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Breaking down the Album ‘INSANO (NITRO MEGA)’ by ‘Kid Cudi’

Released: 2024

Label: Republic Records

Featuring: Wiz Khalifa, Chip Tha Ripper, Pusha T, Steve Aoki, Lil Yachty, Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of hip-hop, Kid Cudi has always been an artist who walks a different path. Never one to conform to expectations, the Cleveland native is back with the mind-bending ‘INSANO (NITRO MEGA)’, a project that further cements his reputation as a purveyor of genre-defying music.

Dropped under the Republic Records banner in 2024, ‘INSANO (NITO MEGA)’ is an eclectic mix of songs that embody Cudi’s signature sound. The album boasts a roster of collaborations that include luminaries like Wiz Khalifa, Pusha T, and Lil Yachty, alongside unconventional choices like electronic music titan Steve Aoki. With Chip Tha Ripper making multiple appearances, fans can expect doses of the vintage Cudi magic that took the game by storm.

The collection of tracks on ‘INSANO (NITRO MEGA)’ is as diverse as the list of contributors. From ‘HUMAN MADE’ ‘s introspective bars to the high-energy vibes of ‘DIAMONDS LIGHTS FAST CARS,’ the album is a sonic rollercoaster that dares listeners to hold on tight. Cudi even revisits some of his older material, with updated versions of ‘DOSE OF DOPENESS’ and ‘ROCKET’ marking a nod to his deep-rooted legacy in the rap game.

So let’s get into it. From ‘HUMAN MADE’ to ‘SUPERBOY,’ we are breaking down the album ‘INSANO (NITRO MEGA)’ by Kid Cudi.


In “HUMAN MADE,” Kid Cudi embarks on a lyrical journey that encapsulates the highs and lows of his personal and professional life. Through a mix of introspection and braggadocio, Cudi navigates the complexities of fame, self-discovery, and resilience. A standout line, “Guess tonight’s just me, nobody, heaven in store,” hits hard, encapsulating the solitary yet hopeful nature of his journey. The song’s essence is a blend of defiance and vulnerability, where Cudi confronts his demons and aspirations alike. His vivid storytelling, punctuated by references to his Cleveland roots and the battles with his inner self, crafts a narrative of overcoming and staying true to one’s identity amidst adversity. “HUMAN MADE” is a manifesto of Cudi’s perseverance, a testament to the human spirit’s capacity to evolve and triumph, echoing the sentiment of never losing sight of one’s essence despite the chaos of fame and personal battles.


Features: Wiz Khalifa

In “DIAMONDS LIGHTS FAST CARS (feat. Wiz Khalifa),” Kid Cudi and Wiz Khalifa lay down a track that’s as much an anthem for success as it is a meditation on personal evolution and recognizing real worth beyond material glam. This dynamic duo navigates through the intoxicating haze of fame and fortune, urging listeners to peer deeper than the superficial. With lyrics that both celebrate the spoils of their hustle and probe the soul’s resilience in the face of adversity, they encapsulate the duality of the high life. A standout line, “Never get distracted by the flashing lights / We the niggas no one on the corner had swagger like,” delivered by Wiz, punches hard, encapsulating the essence of the song—a call to focus on what truly defines us in the journey toward our dreams, spiced with a hint of triumph over doubt and struggle.


Features: Chip Tha Ripper

In “WIN OR LOSE,” Kid Cudi and Chip Tha Ripper delve into the relentless pursuit of authenticity and the unapologetic embrace of their unique paths, painting a vivid picture of resilience amidst the chaos of fame and personal battles. The track oozes with the essence of triumph and defiance, articulated through bars that encapsulate their unyielding spirit in the face of detractors and life’s uncertainties. A standout line, “Catch me floating, in my mind so trippy,” epitomizes Cudi’s signature introspective exploration and psychedelic journey, while also highlighting the duo’s ability to rise above the fray, maintaining their creative and mental sovereignty. This song isn’t just a testament to their individual journeys; it’s a broader anthem for anyone riding high on their own wave, dodging societal constraints, and defining success on their own terms with a raw, unfiltered lens.



