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Community driven hip-hop rankings, where we celebrate the artists that leave their mark, from the old school originators to the new wave innovators and let our fans rank their songs and albums against their peers.

Beastie Boys - Rap Rock - Illustration

Top 50 Best Rock Rap Tracks of All Time

Born from the grit of rock and refined with rap’s audacious wordplay, Rock Rap has functioned as a bridge between both camps. An unabashedly raw fusion of two vivacious genres that have dominated the music scene since their…
Tyler The Creator Illustration

Hip-Hop’s 15 Biggest Level-Ups in Album Quality

Hip-hop has long been a genre defined by evolution. From its humble beginnings in the South Bronx to its global domination today, hip-hop has constantly transformed and reinvented itself. Along the way, many artists have undergone dramatic changes…
Busta Rhymes Live Illustration

The Rappers With the Most Platinum Albums of All Time

Hip hop has come a long way since The Sugarhill Gang dropped the first commercially successful rap song when “Rapper’s Delight” cracked the Billboard top 40. In recent times, Drake has been absolutely killin’ it and was announced…
Lloyd Banks

Best Rappers Right Now

We’re tracking the most streamed hip hop artists on the daily to give you a look into who’s really getting the ears of the masses. If you ask 10 hip hop heads who their “Top 5” is you’ll…
Mc Eiht Illustration

The Top 25 Greatest Gangsta Rap Albums of All Time

Gangsta rap emerged from the crucible of the late 1980s and early ’90s, a direct response to the tumultuous social and political landscapes of inner-city America. Titans like Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and Eazy-E became the architects of…
Neon Steve

Top 100 Canadian Rap Songs: Best Hip-Hop Bangers in the 2020s

The pounding heart of Canadian rap has dished out some straight fire over the years, echoing from gritty studio corners and reverberating through stadium-sized soundsystems with unassuming potency. Tucked into that Northern cool, the genre has spawned some…
Roots Manuva

Top 50 Best UK Rappers of All Time

The United Kingdom has always been a hub for musical innovation, and its rap scene is no exception. From the gritty realism of Dizzee Rascal’s Boy in da Corner to the slick wordplay of Dave’s Psychodrama, British rappers…
Dmx Jaw Wired Shut Def Jam Audition

The Worst Albums Released by Great Rappers

The rap game’s history is filled with groundbreaking successes, but it’s also littered with albums that failed to meet the mark. Whether it’s the result of a misguided attempt to reinvent oneself, a failure to evolve with the…
Stefflon Don

Top 50 UK Female Rapper Songs in the 2020s

Hip hop, as a genre, has long been characterized by its profound ability to articulate the lived experience of its creators. When executed with authenticity and craft, it’s a platform where narratives are spun, issues are confronted, and…
Ab Soul Illustration 2

Ranking the Best Top Dawg Entertainment Albums

Picture this: a small, independent record label from California, birthed from the heart of Compton, catapults itself into the history books off the strength of some of the greatest rap albums dropped in the 2010s. More than just…
Most Important Moments In Hip Hop History Starting From 1973 Beastie Boys Cover

The Top 25 Best Rap Trios Of All Time

Rap trios have held a special place in the hearts of fans and critics alike. Whether they emerged from the smoky cipher circles of the East Coast, the sun-drenched streets of the West Coast, the gritty underbelly of…
Rza Illustration 2

The Best Wu-Tang Solo Albums

Aight, lemme tell ya why the Wu ain’t nothin’ to f*ck with. This crew from Staten Island changed the whole damn game, droppin’ nothin’ but legendary albums, with next-level production and bars that’ll leave you shook. But it…
Run The Jewels Illustration 2

The Top 20 Best Rap Supergroups Of All Time

The world of hip hop thrives on collaboration. At times, this takes the form of electrifying rap supergroups, an amalgamation of formidable talents forming like Voltron. These alliances often represent the convergence of different styles, experiences, and sonic…
Biggie King Of New York Illustration 2

The Best New York Rap Songs of All Time

New York City. The birthplace of hip-hop. A city that’s not only known for its towering skyscrapers and vibrant culture but also for its iconic rap songs that have profoundly influenced the music world. From the boogie-down Bronx…