Big Pun Kidnapped Dj Whoo Kid Banned From Tv Video
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Big Pun Kidnapped DJ Whoo Kid the Same Day He Shot the “Banned from T.V.” Video

Noreaga’s “Banned from T.V.” posse cut, featuring guest verses from Nature, Big Pun, Cam’ron, Jadakiss and Styles P, is a classic ’90s hip hop moment.

What’s even more wild about that song is that on the same day the rappers were shooting the music video, Big Pun had kidnapped DJ Whoo Kid for releasing a Sauce Money song that contained disses against the late rapper.

At that time, Terror Squad, which included members Fat Joe, Pun, Cuban Link and others, and Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella were beefing after an incident at New York hotspot, Club Carbon. Sauce Money was a Roc-A-Fella affiliate who had appeared on “Bring It On” off Reasonable Doubt.

Whoo Kid managed to get his hands on Sauce Money’s “Middle Finger U”, and he promoted the record as an all-out beef between the two factions. Pun was pissed off and went looking for him. While Pun didn’t know what Whoo Kid looked like, he had the DJ’s number and booked him for a fake show.

“Pun calls me to meet him in Harlem, and here I am thinking I’m talking to the promoter,” Whoo Kid said. “I get to Harlem to meet in front of the Apollo and get $1,000. I’m waiting and waiting. And I finally see a Benz with a Spanish kid in it.”

It wasn’t long before Whoo Kid found himself sitting in a van surrounded by Big Pun and his goons. “This record right here has the Latin Kings laughing at me,’” Pun said to Whoo Kid while he gripped an uzi. “That’s why you’re here. It’s not because I want to rip your head off, it’s because you got me looking crazy. And in the streets I’m respected by the Latin Kings.”

After some fast talking and negotiations, Whoo Kid escaped with his life, but not without learning a lesson or two from the incident.

DJ Whoo Kid: What I’ve learned is that Big Pun was the real gangster out of the whole Terror Squad shit. There’s a reason why their name was Terror Squad. Pun really went out there and did the shit. after they met me, Pun ran up in Roc-A-Fella’s offices and did his thing.

DJ Whoo Kid Recalls Big Pun Pulling An Uzi On Him | HipHopDX
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