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Lil Yachty

Yo, let’s dive into the world of Lil Boat aka Lil Yachty. This Atlanta-born cat is one of the more polarizing figures in the game, but there’s no denying his impact. Let’s break down his journey from internet sensation to bonafide rap star.

Early Life & Influences

Miles Parks McCollum wasn’t your average kid. He rolled through Alabama State for a hot minute, but the classroom couldn’t hold him down. Dude had a vision, so he bounced up to NYC, ready to make waves. He hustled hard, networking with streetwear folks, grinding on his Instagram game. You gotta admire the dedication.

Yachty’s sound definitely draws on that ATL trap energy, but he ain’t just recycling the same old formulas. This dude filters it all through his own off-kilter lens. Think sugary melodies, Auto-Tune warbles, and lyrics that range from pure goofy to kinda poignant. He’s a product of the Soundcloud era, where experimentation and virality reign supreme.

Viral Success & Label Deals

Yachty’s breakthrough in 2015 was crazy. “One Night” caught fire, thanks to its use in a meme. From there, it was a whirlwind. He hooked up with Quality Control, home of the Migos, and inked deals with Motown and Capitol. The industry saw potential for this unconventional star.

“Bubblegum Trap” & Rise to Fame

Critics labeled Yachty’s style “bubblegum trap.” Makes sense, considering the bright beats and playful vibe. Some old-school heads hated it, calling it a dilution of real hip hop. But Yachty didn’t sweat the haters. He doubled down on his sound with mixtapes like ‘Lil Boat’ and ‘Summer Songs 2’. His collabs were crazy too – dude hopped on tracks with everyone from DRAM (“Broccoli”) to Chance the Rapper to Kyle (“iSpy”).

‘Teenage Emotions’ & Beyond

2017 saw Yachty drop ‘Teenage Emotions’. This album was more ambitious, showcasing his growth as an artist. Sure, it still had bangers, but there were more introspective moments too. Then came ‘Lil Boat 2’ and ‘Nuthin 2 Prove’ –solid projects, though they started to feel a bit formulaic.

Legacy & Impact

Look, Lil Yachty ain’t gonna make your list of top tier lyricists. That ain’t his lane. His strength lies in his vibe and unique persona. Yachty was a pioneer of that melodic, mumble-rap wave that took over the late 2010s. He brought an undeniable energy and positivity to the game, reminding everyone that rap doesn’t always have to be so damn serious.

Yachty’s success also opened doors for other non-traditional rappers. He proved the commercial viability of a sound that was once dismissed by purists. His entrepreneurial spirit is fire too – dude’s got his own creative agency, investments, all that.

The Bottom Line

Lil Yachty is like the Marmite of hip hop – you either love him or hate him. But beneath the cartoonish exterior lies a shrewd artist who carved out his own place in the rap game. He may not be for everyone, but his impact on the culture is undeniable.

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