebration with a grim reminder of their reality, where appearance at any gathering could swiftly turn volatile. This lyric not only sets the tone but emphasizes the unity and readiness to defend their own, no matter the cost.

15 In Control

Through a barrage of hard-hitting lyrics over a beat that matches the intensity word for word, YoungBoy paints a vivid picture of his environment, one where power dynamics and loyalty are at the forefront. The track doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of his experiences, boasting lines like “AK, machine guns, 50 Glocks, they big as hell,” which not only highlight his readiness for confrontation but also his survival instinct. It’s a raw, unfiltered look into YoungBoy’s world, where being “In Control” is the ultimate currency.

16 I Don’t Know

It’s a raw, unfiltered narrative where YoungBoy oscillates between vulnerability and bravado, questioning the foundations of his relationships while seeking solace in material wealth and physical satisfaction. A standout line, “And I, I got some things I need to change by myself,” encapsulates the heart of the song – a poignant admission of self-awareness amidst the chaos of his lifestyle and fame.

17 Where The Love At

The song is a gritty narrative of personal struggle, violent realities, and a quest for solace that’s often out of reach. As he navigates through these lyrical confessions, one line hits particularly hard: “I’m tired of thuggin’, now I’m tryna see where the love at.” This captures the essence of his plea for a life beyond the streets—a longing for something real and loving to cling onto, amid the turbulence of fame and the streets’ grip.

18 Free Time

The track is a portrayal of his struggle with vulnerability, an inner turmoil that bleeds into his relationships, suggesting a life where his heart is as guarded as his street credibility. With candid lines like “I got problems, I wanted it ghost / All that shit from a child took a toll,” YoungBoy reveals the depth of his emotional struggles, intertwined with the harsh realities of his upbringing. This song stands as a raw confession, blending his need for emotional space with the relentless pace of his career and personal life.

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