In “BABE AND I,” Kid Cudi serenades listeners with a vivid portrayal of an electrifying, nocturnal love affair that transcends the mundane. Through the lens of a rockstar persona, he encapsulates the essence of an unstoppable duo – him and his babe, delving into nights filled with passion, the thrill of the ride, and a connection so profound it feels like a cosmic journey. The track’s hook, “Man, I’m just a rock star, my babe and I,” serves as a testament to their undying vibesy synergy, setting a backdrop of living in the moment that’s both wild and intimate. This vibrant narrative backed by Cudi’s signature hums and an upbeat tempo blends seamlessly, crafting an anthem for lovers who find solace and adventure in each other’s company, turning every moment into something magical, under the strobing lights ’til dawn.


Features: Chip Tha Ripper

In “WILLIS (feat. Chip Tha Ripper)” by Kid Cudi, listeners are transported into a laid-back, braggadocious vibe, dripping with smooth, playful arrogance. Cudi and Chip the Ripper, assuming the personas of Willis Wilkins and Willy McDoogan, trade verses that are slick and undulating, inviting us into their world where confidence reigns supreme and the pursuit of pleasure is unapologetic. Amidst the leisure and swagger, one line encapsulates the essence of their untouchable attitude: “You see a nigga like me can’t be faded, naw, bitch. Can’t be stopped naw, naw, naw.” This declaration isn’t just a boast—it’s a mantra for those who move through life unfazed by obstacles and critics, embodying the spirit of self-assurance that has long been a staple of hip-hop’s lyrical tradition. It’s a reminder that, in their universe, Cudi and Chip are the masters of their destiny, coolly navigating a world where their charisma and flair set them apart.


In “CRASH TEST CUDI,” Kid Cudi immerses us in a narrative soaked in self-assurance and the nocturnal allure of the fast life. The track, laced with references to luxury cars, fleeting romantic encounters, and a staunch disregard for detractors, serves as a manifesto of Cudi’s rebirth and resilience. With the swagger of verses like “Motor on, bulletproof, tell the kids dream big,” Cudi carves out a space where vulnerability and bravado intersect, encouraging a dream-chasing ethos against the backdrop of life’s high-speed chase. The lyrics don’t just paint the portrait of a night in the life; they delve into the essence of Cudi’s ethos – unapologetic, raw, and real. It’s a testament to living on one’s own terms, defying expectations, and the pursuit of freedom amidst chaos.


Features: Pusha T

In “EVERYBODY LIKE (feat. Pusha T)” by Kid Cudi featuring Pusha T, the track captures the glory and the chaos of a life lived in the fast lane, perfectly embodied by the world of hip-hop royalty. Through the echoing chant, “Everybody like, ooh,” the song articulates the universal approval and awe that success in their league attracts, from the homies to the ladies. Yet, it’s Pusha T’s verse that cuts through with piercing clarity, especially with the line “King Push with the Kid Rager, shit major.” This single line encapsulates not just the collaboration between two heavyweights but signals the merging of their distinct kingdoms – Cudi’s introspective, moody landscapes and Pusha’s unapologetic celebration of triumphs and tribulations. The lyrics, set against this backdrop, speak to the intoxicating mix of fame, challenges, and the undeniable allure of the lifestyle that comes with it, capturing the essence of living under the spotlight while trying to maintain one’s essence and footing.


