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“Johnny P’s Caddy” is Benny The Butcher’s First Entry on the Billboard Hot 100

That J. Cole feature really came through for Benny The Butcher. While the Buffalo rapper has been making waves these past few years with the Griselda movement, it wasn’t until now that Benny received his first entry on the Billboard Hot 100.

As the first single to the eagerly-anticipated Tana Talk 4, “Johnny P’s Caddy” features a brooding instrumental by The Alchemist that provides the perfect template for Benny and Cole to get deep in their bag. The song’s title refers to an old-school Cadillac that The Butcher’s father owned during his adolescent years. His father would drive him and his cousin, Westside Gunn, around while listening to music.

With Cole’s presence no doubt a big help for the streaming numbers, “Johnny P’s Caddy” debuted at number 72 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking it the first time Benny has appeared on the chart. While Westside and Conway appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 with their Kanye collaboration, “Keep My Spirit Alive”, this is also the first time an official Griselda release has charted.

“Any rapper will tell you when you’re working with someone like Cole, it’s like a match of wits; you gotta go crazy, because you know he is,” Benny said. “Iron sharpens iron. You want it to be an environment where someone has the presence to push you. It’s dope!”

With a steady output of dope releases these past couple of years, including Burden of Proof, The Plugs I Met 2, Pyrex Picasso and Trust the Sopranos, as well as a new record contract with Def Jam, Benny The Butcher is gearing up for Tana Talk 4 to be his biggest album to date.

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