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Breaking down the Lyrics on ‘ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE’ by ‘Metro Boomin’

Released: 2023

Label: Republic Records

Featuring: Swae Lee, Lil Wayne, Offset, A$AP Rocky, Roisee, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, JID, James Blake, NAV, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, EI8HT, Don Toliver, Wizkid, BEAM, Toian, Coi Leray, 21 Savage, 2 Chainz, Nas, Mora, Becky G, Ayra Starr, Shenseea, Myke Towers, Big Boss Vette, Omah Lay, Pop Money

A sonic rollercoaster that takes listeners through an expansive landscape of hip-hop’s most dynamic elements, ‘ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE’ by Metro Boomin is a testament to the boundless potential of the genre. Fully clad with collaborations from artists spanning the hip-hop sphere, from Lil Wayne and A$AP Rocky to futuristic virtuosos like Future and Lil Uzi Vert, this album casts a wide net across the rap soundscape.

Metro Boomin, the Atlanta-based beatsmith, weaves an intricate web of thumping baselines, refined synths, and textured samples, framing the backdrop for the lyrical dexterity that is spotlighted throughout the album. Coupled with the emotional weight of the lyrics, tracks like “Hummingbird” with James Blake and “Home” with Don Toliver and Lil Uzi Vert ruminate on the complexities of life in a raw and authentic manner.

Drawing equally on bangers like “Annihilate” with Swae Lee, Lil Wayne, and Offset, and contemplative tracks like “Nonviolent Communication” with A$AP Rocky and 21 Savage, the album serves as an audio kaleidoscope, reflecting varied aspects of the human experience through a hip-hop lens. Each song on this album contributes a unique thread to the rich tapestry that is ‘METRO BOOMIN PRESENTS SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE’.

So let’s dive into the lyrics, unpacking the metaphors, the coded language, and the storytelling prowess embedded within. From “Annihilate” to “Another Dimension”, here are the breakdowns of the lyrics on ‘METRO BOOMIN PRESENTS SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE’ by Metro Boomin.


Wayne’s verse is a web of clever wordplay, merging his personal narrative with his new identity as Peter Parker. Meanwhile, Swae Lee’s chorus and Offset’s verse embody the unstoppable feeling of being in your own universe, a bold affirmation layered over Metro Boomin’s signature beats. This track is a storytelling triumph, breathing life into the Spider-Verse with a heavy dose of hip-hop bravado. Metro Boomin continues to cement his status as a master beatmaker, infusing this track with his dynamic production techniques and his keen eye for compelling collaborations.

Am I Dreaming

Painting a portrait of resilience in adversity, the lyrics tune into the frequency of life’s highs and lows, riding the wave of success while mindful of the battles fought to get there. The thematic elements of persistence in the face of struggle connect well with the arduous journey of a superhero, aligning itself beautifully with the Spider-verse narrative. The poignant question, “Am I Dreaming, is there more like us?” underscores the diverse voices and experiences in hip-hop, a refreshing push towards unity in an industry often rife with division.

All The Way Live

The lyrics delve into the dual life led by a superhero, a perfect sonic metaphor for the artist juggling their real-life and the persona they adopt in the throbbing world of hip-hop. The recurring phrase “Type of time we on” serves as a theme, encapsulating the constant forward movement of a spider hero’s life, mirroring the never-ceasing hustle in the rap game. Reminiscent of the comic panels, the lyrics reveal the struggle of a hero trying to blend in the world without his mask, analogous to an artist’s balancing act between fame and maintaining a personal identity.


The song is an exploration of danger, survival, and unyielding resilience, a testament to the hustle of not just any hero, but Spider-Man, a homie who knows all too well the hard-knock life. Offset & JID spit rhymes about dealing with adversaries and overcoming obstacles, threading in elements of their own struggles. The track paints a vivid picture of life’s perils and the dogged determination required to prevail. The genius in this track lies in how it interweaves real-life hardships with superhero mythos, all while keeping its finger steady on the pulse of hip-hop.


Blake’s haunting vocals serve as a sonic exploration of vulnerability and longing, expressing his yearning for amiss connection in the lyrics. The hummingbird serves as a totem for light and redemption amidst the darkness, a symbol of hope that reverberates throughout the track. The beats serve as a canvas for James Blake’s pensive lyrics, a subtle yet perfect union of Blake’s soulful melancholy and Metro’s knack for creatively flipping the script in trap music. Utilizing the alchemy that is Metro’s shapeshifting production, this track creates a compelling journey through the crossroads of hip-hop and electronic soul.


The track is drenched in somber tones, serving as a testament to Metro’s versatility beyond his signature trap-infused sound. The lyrics reveal a candid reflection on personal shortcomings and the compromises one must endure for the sake of love. There’s a recurring theme of self-sacrifice, with the artists expressing their willingness to go to great lengths just to save a loved one. In essence, “Calling” is a pensive joint that navigates the emotional complexity of relationships and reiterates the essence of loyalty with stirring lyricism and Metro’s sonic brilliance.

Silk & Cologne

The lyrics pulsate with themes of luxury, desire, and the intoxicating allure of fame. Offset complements EI8HT’s flow with his trademark Migos-inflected cadence, adding layers of depth to the track. The fusion of their styles creates a sonic web that perfectly suits the cinematic universe of Spider-Man. There’s a seductive allure to the song, personified in metaphors of silk and cologne, that ties into the character’s own shift from everyday kid to a figure shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

Link Up

BEAM & Toian) – Spider-Verse Remix” is an audible journey through the multiverse that captures the essence of Spider-Man’s universe-hopping adventures. Metro Boomin’s keen production showcases a fusion of Afrobeat and trap, underlining the diverse realities of the Spider-verse. The song captures elements of yearning, distance and the complications of romance. The phrase “link up, sync up” is a recurring mantra, a call for connection that echoes Spider-Man’s journey to form alliances across dimensions. Parallels can be drawn between the motif of being a ‘staller’ or ‘overthinker’ and the internal struggles faced by the various Spider-Men, a nod to the introspective nature of their heroism.