Features: Steve Aoki

“ELECTROWAVEBABY 2.0” by Kid Cudi, featuring the electrifying beats of Steve Aoki, encapsulates the essence of a carefree, vivacious night that refuses to be bogged down by the mundanity of everyday life. Through the hypnotic repetition of phrases like “nah, nah, nah,” Cudi and Aoki craft a world where letting go of control isn’t just an option, it’s the only way to truly experience the zenith of existence. This track stands out as a manifesto for those looking to escape into their own greatness, underscored by the line ‘You’re a star, look at you go,’ which serves as a reminder of the internal power and luminosity inherent in all of us, waiting to burst forth under the right frequencies. It’s an ode to self-empowerment laced with the promise of ethereal escapes, driving home the point that sometimes, in order to find out who we really are, we need to let the music take control and simply ride the wave.


Features: Chip Tha Ripper

In “ANIMATE (feat. Chip Tha Ripper)”, Kid Cudi and Chip Tha Ripper blend their unique styles to create a track that’s both introspective and braggadocious, a staple vibe in hip-hop’s vast soundscape. The synergy between Cudi’s laid-back, almost ethereal flow, and Chip’s grittier, assertive delivery illustrates the duality present within the genre—conveying both the struggles and the triumphs. Their verses are a testament to resilience, self-assurance, and the never-ending quest for greatness amidst adversity. A standout line, “Crawling out the hellest night, demons tried to kill me,” underlines the fight against personal demons and the darkness that both artists have faced, emphasizing their emergence not just unscathed but stronger. The song resonates as an anthem for those who march to the beat of their own drum, those who face their battles head-on and come out victorious.


Features: Lil Yachty

In “ROUND N ROUND (feat. Lil Yachty),” Kid Cudi and Lil Yachty take us on a trippy ride through the ebbs and flows of fame, love, and existential musings. The laid-back beat juxtaposed with the contemplative lyrics paints a vivid picture of an artist’s journey through the highs and lows of life and career. Cudi’s unique ability to blend introspection with cosmic musings shines through as he questions the universe and his place within it, while Lil Yachty’s verse adds a fresh perspective, emphasizing the cyclical nature of life and the music industry. A standout line that hits hard is, “Where you find me, same place you lost yourself,” underscoring the personal growth and introspection that often comes from the most challenging times. This song encapsulates the essence of pushing through adversity, finding oneself, and the continuous loop of life’s trials and triumphs.


“DOSE OF DOPENESS (2007)” serves as a powerful manifesto from Kid Cudi’s early catalog, oozing with the artist’s hunger for recognition and determination to redefine the rap game. Dropping bars about moving “without movin’, pure crush groovin’,” Cudi delineates his unique position in the industry, a harbinger of change in an era craving innovation. His words, “So fucking underground, barely on YouTube / ‘Til Day ‘N’ Nite, now they all got a clue who,” chronicle his journey from obscurity to mainstream acknowledgment, leveraging his underground status as a badge of honor. The standout line, “And just when it seemed that the game is hopeless / We arranged something for a dose of dopeness,” not only showcases Cudi’s resilient spirit but also his mission to inject authenticity and depth into the genre. Cudi doesn’t shy away from reflecting on personal struggles, highlighting the sacrifices made on his path and the unyielding ambition that drives him. It’s a narrative of triumph over skepticism, a testament to Cudi’s pioneering influence on hip-hop’s sonic landscape.


In “ROCKET (2011)” by Kid Cudi, the storyline punctuates more than ambition; it’s a poetic testament to teamwork, dreams, and exploring the unknown. Cudi narrates a tale almost whimsical in nature, about a boy who not only dreams of building a rocket but accomplishes it through unity, scientific knowledge, and sheer will. Cudi’s narrative isn’t just about the physical journey but also a metaphorical exploration of human potential and curiosity. The standout line, “Boldly to go where no homies gone before,” flips the script on the classic Star Trek motto, infusing it with a familiar camaraderie and streetwise loyalty. This track, through its serene melody and hopeful inquiry, “How far can we really go?” extends an invitation to listeners to dream big, band together, and push the boundaries of possibility.