Self Love

It’s about a suburban girl moving to the city, facing harsh reality. Metro uses this premise to discuss self-love, trust issues, and flawed relationships. Coi Leray delivers the struggle of trying to make it in a world that demands you to lose yourself for success. The track acts as a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of fame, and the importance of keeping one’s mental health and identity intact while navigating these treacherous waters.


The lyrics depict the unease submerged in lonely battles and an incessant longing to return ‘home’—a poignant metaphor to the isolation and struggles faced by our beloved web-slinger. The track captures the dualities of Spider-Man’s existence, echoing battles fought in silence and a yearning for personal peace. In this, Metro Boomin further cements his reputation as a master at orchestrating musical narratives, dialing in on the humanity beneath the Superhero, reinforcing why he’s one of hip-hop’s most influential producers.

Nonviolent Communication

Features: Metro Boomin & James Blake, A$AP Rocky, 21 Savage

The track is a study in contrast, overlapping melancholic hooks with hard-hitting rap verses to evoke complex emotions. The lyrics wind through themes of love, struggle, ambition, and a primal urgency to survive, communicated through the metaphor of the Spider-Man narrative. It’s a masterful blend of Metro’s deft production touch, James Blake’s haunting vocal chops, and the raw narratives of A$AP Rocky and 21 Savage, echoing the film’s multilayered exploration of reality, identity, and heroism.

Givin’ Up

Features: Don Toliver & 21 Savage, 2 Chainz

The lyrics illuminate the artists’ uncompromising grit, bearing testament to their refusal to give in to life’s trials and tribulations. The narrative is centered on perseverance – refusing to let setbacks deter progress. The thematic interplay of struggle, ambition, material success, and personal growth is a narrative familiar in the annals of hip-hop. The artists spit their verses with an authoritative delivery that amplifies their conviction. Metro Boomin’s production on this track lays down a haunting soundscape, intensifying the lyrical narrative. All three cutting from the same cloth of not being one to give up, it’s a hustler’s hymn if there ever was one.

Nas Morales

Features: Metro Boomin & Nas

The lyrical content resonates with the protagonist’s journey in the ‘Spider-Verse’, with Nas using the Spider-Man metaphor to emphasis individuality, resilience, and the struggle that accompanies asserting one’s unique identity in a world filled with expectations and conformity. Conscious of his own status as a hip-hop legend, Nas infuses elements of the ‘New York state of mind’ ethos into the track, creating a compelling intersection of artistry and superhero lore.


The verses weave a narrative of longing and yearning, painting a picture of a love teetering on the edge of uncertainty. Mora’s lyrical prowess shines through as he crafts the metaphor of being a beach without the sun and an island without sand, alluding to the emptiness when his love is absent. The recurring plea, “quédate un ratito más” (“stay a little longer”), further punctuates the intensity of his longing. Through Mora’s passionate delivery, “Ansiedades” becomes an anthem for those stuck in the limbo of unrequited love, underlining hip-hop’s ability to articulate complex emotional landscapes.

Take It To The Top

The lyrics are a declaration of purpose and self-confidence, emphasizing the importance of family, staying focused on your goals, and the drive to continually rise. The song talks about putting family first, a theme that rings true for many people navigating the music industry. It exudes a radiant energy, encouraging listeners to bring their A-game, hustle hard and never stop striving for the top. Representative of Becky’s evolution as an artist, “Take It To The Top” echoes with themes of self-possession, ambition, and the refusal to compromise or bend to please others. It’s a hip-hop anthem that truly captures the essence of femme power in the genre.


Shenseea, the Jamaican dancehall queen, and Puerto Rican heavyweight Myke Towers, deliver a lyrical concoction that’s as fiery as it is fascinating. Infamous? More like In-flames-us, ’cause they’re setting this track on fire. The lyrics reflect their relentless rise in the music game, speaking on ‘money spreading fast like rumors online’ and not waiting for success but hustling for it today. It’s a bold assertion of their stature and relentless grind, and it’s this bravado that gives the track its infectious energy. Moving within the Spider-Verse, they indeed become infamous figures, leaving indelible marks with their lyrical prowess.

I Can’t Stop

The track radiates raw hustle, with Big Boss Vette’s resolute bars about her rise from the bottom to the top and her unstoppable grind serving as the core theme. Omah Lay’s verse adds a worldly perspective, alluding to his journey from Nigeria to international stardom. The track’s essence? It’s all about resilience, vibrancy, and the relentless pursuit of success. This joint is an aural testament to the journey, struggle, and tenacity inherent to both the hip-hop game and the superhero narrative.

Another Dimension

Reflecting on escapism and a unique love narrative, it metamorphosises a dimensional divide into a romantic getaway. The highs are electrifying, as the track lyrically weaves the enthralling experience of an out-of-this-world voyage. Pop Money’s lyrical prowess combined with Metro Boomin’s versatile production deliver an auditory experience that transcends mundane reality, carving out a star-studded space for love at the fringes of the cosmos. It’s a testament to how powerful and multidimensional hip-hop can be, and with Boomin at the helm, the sky’s not the limit—it’s the launchpad.

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