In “ILL WHAT I BLEED,” Kid Cudi paints a vivid picture of resilience and self-affirmation amidst adversity. Cudi, the insano boy, proclaims his indomitable spirit, keeping it real with a tight inner circle and staying unfazed by the haters. The punchy line “That the man that I am, the ill that I bleed / That I am what I bleed” encapsulates the essence of the track – an unapologetic declaration of identity, acknowledging that the struggles and hardships he’s endured are inseparable from who he is. This hard-hitting anthem serves as a testament to surviving the odds, embodying the spirit of perseverance. As Cudi navigates through his journey, undeterred by setbacks, he emphasizes the importance of authenticity, echoing the sentiment that true strength lies in embracing one’s vulnerabilities and converting them into a source of power.


Kid Cudi’s track “ALL MY LIFE” is a mesmerizing dive into the artist’s constant search for meaning and happiness. Weaved into the hypnotic beats, Cudi’s lyrics oscillate between existential pondering and the simple human desire for joy. A standout line, “All my life in search for more, it’s beyond me,” encapsulates the track’s essence. It reveals Cudi’s relentless quest, not just for material gains but for something deeper, perhaps unattainable. The song doesn’t shy away from showcasing vulnerability, with references to “smoking sessions all night long” and the need to “release my mind,” illustrating the ways we sometimes attempt to cope with life’s complexities. Tinged with both hope and despair, “ALL MY LIFE” is an intimate look at the pursuit of something better against the backdrop of life’s imperfections.


Features: Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone, Steve Aoki

Blending the hypnotic rhythms of Kid Cudi with the rapid-fire flow of Layzie Bone and Krayzie Bone, plus the electrifying energy of Steve Aoki, “I JUST WANNA GET” is a trippy ode to escapism through elevation. This track captures the essence of a collective high, transcending mundane realities. The seamless integration of different styles results in a euphoric soundscape, where rap meets electronic in a blissful union. Standout lines like “Takin’ myself so high while zoomin’ in the sky, my nigga this how it goes” encapsulate the song’s ethos. It’s a journey into the clouds, with each artist bringing their unique flair to the party. Kid Cudi’s chill vibe, the Bones’ lyrical agility, and Aoki’s pulsating beats create a mesmerizing anthem for those looking to lose themselves and just get high, illustrating a perfect symphony of rap’s past, present, and future converging.


Kid Cudi’s “MOON MAN SHIT” is a defiant anthem that pivots on the axis of self-assurance and street wisdom, encapsulating the spirit of a nocturnal rover who’s transcended earthly concerns for the cosmic. Drifting into the night with a vibe that’s unapologetically slick and slightly otherworldly, the track is an ode to those who walk their own path, illuminated by the moonlight—the ultimate symbol of Cudi’s unique place in hip-hop. With lines like “I can not blame them, I’m cuter than a motherfucker” and “Ever since a little nigga, always been a dreamer, dreamer,” Cudi crafts a narrative that’s both personal and universal, a rallying cry for dreamers turned doers. It’s not just about the highs of celebrity or the trappings of success; it’s a deeper dive into maintaining one’s essence amidst it all. Beneath the celestial bravado and smooth rhythms, the song is a meditation on fame, resilience, and the pursuit of peace—a quintessential slice of Cudi’s soul laid bare.


“SUPERBOY” by Kid Cudi is a kaleidoscopic voyage through a night filled with euphoria, intimacy, and self-reflection. Cudi crafts a narrative that’s both hedonistic and introspective, blending elements of love, party vibes, and the high life with a deeper search for identity and connection. “Haven’t felt the real in a minute, yeah, nigga, must admit it” hits hard, encapsulating the struggle of maintaining authenticity in a world draped in illusion and temporary highs. The duality of Cudi declaring himself both “no Superboy” and yet anointed by angels as “Superboy” underscores the complexity of his persona—flawed, human, yet touched with something divine. It’s a track that peels back the layers of celebrity to reveal the vulnerability and yearning for genuine connection beneath, all while keeping listeners enveloped in its dreamy, beat-driven soundscape.

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